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Bowden Quotes

"We won't try and stretch the field vertically unless Maryland presents us with the opportunity to do so. We won't do it just for the sake of being able to say we did it. We just watched some tape on them, and if they give us that opportunity then we will try it, if the opportunity isn't there, we won't."

"Navy runs an option attack with a lot of double slot, so watching Maryland's film against them will probably not help us a whole lot other than just seeing personnel. We get to see starters and things like that. Three out of the front four are new guys I believe, as well as three of four in their secondary. All three of their linebackers are back, and we know that #52 (D'Qwell Jackson) is good, really good. He has good size, speed, and instincts."

"A true test for us will be when we can play for a conference or a national championship, or maybe win the division. There are goals and objectives every year. There are some problems that I will be anxious to see if we can solve this week against Maryland. I hope we can improve on some things we did wrong against Texas A&M. To me, that is a test. A true test would be at the end of the year."

"We need to look at who our top performers have been. Reggie Merriweather has been one of our top performers in the redzone, and I probably made a mistake by not putting him in a position to see if he could do it or not. He has been our most productive back down there."

"All of our guys are hard runners, but some guys just have a knack for moving a pile. Reggie I believe has that knack. It may be because he has had more at-bats but also because of his body type. We will evaluate that more this week."

"One of these four running backs will separate. You would like to have four equal guys, but no, they are not all equal. Each one has different strengths and they all have their weaknesses. A pecking order will be established at some point in time. I can't see us doing a running back-by-committee every single game."

"I was pleased with Charlie's (Whitehurst) performance. Coach Spence would be able to describe his performance more in-depth than I would, but overall I was pleased. I was happy with a 73% completion percentage."

"I think James Davis ran better from tackle to tackle than what I had anticipated. He did a pretty good job on his assignments too. Burton Burns did a good job in his preparation."

"The atmosphere at practice and enthusiasm of our players is always easy to see after a win. We've bounced back pretty well from some losses in the past, but it's obviously a lot easier after you've won a game. The environment is a lot better for teaching. There are lessons to be learned from losing, but a lot more to be learned from winning."

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