TigerNet Talk: Notre Dame Shakes Up The ACC

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This week Mark Packer joins us to discuss Notre Dame's move to the Atlantic Coast Conference.

It's the week of the Furman game and nothing like a little conference expansion to change the whole plan for the show. I had intended to talk more about the Furman game, but this news was too big. It's not like the Furman game jumps off the page and let's face it, adding Notre Dame to the ACC in any way shape or form is huge news.

The Atlantic Coast Conference made a bold move in adding Notre Dame in all major sports except football. It's not a grand slam, but it could be an important home run. By securing Notre Dame and boosting the buy out to leave the ACC to $50,000,000 it's safe to say Clemson is home. You might not like all the neighbors, but you can't afford to move. Your dreams of leaving for a "Football" conference are over.

Here is the good news, the Irish will play five ACC teams each season. This has the potential to be a big deal in terms of strength of schedule. Notre Dame will keep their independent status and still try to play traditional match ups against the likes of Southern Cal and Michigan. Plus, we will get to play games against possibly the most recognized team in college sports. You have to admit heading to South Bend sounds like one heck of a road trip.

It also means that at some point Notre Dame will be forced into a league as a full member if they want to be in the national title picture. The landscape is still shifting, but with Notre Dame in the fold the ground is steady in the ACC. Once things change, there is no chance Notre Dame can hold out if college football heads to five 16 team leagues.

The decision makers at the top, including the ACC could force Notre Dame to be in the top 80 teams or on the outside playing little boy football. It's a tough thing to imagine, but in my mind the only way to force Notre Dame in is to attempt to force them out.

Once the new playoff is in place strength of schedule will continue to be a big part of the deciding factor of who plays for the title. If Notre Dame can become relevant on the national scene again a win against them could be the difference in being out and being in the championship tournament. I can't see a future where this league doesn't grow to16 full football members with two 8 team divisions.

Add to that, if the Irish, Seminoles, Hurricanes, Hokies, and Tigers can return to the level of play we all once had, suddenly those weak ACC schedules will be a lot tougher. A season with three of those teams, plus a couple of good out of conference games would rival any schedule in America.

There are plenty of ways to look at this, but I've decided that to have Notre Dame with us is better than to have them against us. Sure, the compensation packages especially the bowl deals aren't in the ACC's favor, but at least the future is secured. It's not the perfect scenario, but it will work for me.

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