Tim Boyd reflects on his son's career, talks about upcoming season

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Tim Boyd tells Tajh to embrace every second he has left at Clemson

I finished up with baseball interviews early last week in Clemson, and stopped by the Bi-Lo in Central on the way home to pick up something to cook for supper.

Standing in the magazine aisle at the store, perusing all of the sports magazines, was a familiar form – Tim Boyd. Tim Boyd just happens to be the father of Clemson quarterback Tajh BoydTajh Boyd
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#10 6-1, 225
Hampton, VA

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, and he was looking at several magazines that had his son’s picture on the cover.

Boyd told me that walking through a store and seeing his son everywhere is something he still hasn’t gotten used to.

“Sometimes I kind of feel like I have to pinch myself,” Boyd said. "It is a surreal feeling. Sometimes I feel like, ‘Man that is Tajh on that magazine.' But at the same time you kind of feel like it will be 10 years from now before you can look back on it and enjoy it. But right now it is like a dream, just going thru all of this.”

A dream that is passing quickly.

“I feel like I need to tell Tajh to enjoy the season, because it flies by,” Boyd said. “I want to tell him to embrace running down the hill every time you have a home game, because this is it. I know a lot of players that have left Clemson and gone on to the NFL or have graduated, and they wish they were still here. I want him to enjoy every practice and putting on that uniform and running down that hill. I think Clemson is one of most exciting teams to play for, and he needs to just enjoy every moment he has left.”

Boyd said he also tells his son to enjoy his time in the limelight, but that he also needs to keep everything in perspective so that he can continue to achieve his goals.

“Sometimes I think he really deserves it, and I don’t think he really got the publicity he deserved last year. He has done what he needs to do, and even the ESPN guys said they were surprised he didn’t get more of a Heisman mention,” Boyd said. “But at the same time, he needs to stay humble. I want Tajh to stay humble, and everything he has done will get rewarded in due time as long as he keeps working hard and keeps a positive attitude.”

He also takes the time to think about what this season means for him as the parent of one of the nation’s best players.

“I have done a lot of time sitting alone and by myself and thinking about this season,” he said. “I think about College GameDay being at that first game, and the Georgia game being at night and all of the Thursday night games. With Georgia, I grew up watching Clemson play Georgia, and to think that my son will be playing against my favorite team from my childhood and the team I grew up watching, I love that. I think about being on the field with my son one last time at Senior Night, and I can’t believe we have been here five years.”

Those five years, however, are years he wouldn’t trade for anything, and he says that Clemson wound up being the perfect place for his son.

“You sit back and you wonder why kids even have to make a decision on whether or not to come to Clemson or go to another program,” he said. “I just think Clemson is a special place, I can’t see why any player wouldn’t want to come here. I think Deshaun Watson will be an awesome addition if Clemson holds onto him. I tell Tajh all the time about how Deshaun is special, and if Tajh can’t lead Clemson to a national championship, then Deshaun will. I think Clemson is an up-and-coming program, and Tajh is happy he chose Clemson and helped put them on the map. We still play back all of the film from when Tajh was a freshman and he talks about how he wants to come in and play early and win ACC Championships, and we have hit that challenge head on. To me, there is one thing left to do and that is beat South Carolina. That is real important right now.”

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