TigerNet Talk #97: Shouldering the Burden

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I'd love to have some words of wisdom that could make everyone understand how a team with the talent we have is sitting at 5-5 after ten football games. I think the simple answer for some is to point fingers at the coaching staff, others will look deeper to the Athletic Director, and some will go as far as the direction of Clemson University under President James Barker.

It would appear that any if not all of these factors could be behind our disappointing season, but the team seems to think otherwise. The leaders on our team continue to point to their execution on the field. Whether that mentality is coming from the top down is not 100% certain, but the players seem to be saying that the close games are "on them".

Looking back I don't like being 5-5, but I can find some positives in this team. The don't give up. We continue to fight the entire ballgame. We have seen an emergence of young players who are making an impact. The recruiting class seems to be in order. But at the end of the day losing is still losing no matter how bright other areas may be.

There have been frustrating plays called, baffling decisions made, and tons of missed chances in the red zone- it's disappointing. But unlike some, at least the vocal minority, I will continue to support this team.

I refuse to "pump sunshine" about the situation, but I'm not sure that we are as far from an ACC title as many believe. Let's not forget we are one year removed from our first ACC Championship appearance. I don't say that to pacify anyone, but I think that next season is the telling year for our program.

After one more season, I will be more than willing to make changes if I don't see an improvement in our red zone offense, the consistency of our kicking, and an overall level of improvement. We don't have to be undefeated, but we need to take a championship birth, not hope to fall into it.

This season has been far from impressive. I knew there would be some degree of letdown, given our losses on offense, but I never expected us to struggle so frequently to put points on the board. It's been a tough year to be a Clemson fan. These seasons come along every once in a while and they are never any fun.

My last thought is that if the leaders on this team are willing to take the heat from the results we have seen on the field, then I have to believe it rests on the players shoulders for at least one more season.

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TigerNet Talk #97: Shouldering the Burden
Re: TigerNet Talk #97: Shouldering the Burden
Reflective of most
Actually, if I analyze the data...
I'd like to know who the staff writer is...
Re: I'd like to know who the staff writer is...
I support the team, but not the newbie, incompetent coaches.
Re: I support the team, but not the newbie, incompetent coaches.
Tradition rich??
Re: Tradition rich??
Re: Tradition rich??
Exactly. Too many years of "true fans" supporting mediocrity
I compare recruiting & offense because that's the problem.
enough of your BS
No intelligent counterpoints so you attack the messenger.***
Re: I support the team, but not the newbie, incompetent coaches.
By "glory days" I meant Danny Ford era, not Tommy West!
Re: By "glory days" I meant Danny Ford era, not Tommy West!
It's nice to know others want Clemson to achieve excellence!
Good thing you weren't around in 1980
Re: Good thing you weren't around in 1980
I was around in 1980. Danny's teams weren't poorly coached.***
Do you ever shut up?***
RC Tiger®
Do you ever post intelligent, data-backed counterpoints?***
Give a list of the top coaches you would like to see
Re: Give a list of the top coaches you would like to see
Gary Patterson, Chris Peterson, Gus Malzahn, Al Golden...
Re: Gary Patterson, Chris Peterson, Gus Malzahn, Al Golden...
Just a couple of quick observations...
Re: I support the team, but not the newbie, incompetent coaches.
Where in the BCS calculations does closeness figure in?
Re: TigerNet Talk #97: Shouldering the Burden

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