E-Mail Bag: 12/23

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So were the rumors of Cory Groover unfounded?

On Tuesday, when Coach Bowden announced the dismissal of Kelvin Grant, it was Groover’s name I suspected he would say. Apparently, the situation with Groover was handled internally. Groover will be eligible for the bowl game, and he could likely start.

Will this be a typical trap game for Clemson?

There is a completely different feel for this game versus 2002. In 2002, Clemson did not have one practice on campus. The coaching staff has the attention of the players. It has all the fixings of a trap game. Colorado is a talented football team, and Clemson cannot lose sight of that. Clemson does not have to look to far back for a reference. Wake Forest was 1-4 before playing Clemson. Clemson went on the road and made a couple of early turnovers and special teams mistakes, and they lost a game that would have given them a share of the Atlantic Division.

Who will be the next commitment for Clemson?

First of all, we do not see another commitment falling before the January 13th weekend. The coaches cannot go back out on the road until January 2nd. On that weekend, we feel there is a good chance Clemson will land a verbal commitment Kevin Alexander.

Do you forecast anyone leaving in the off-season?

There are couple of players we are watching closely. Some players will see the writing on the wall and decide to leave. Attrition always occurs in the off-season. Clemson was very fortunate last season that they only had positive attrition. Positive attrition means you only lose players that were of no benefit to your program. It is difficult to avoid having negative attrition, which is attrition where you lose a player who you count on making plays. Joey Batson deserves a lot of credit for last season. During the off-season, he is the only coach who deals with the players daily. He runs a very tight ship, and the players really respect Coach Batson.

Will Stockstill come after Brandon Streeter?

I asked this question on Tuesday, and my source said Streeter had not been contacted. I was a little surprised by this. I thought Stockstill would have came after Streeter. Obviously, it will depend on who he lands as his other coaches. Streeter is good asset for Clemson as a graduate assistant, and Clemson will not be able to hang on to him much longer.

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