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Head Coach Tommy Bowden

“I don’t think there’s any doubt that NFL scouts put more weight in the caliber of competition you play against, as far as our offensive linemen blocking their defensive linemen, which are probably going to all be high draft choices, and probably the same thing for our defensive linemen pass rushing against offensive linemen of probably the NFL, same way from a coverage standpoint or route running with our wideouts versus their defensive backs. Those are probably the ones that they put more weight into, as far as the players who have those aspirations. How they perform in games like these goes a lot further than teams that don’t have as many players drafted.”

“I would hope that we would elevate our level of play to the competition. It’s just human nature. You see a guy who is probably a draft pick and you think you are, you want to perform against him. I think that happens, but I don’t think it happens to the point that players miss assignments.”

“You look at a lot of tapes. We have a lot of Miami’s tapes and they have a lot of ours. The thing you don’t want to do is to do too much where you can’t execute what you’re asking the players to do. That’s been a problem offensively. We haven’t executed as well as we should have. Obviously, Louisville had some success, North Carolina had success, and N.C. State had some success, but you can’t take everything that they did that was successful. You have to take bits and pieces of those three teams’ success and pick the parts out of your offense that are very similar and do the best you can. There are some things that are similar.”

“Doing too much of what you’ve seen is a big problem. Look at Miami’s last three games against Louisville, N.C. State and North Carolina. All three of those teams had success offensively. There is a tendency to see three good things off this film, three off of that one, that’s nine things. Can you get them executed? Towards the end of the season, we start cutting down on practice time, time on the field, because of fatigue. It just wears on you towards the end of the season. Most teams are doing that now, as far as cutting practice time, so then you worry about execution. It is a problem, that you had too much and can’t execute what you had.”

“I don’t know if Louisville has ever beaten Miami, but if they have, it hasn’t been very often. A lot of times when that happens, you don’t get their best shot. Florida State and Miami, you get their best shot. They bring their ‘A’ game to that one. I don’t think N.C. State has ever played Miami and they walked into that game with a 4-3 record. Their record isn’t going to jump out at Miami. They weren’t nationally ranked. Why would they get motivated? I think it was the same thing with North Carolina. Unfortunately, when you lose like they did, then we’ll get their full attention and it won’t be the case this week. That’s one of the disadvantages of them losing. There are pros and cons. If they win the game, then they’re undefeated and maybe a little overconfident and maybe play down to us. I don’t think that will happen this week. I think that’s some of what happened the last couple weeks. Miami didn’t bring their ‘A’ game against Louisville, but they won. They didn’t bring their ‘A’ game against N.C. State, but they won. I just think that, unfortunately, since North Carolina won, we’ll have Miami’s full attention.”

“There’s definitely information you accumulate year after year, if the staff stays in tact, even so, from a recruiting standpoint knowing personnel. You do see that tape and that stuff, but there is some carryover value that they lost from going over from one conference to another. I’m sure you keep a little bit of a file on teams you play year after year after year, if the staff stays in tact.”

“We do have a plan for Devin Hester. We aren’t going to kick it to him. If we mess up and it goes to him, it wasn’t by design. But again, you’re giving up some yardage. It’s a catch-22. Do you want to put it in his hands or kick it out of bounds or way to the right? It’s going to effect Jad’s (Dean) distance. You start adjusting your coverage possibilities, but then you give up some protection. He presents some problems because he’s really good. I hope Justin (Miller) will present some from them. I can’t think of anybody recently that we took this much of an approach, because he (Hester) can change a game. I’ve talked to Cole (Chason) and Jad (Dean) about how important their job is this week on doing the things that we’re going to attempt. “

“I think the way the players have played would indicate that in the fact that we haven’t had a blow out, like Nebraska-Texas Tech. I don’t think Florida State brought their ‘A’ game because they (Maryland) had over 300 yards passing. If you look at our games, most of them have gone down to the last second, the last play of the game. Wake Forest, Georgia Tech, Maryland, N.C. State. Virginia, Texas A&M, and Florida State games were close last in the last quarter. Against Georgia Tech, they had about 160 total yards going into the fourth quarter; we had 500 yards of total offense. It sounds like an ‘A’ game to me against a pretty good team. The Utah State game would be an example where defensively we brought our ‘A’ game.”

“North Carolina ran and threw the ball well against Miami. Miami blitzed out of a certain formation and nobody had the tight end so he got about 30 more yards. Miami doesn’t play a lot of zone coverage. They play more man coverage. Louisville and N.C. State were similar where they made plays. North Carolina rushed for about 200 yards and passed for around 200 yards, so they were balanced. Louisville was close to the same balance with close to 200 of each. I think that’s the thing that those three teams have done. They were all around 200 yards rushing. I think that’s the key, to establish some type of running game, which is unfortunately what we do worst. I think it also had a lot to do with their quarterback’s execution. If Reggie (Merriweather ) and Duane (Coleman) can put together similar runs, then we’ll be able to accumulate close to 100 yards, if we can make them miss and block them.”

“I recruited Brock Berlin a little bit when he was in high school. Then he was all shotgun, but now I think he’s doing a little bit of both. I know his winning percentage is pretty good.”

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