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Bowden Quotes

On Calvin Johnson

"The biggest thing Calvin Johnson presents is height. He is good, and sometimes you get tall guys that aren't that good, but he is certainly not one of those. He is one of those guys who has size, speed, and strength. He has a great 40-yard time and a great vertical leap. He has tremendous God-given abilities, and you can see why he was so highly recruited.

"You have to give your guys help against a guy like that. Tye Hill probably has the same vertical jump, is just as fast, and just as agile, but when the guy he is going against is 6'4" then the big guy is going to win. So we will have to give him help."

"We can give him help but unfortunately we can't give him six inches in height. When you give him help you open yourself up because they have other guys who are good players, too. They have good skill guys, there is no question about it.

"Last year Johnson single-handedly dismantled us. He made several catches throughout the game, but obviously at the end he stood out. There are a lot of 5'11" or six-foot receiver that can make big plays, but they can't make the 6'4" plays like he can. He has a specific advantage, especially inside the red zone."

"You have to be careful because as soon as you say that he is their only gun, then that makes P.J. Daniels mad and he is a pretty good player. You start throwing all the glory at one guy then the other skill guys and the offensive line start to feel neglected.

On Last Year's Difficult loss

"Yeah as long as I've been in the profession I knew that I would have a game like we had against them last year when about four or five things had to go wrong at the end of the game for you to lose. I hope it never happens again, but I'm sure it will if you coach long enough.

There were some things that went on with my family that week that kind of stand out (death of a nephew), but losses like that stay with you for a long time. We are already into this season now and we have had things to address so that game last year is kind of out-of-sight, out-of-mind, and I don't think it will be a huge motivating factor for myself, the players, or the staff."

Possibility of a Close Game with Georgia Tech

"I not concerned about us playing for 60 minutes because we have shown we can do that. I do worry about is us focusing, our level of concentration, and our intensity, things of that nature. We have played a bunch of 60-minute games this year, but I do remind that team of that every week."

"It was a very unusual finish last year. I'm sure that coaches that have coached for a long time have had a game like that, but I had never been there. I have been there now. Our games are always close, and I think that's because we are so close to Georgia Tech. We recruit that area, and they players know each other. Our team will be excited to go down there and play because there will be so many of their families and friends at the game. When you combine that with the geography of the two schools in that we are so close, its not surprising to me that its always a close game. It's pretty much like a rivalry game in my mind, like when we play South Carolina."

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