Tommy Bowden Weekly Press Conference Quotes

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"Anytime you go on a three game losing streak or lose a football game in general the players' spirits sink a little bit, it's only natural. You have to look to the character and leadership of your team and
staff to help you through. Players are pretty resilient as far as bouncing back, but when you play well and turn the ball over and lose a game they can get down some. A national television audience and
playing on Thursday night well help get them excited again."

"When the protection breaks down their quarterback (Marques) Hagans has the ability to make something happen. When you get out of position or get out of your lane on the defensive line he can get out and do some damage downfield running the ball. He can do some things
that make them a little less predictable."

"We'll find out Thursday if this off week came at a good time for us. Many things we have tried to improve on as far as tackling, drops on offense, and turning the ball over. The game will be a true
indication of whether those areas have been improved on. They have all been addressed in practice and talked about in meetings but we won't know until Thursday."

"We've talked to Charlie about just relaxing and playing. There has been a lot written about him and said about him so hopefully the off week has been good for him. He is in such a high profile position
it's been good for him so far. He's been playing football for a long time and he needs to start enjoying it again. It's time he and I both go out and have some fun."

"(Virginia Running Back) Wali Lundy has been very productive and has a chance to set a lot of their records. He can do a lot of things similar to what Duane Coleman does for us running the ball and
catching the ball out of the backfield. He is a very powerful runner and has speed, too."

"There are a couple of things teams can do to keep the ball out of a kickoff returner's hands. You can bloop it kind of like Florida State did against us or you can squib it which kind of throws of the
timing of your blocking. They are very good at returning kicks and are actually ahead of us statistically. Of course, if you kick it out of the endzone then they can't return it at all. You give up some distance when you bloop it or squib it."

"We've kind of talked about starting new. We've had four games and we've had an open date. Now, we have seven games left. We are kind of approaching it like this is game one of a seven game season. With the open date we've had a chance to look at our weaknesses over four
games, so we've looked at that and hopefully we can correct some things and see what happens in this 'new season'."

"We really want to eliminate turnovers and start creating some on defense. As long as we keep playing hard that is going to happen, the turnovers won't continue. We talk about it and know that it has to be addressed. I've talked to other head coaches, and many of them have been a head coach longer than I have and they've all told me that you just have to keep playing hard and it will start to swing in your favor."

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