Tommy Bowden Postgame Press Conference

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Mo Fountain and Donnell Washington combine to make the stop on the Wake running back.

Opening Statement: "It’s obvious we had played pretty good for eight straight games. I thought we would again. It’s my job to get them prepared every single week and I didn’t this week. Coach Grobe and his staff did an excellent job."

On the turnovers: "One of them our receivers slipped. I think everybody saw that. The ball just bounced up. Quarterback was carrying the ball too loose on two of them. We hadn’t had that happen. We’ll sure work on that this week but that hasn’t been a problem. He’ll have to protect the ball more securely around traffic."

On going for the field goal: "I thought the kids worked too hard. It was like Georgia. I didn’t want them to work a whole bunch and come up with no points. I want to get something on the board. I didn’t want to go though another game, work hard and not get any points. "

On Wake’s rushing: "We had difficulty last year against them versus the rush. It’s about the same thing. It’s my job to have a better plan regardless what side of the ball it is. The plan wasn’t good enough. "

On past Clemson coaches getting fired after losing to Wake: "You want to try and win every game. I wish this was the same team the other guys lost to. I think it’s a different team. I think it’s a different environment. A lot of things have changed in the last five, ten, fifteen, twenty years in college football. "

On the defensive touchdowns: “It is demoralizing but it happens in college football so you try to not let your team get too down. But it happened twice. I think when you score on defensive you got about a 90% chance to win the football game. When you score twice you got a really good chance.”

On getting up off the mat: “I think we can get up off the mat. It’s hard no doubt. It makes it more difficult. The players are usually pretty resilient at that age.”

On this game being worse that the bowl loss: “Any time you get beat bad it’s a humbling experience.regardless whether it’s Texas Tech or Wake Forest or Florida State or whoever it is. When you get beat bad it’s humbling because most coaches are ex- players and competitors. You work for the Saturdays."

On the loss coming at the worst time before FSU: “I don’t think there is ever a good time. If it happens in the first of the year you have doubt and indecision for the remainder of the year. We played pretty good for eight games. I got to believe there are some more good games in us. We’ve been a pretty consistent performer. I don’t see any reason we can’t get that level back.”

On if Chansi Stuckey closed the gap at quarterback with Charlie Whitehurst: “No. I was really proud of Chansi going in there. It is difficult circumstances for him. He has had very little experience. They blitzed him some and they dropped some. He operated the offense pretty good for his first time really regardless of the circumstances. I was real pleased with his performance. It will not affect the separation or the first or second team status.”

On if his job is in jeopardy: “That’s for the athletic director and the president. I’ve got other problems like Florida State in 6 days.”

On the official’s explanation on the delay in the second quarter: “’I messed up.’ They marked off 10 yards on a 15 yard penalty. "

On FSU game: “Our players have been up for FSU every year. It’s not a hard one to get up for. They will be nationally ranked and playing at home on TV. Usually you don’t have to motivate much for that game. You just have to have a good plan.”

On his team improving each week till this game: “We didn’t go forward. It doesn’t mean we can’t the rest of the year. We’ve got three games left. We have made progress pretty much through out the year. We can’t quit in the middle of the season so you go back to the drawing board.”

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