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Goal against Wofford

"Whether it's Wofford, Florida State, Virginia or South Carolina, what
you're looking for is a player to improve his performance from the first
week to the second week. I'm more concerned about the improvement of the
players than I am about the score. We know the players and their talent
level and we want to see how much better they can play this week. The
margin of victory has been de-emphasized as far as the BCS is concerned.
I'd like to see improvement by the team from week to week."

How to measure improvement

"For example, John Leake started his first game and had some busted
assignments early. If he has less busted assignments against Wofford
than he did against Central Florida then he had a good game. Missed
tackles is another indication. We'll grade the film Sunday looking at
things like that and see if there was improvement. If we didn't then we
will have wasted a good opportunity that I'm sure will come back to
haunt us when the competition picks up."

Wofford quarterback

"Anytime you run the option the quarterback has pretty good running
skills. That's always a concern because it's not run very much in
Division IA. So we don't see it very much and neither does anybody else.
The quarterback is a threat, but more so the offensive philosophy. It's
assignment football that you're concerned about and the quarterback's
running skills make it more difficult.

Clemson's Pass Rush

"The pass rush was pretty good against Central Florida. We had three new
starters in the secondary and I think once we tighten up in certain
situations we'll be in good shape. We're eventually going to play
somebody who runs the football more than they pass it. You can still do
drill work to improve pass rush as far as coverage techniques. We go at
each other a good bit in practice. Obviously there is less chance to
improve this week because of the opponent.

Defensive Line

"J.J. Howard merited some more playing time with his performance against
UCF. He's the fastest rush end we've got. He should have played more and
I think Donnell Washington, DeJuan Polk and Moe Fountain are all going
to play more. Regardless of the opponent, whether it was Florida State
or Wofford, they were going to play more this week.

Run vs. Pass

"We go into every game figuring we'll just take whatever the defense
gives us. Statistically, this offense has pretty much shown that over
the last four years. We'll go into this game with a predetermined idea
of what we want to do, but they've had all summer to prepare and I'm
sure we'll see something different against Wofford. They've had three or
four months to prepare and we'll make an adjustment off of their

Getting freshmen more involved

We're going to try and win the game like it is a normal opponent by
alignment of personnel and numbers of personnel more so than saying
we're going to get such and such the ball. You look at what they play
and attack the scheme or attack the numbers as opposed to trying to get
someone the ball four times or get him three catches. We're not going to
do that.

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