Tigers Still in Buckner Top 25 Poll

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Greenville, SC-Florida State moved up two spots to number-six in the nation in Brentson Buckner's weekly college football poll. Buckner
is the only active NFL player who will vote in the weekly Harris Poll, one of the two polls the BCS will use in 2005 to determine the teams that are invited to the four major bowls at the end of the college season.

Buckner continued to rank Southern Cal number-one, Texas number-two and Georgia number-three. The Seminoles made the jump after an impressive 11-point victory at Boston College. Buckner still ranks the Eagles 14th in the nation this week. Boston College will travel to Death Valley to face Clemson, Buckner's alma mater, this coming Saturday.

While Florida State made a move in his poll, Buckner was most impressed this week by Louisville and Michigan State. He ranks
Louisville number 11 and Michigan State number-25.

"Louisville's offense was incredible against Oregon State. I had Oregon State in my preseason top 20, but Louisville just went up
and down the field against them. Next time someone tries to tell you time of possession is an important stat, show them the boxscore
from that game. Louisville won 63-27 and had the ball just over 20 minutes. Brian Brohm is an outstanding quarterback, because he fits
into their system. They averaged 16 yards a pass attempt. I don't know if I have ever seen that."

Buckner was also impressed by Michigan State's win at Notre Dame. "That is the fifth straight time Michigan State has won at
Notre Dame. Notre Dame went up and down the field, but the Spartans made the big plays in overtime. I still think Notre Dame is a good
team and is going to have a good season. Maybe they were just too hyped up because it was Charlie Weis's first home game and that contributed to their bad start in the game."

Buckner also viewed parts of the Florida vs. Tennessee game. "A lot of people will tell you that wasn't a good game, but when you have dominating defenses that can happen. I am sure fans of Miami (FL) and Florida State were wondering how bad their teams were after that first game on Labor Day, but when you have strong defenses, especially early in the season, that can happen.

"The big thing to me was that Tennessee and Florida were playing not to lose. They both looked like they were under too much pressure. Sometimes you have to relax and let things go in big games."

For further comments and analysis from Buckner on Clemson and Panthers football, please visit http://www.brentsonbuckner.com/buckshots.html

Brentson Buckner College Football Poll

September 19, 2005

1. Southern Cal

2. Texas

3. Georgia

4. Virginia Tech

5. Florida

6. Florida State

7. LSU

8. Tennessee

9. Ohio State

10. Purdue

11. Louisville

12. Miami (FL)

13. Michigan

14. Boston College

15. Texas Tech

16. California

17. Notre Dame

18. Georgia Tech

19. Virginia

20. Wisconsin

21. Clemson

22. Iowa

23. Alabama

24. Arizona State

25. Michigan State

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