Tommy Bowden Press Conference Quotes

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Selected quotes from Tommy Bowden's press conference on Monday.

What did you see on the film that you need to correct or change?

At 2-3 you want you want to make sure you are giving your team the best chance to be successful. You would like to have more big plays. Again, we are looking for a long run, or a long catch and run. As you look at the stats, being 100% in the red zone, we lead the ACC in number of touchdowns and field goals in the red zone. So if we get into the red zone, obviously there is not much more I can do there. So it looks like we need a guy to run the ball a long way or catch it.

It will eventually happen. We will eventually going to break a long play. Whether you break a long catch and run by a receiver or a long run. It just hasn’t happened yet. I think we have played 3 out of the top 5 defenses in the conference. Count Texas A&M and it would four out five top defenses in the conferences if you count them.

I think as you chart this thing and look at it offensively we are a lot further ahead than we were last year in rushing the ball. What you are looking for now because how close the scores are, is one big play.

I think after looking at it and studying where we are statistically, we just got to make a big play. A big play gets a win.

Defensively, we gave up two big plays that I think cost us a win.

It’s my job to get the plays manufactured.

Kelvin Grant is starting to come around, being more consistent. We got him a down field ball.

I just to find a way to keep the players’ noses to the grind stone and say hey the worm will finally turn.

Has this year been even more frustrating than last year?

Last year you know the rushing game wasn’t that good. We were giving up sacks. We were giving up interceptions. You were 1-4 and you could put your finger on it. We identified turnovers as a huge issue last year enough for me to call people and that nature. Though, this year there is nothing that jumps out. 3rd down conversions - we were over 50% in this game which 40% is winning. Now we are not over that for the year. As I talked to the seniors and the team and I talked to the seniors first today, I got to make sure yeah small things are magnified, one play here or one play there is magnified, therefore we got to continue to coach hard on the little things that are costing us in close losses.

Can you explain how Wake’s quarterback threw for 20-25 and 3 touchdowns when he threw for 3 touchdowns all of last year?

I just watch him against us. I don’t see him a lot on TV. I know against us he has been productive and he was again. Surely 20 for 25, that’s awful high. You wouldn’t think a guy would be able to do that. They had some really nice catches and really nice throws. Yeah that’s too high but I can’t explain it. He did it. He didn’t do it the previous three games because he wasn’t playing quarterback.

How do you rate the play of the defense fundamentally?

I think fundamentally we are playing good. Like I said you look at Boston College and holding them to 10 points I think that is pretty good. Miami had 20 points in regulation and 350 total yards, 50 less than Florida State (held them). 264 yards in regulation. Pretty good. Texas A&M scored 66 the week after we held them to whatever. Boston College and Maryland are the two top offenses in the conference right now in total offense.

Again, obviously not satisfied on either side of the ball because we are sitting here are 2-3.

What is happening with the punt protection?

When we looked at the film we took a starter out because he was partially injured, we should have put him back in because that is where the block came from. They were both correctable mistakes.

We were averaging one block punt every two years and we have had two this year. I hope we don’t have any more and next year be on course. We can’t have any more. That’s the most we have ever had.

What do you say to people who say to the guy who says you shouldn’t be losing to Wake in your 7th year?

I want to agree with him, but I want to be respectful with the job Wake Forest is doing just as Stoops is respectful of the guy at TCU and the guy at Louisville is respectful of the guy at South Florida and the guy at Pitt is respectful of the guy at Ohio. They give 85 scholarships and everybody is well coached and you go on down the line. That’s not Clemson and that’s not the ACC. Those are other examples. So when you say look at the seventh year that’s all I can say. I don’t know what else to say. I don’t why there is so much disrespect for Wake Forest. I think they are a pretty good team.

How do you explain the roller coaster ride of beating teams like Miami and Florida State and then losing to Duke and Wake Forest?

I don’t know. If I had the answer to that I guess I would have won those games and you wouldn’t be asking.

That’s the consistency you try to alleviate but we just haven’t put our finger on it right now why.

Any play you would change?

If I had known we were not going to call off, probably would have kicked the field goal and lost by one and felt worse.

Any personnel changes?

Roman Fry at left guard instead of Brandon Pilgrim and Michael Hamlin will start at safety instead of C.J. Gaddis.

Players of the game?

Tye Hill - Defense, Chansi Stuckey - Offense, and Jad Dean – Special teams.

How confident are you can make a similar turnaround as last year?

I think the potential is there. It’s a different team. But if I look at how we played last year at 1-4 and how we lost games and how we lost games this year you got to feel a little bit better.

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Tommy Bowden Press Conference Quotes
Kelvin Grant is back!!!***
Hamlin over Gaddis
Agree 100% Hamlin hits harder***
make you say hmmmmm!!!!!
Loose Fan? HMMMM***
Country Gentleman®
I would hate to loose him as a fan***
Bashful Baron
"I don’t why there is so much disrespect for Wake Forest.
El Swann®
I think it 55-16***
54-16 now but you are correct.***
El Swann®
Thanks...I was counting our win from next year ;-)***
If WAKE was a good team then you would............
P.S. A&M scored 66 on SMU - and also if you kicked the FG
El Swann®
Re: P.S. A&M scored 66 on SMU - and also if you kicked the FG
Re: P.S. A&M scored 66 on SMU - and also if you kicked the FG
get usome
Re: P.S. A&M scored 66 on SMU - and also if you kicked the FG
should be an interesting TNT
Thanks for the support Treybeck. I will always be
El Swann®
Hey- be fair about it- selective listening is just as bad
Probably because they are 4-18 in their last 22 ACC games
and 1-3 for the season coming in, not a "good***
and 1-3 for the season coming in, not a "good" team***
Re: Probably because they are 4-18 in their last 22 ACC games
Re: might be the small Baptist university thing? or their
Re: "I don’t why there is so much disrespect for Wake Forest.
At least we feel better in our losses***
Re: Tommy Bowden Press Conference Quotes
Seems TB has no answers either.
Re: Tommy Bowden Press Conference Quotes
Sick and tired of other "examples" and excuses.
Re: Sick and tired of other "examples" and excuses.
Re: Sick and tired of other "examples" and excuses.
Re: Tommy Bowden Press Conference Quotes
tommy is a tired tiger put him and us out of misery
You're a LOOSE Fan? HMMMMM Wrong site***
Country Gentleman®

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