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In the Spring 2000 issue of Tiger Insider, the only independent magazine devoted to Clemson Sports:

  • Cover Story: Rick Stockstill - Clemson's Bounty Hunter. Find out about
    Clemson's recruiting coordinator with an in-depth profile by David Harry.
    Find out how he out-lived three Clemson head coaches.

  • Profiles on the newest Tigers: Ronny Delusme, Derrick Hamilton, And Terrance Huey

  • What are the five greatest plays in Clemson football history? We listened to
    TigerNet members, who voted recently on the greatest plays in Clemson
    history, but the five we decided were the biggest might surprise you.

  • I remember that guy: Find out how former Clemson football and baseball
    player Ray Williams will forever be linked in history with former Chicago
    Cubs pitcher Rick Sutcliffe.

  • Player profiles: Find out about Pat Cyrgalis' wild days as a high school football rebel.
    Chad Carson is ready to head to medical school when he's finished sending
    players to the hospital.

  • The Tiger Insider Interview: Thirty Minutes with Brad Scott. Scott, who
    didn't say much in the year after South Carolina fired him, opens up to the
    readers of Tiger Insider.

  • Inside the Clemson Defense: The Base-45 defense is Reggie Herring's answer
    for the speed option.

  • Phil Kornblut rates the ACC recruiting classes. How did Tommy Bowden's class
    of 16 players stack up against the rest of the ACC?

  • All this plus a review of the basketball season and the baseball seasons. As
    well as the best color photography in a slick cover magazine.

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Frequently asked questions about Tiger Insider:

Q: How much does a subscription cost?

For subscribers in the United States: a four-issue subscription is $22. Six
issues is $29.99. Ten issues is $44.99.

Q: When will the next issue be out?

The next issue will be out on April 15, maybe sooner.

Q: How often is Tiger Insider published?

Four times a year. July (pre-season issue), October, January and April.

Q: Are there plans to take Tiger Insider monthly?

Yes. In the next year, Tiger Insider will pursue publishing the magazine ten
times a year.

Q: Is Tiger Insider affiliated with Clemson University?


Q: How is the Tiger Insider mailed out?

By bulk mail. However, as the magazine gets larger, other deliver options
will be available that will make the process faster. If a particular
subscriber has to wait an unreasonable amount of time due to bulk mail,
arrangements can be made for first class delivery.

Q: Do you have a contact number?


Q: Where can I buy a single copy?

Tiger Insider can be purchased at a number of book stores and magazine
stands throughout South Carolina. If you have difficulty locating an issue,
call 864-414-7809 or email thood2@hotmail.com.

Q: How long will it take before I get my first issue?

Once payment is received, your first issue will be sent out immediately.

Q: Will you sell or rent my name and address to another company?

Tiger Insider does not sell or rent our mailing lists to list brokers.

Q: Can I purchase back issues?

Back issues are available. Please visit the subscription page for prices and

Q: Do you reprint any of your sold-out issues?

Tiger Insider does not reprint any sold-out issues. However, paid
subscribers are guaranteed that they'll receive every issue we publish.

Q: What credit cards do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover/Bravo.

Q: How can I help Tiger Insider go monthly?

First, help spread the word about Tiger Insider. Send an email to your
Clemson friends telling them about the magazine.

Second, advertising leads are helpful.

Also, any story ideas that you have are welcome.

Q: What does Tiger Insider cover?

Right now, it primarily covers Clemson football due to the amazing interest
in the football program. However, as the magazine is published more
frequently, other sports will be featured.

Q: Are there job opportunities with Tiger Insider?

If you're a free-lance writer, feel free to send your resume and some
clippings to thood2@hotmail.com. Also, if you have experience in advertising
sales send your resume to the same email address. Tiger Insider is seeking
advertising representatives throughout South Carolina.

Q: Doesn't news happen too rapidly for a magazine? Why don't you just put
these stories on the internet?

While there is a lot of information on the internet, most don't have the
ability or the desire to carry a computer to the bathroom. Magazines provide
information in a convenient format. It has its place, just like a newspaper
or the television. Magazines and books are somehow surviving the internet
revolution, if not being helped. Amazon.com, one of the hottest internet
companies, delivers books, something that many thought would go away with
the advent of CD ROMs.

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