Tommy Bowden Weekly Press Conference Highlights

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Tommy Bowden Quotes on.....

UNC Defense

"I think Oklahoma and Florida State both had under 300 yards of total
offense against them. Their defense is really good so I think
consistently moving the ball on offense is going to be the key. Their
team is playing with a lot of confidence and they're starting to get
some of their swagger back when they went 10-1 with Mack Brown.
Defensively, they attack you. They pressure with their front four.
They present problems for you. Their linebackers are pretty big and
they can run."

Facing Julius Peppers

"You know where he is all the time. The problem is how much do you
alter your package to account for him. We have to determine in the
next few days how much we want to limit our offense to account for a
very good player. It's a fine line you have to walk. I'm sure they're
doing the same thing with Woody.
"It gives you more flexibility on offense if Akil Smith can have some
success. He doesn't have to win all the battles just the majority of
them. It helps if you don't have to leave a back in or leave a tight
end in or run away from him. But not a whole lot of team have had
success blocking him one-on-one. There's no doubt that's a key
"I've been around some great defensive linemen in my career at
Alabama and Auburn and he is right up there with them."

UNC's Two Quarterback System

"They bring a little bit different skills to the table. Ronald
Curry's scrambling abilities are similar to Woody's. They're running
game with the quarterback is not as comprehensive as ours, but if he
gets loose on the grass, he's pretty dangerous.
"[Darian] Durant reminds me of Shaun King's (Bowden QB at Tulanet)
running ability. He can hurt you running but not as much as Curry.
He's pretty even-keeled and mature for a red-shirt freshman. He's
accurate and he's got some intangibles other than talent."

Ben Hall

"He's got more speed than Todd McClinton. He's got good hands and a
lot of confidence. He's a pretty tough guy for being a true freshman.
He can get upfield in a short amount of time, which is what you must
have in this offense because there's no protection. He played
basketball in high school so he didn't get in the weight room a whole
bunch in high school. Once he gets a little stronger we'll put him in
more blocking situations."

Derrick Hamilton

"We're trying to scheme ways to get him the ball because he's doing
very well. You'd like to get him the ball 6-10 times a game. Airese
[Currie] has now had three good weeks of practice and a good game so
now you'd like to get him some at-bats also. Derrick is making some
people miss in the open field."

Brian Mance's playing status

(Mance's brother was killed in an auto accident Saturday evening)
"I talked to his family and I'll talk to them some more and let them
make the decision on whether he wants to try and comeback or not.
That's a family decision. We just want to find out if it's a yea or
nay, a backup role or no role."

Comparing Dantzler to other great players he has coached

"Shaun King had some good games throwing the ball. But the things
Woody does as a tailback, a dropback passer, with waggles and with
the option, it's such a comprehensive package. I've had a dominant
tailback, an NFL tight end, a tackle, a wide receiver who was NFC
Rookie of the Year. But again, this guy's a tailback an option
runner, a dropback passer with bootlegs and waggles and that's what
separates him from the pack. There's never been anybody else in
college that can do all that stuff. It's hard to compare but nobody
really dominates several facets as a quarterback like he does."

Season to date

"I think most of my conversations in the preseason were that we were
going to be pretty thin on defense, injuries concern me more this
year than any other year because of the talent dropoff. Then all of a
sudden Kevin Youngblood went out, Altroy Bodrick went out, Marcus
Houskin went out, Jackie Robinson, Tony Elliot and Roscoe Crosby went
out. Then we got pretty beat up after the Virginia game heading into
the Georgia Tech game. If you would have told me all that would
happen in the preseason and asked would you be happy with a 4-1
record, I'd take it.


John Bunting, North Carolina Press Conference

*We*re very excited we started off the second half of the season with a
win. It certainly was better than the first half of the season, but we
face a very difficult schedule down the stretch. Therefore, I hope the
beginning schedule will prepare us for that. Two very, very tough away
games before we return home, and obviously the most important one is
this one coming up against Clemson, a very talented team. This offense
that (Woodrow) Dantzler is running is unbelievable * it*s a good
operation and he*s a great operator. He*s a superb operator. He*s a
surgeon general.

Scary, very scary, as we prepare for Clemson this week. We have a lot
of work to do, and we*re very hopeful that we can get our defense back
on track. What*s frightening to me is the first four games we had five
drives of over 40 (yards), and in the last three games we*ve had 10
drives of over 40 allowed on defense. Offensively I*m really pleased
that we*ve gone up in total yards ever since Florida State * 301 against
Florida State, 347 versus NC State, 412 versus ECU, 477 versus Virginia.
So there*s a really nice looking stat over there for the offense, and
there*s a real ugly stat staring the defense right between the eyes. If
we have a chance to do anything special, a chance to win this week, we
better pick it up on defense.*

On Clemson QB Woodrow Dantzler:

*He scrambles extremely well * 517 total yards against NC State, he
obviously had a field day. He*s strong, he*s fast, he*s quick, he*s
tremendously agile, he has great presence, he has a great feel, he sees
everything, and he can throw the ball as well as the quarterback we
faced from East Carolina, (David) Garrard. He throws the ball extremely
well. He has a very live arm. He*s the total package.*

How do you defend Dantzler?

*Thirteen players and a crystal ball. That*s the only way I know how to
defend him.*

On having one player shadow another:

*I tried that at the Super Bowl. It failed miserably. I played with 10
men. The shadow guy kind of stood there and watched, while guys are
fighting to get open. What you want to do is to try to find a crack to
get to the quarterback and envelop him as best as you possibly can with
the shadow guy and the rush, but it very seldom happens because it*s a
hard thing to practice. Some people have had a good experience with it.
I had a personal experience with it and it was awful. It was in the
Super Bowl when we played against (Steve) McNair.*

On copying Clemson*s offense:

*People will always mimic offenses. There*s the Delaware Wing T, which
is used in quite a broad region across the United States. People use
pieces of it. We use a piece of this offense in our offense. We don*t
use it all. I think it takes a very, very special person to operate
that (Clemson) offense. I*m not sure how attractive it is to a pro-type
quarterback, and I want to get pro-type quarterbacks here. This offense
could not be operated at the pro level, at least at this time in my
opinion, because the quarterback would get killed. He takes hits. But
he is strong, sturdy, and the real special part here is that you need a
12th player. I*d love to shadow the guy with a 12th guy. But you
can*t. You only have 11 guys. When we you talk about stopping the
running game, or stopping a one-back attack or a two-back attack, you
have enough people on the field usually to do that with an eighth man
down or a seventh man down versus the one back. But now you have three
backs, or in this case two backs with people spread out of the box.
That*s how they can get to people because he*s such an effective

On early-season dropped balls by UNC*s receivers:

*We had some drops, but we*ve had very few (lately) * we had one that I
can recall in the game the other day and it was a big one too. It*s
getting used to everything that we do, from an offensive scheme
standpoint, to the way we practice in season. These guys now know what
our expectations are, every single time we step on the field. Obviously
length of practice is controlled for the most part by the NCAA, but the
way we practice and the tempo at which we practice and the speed at
which we practice might be new to them and that took some adjusting to

On UNC*s problems recently on defense:

*One week it was stopping the run, which was obvious. We were not able
to penetrate or hit blocks the way that we were supposed to, the way
that they*ve been trained to. And our linebackers had a miserable day
because they had linemen in their lap. This past week it*s just a
matter of guys one-on-one getting beaten at times in man coverage. We
played more man-to-man coverage than we had before. We failed to
execute techniques and fundamentals in some of our other coverages.
What was great for us against Oklahoma and very good for us against
Texas and has been good defensively in most every other game broke down
for the first time in the secondary. Therefore we had a lot of yards
passing against us.

*We all study each other and you always go into a game plan trying to
attack what your perceived weaknesses are. But that*s been a strength
for us, in the secondary. That*s been a tremendous strength for us all
year long until the other day. So my hope is that it*s an aberration
and we take care of it and we come back strong this week. We*re going
to need it.*

Has team grown up and preparing better since Texas?

*They all took that personally and decided to practice harder and to
concentrate harder so therefore they would be more accountable for the
way they played. I know that we have been very good on special teams *
that*s not to say we haven*t had a breakdown or two * but we*ve been
much better on special teams since Texas. We played our best game
(special teams) the other day against Virginia.

*I think our receivers have really stepped up play since that time. Sam
Aiken came out of the pack against Florida State, Chesley*s been playing
very well all season, since that time Kory Bailey*s played extremely
well, and Bosley*s gotten back into the swing. So I think the receivers
stepped up and became more accountable. Gary Tranquill can only do so
much. Gunter Brewer can only do so much. They*re both very fine
coaches * I think Tranquill is brilliant.

*Defensively, we*ve played well all season until the last couple of

On changes without panic after Texas:

*I*m not a panic guy. I*m never going to. But I*m going to try to
create more competition as best as I possibly can all the time. I think
that*s what we did.*

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