TigerNet Talk #96: Falling Back In The Mix

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I'm as tired as you are about hoping for Clemson to fall into the Atlantic Coast Conference Championship Game. Given the opportunity, I'll take it, but I will not get myself fired up about what has to happen for us to get to Charlotte. It's still a long shot, but somehow it's still on the table.

I've been on this roller coaster too many times. Up and down we go. Out of the mix. Back in the mix. If there is one thing I am pretty confident in saying it's that if, and I mean if, Clemson wins at Florida State recent history would suggest that everything will play out just they way we need it to. Except for one small detail, beating Wake Forest.

Laugh it off if you want, but deep down you know that has been Clemson football in recent memory.

I don't think this team is as bad as many think, I also don't think we are as good others believe. I think we are a good team, who, when playing hard can beat anyone on our schedule. On the flip side, I think we have the ability to lose to most teams on our schedule as well. Especially when we are over-confident or looking ahead. That's who we are right now.

I've been ready to see us flip the switch and start taking what we want each season, but it hasn't happened yet. Maybe over these final weeks we will see Clemson start playing like that again. The 80's are far behind us, but that passion, energy, heart and desire that we once played with shouldn't be a distant memory. Winning football is still played with those four elements.

I'll say this, the team didn't quit against N.C. State. The defense continued to fight even though their backs were often against the wall, they made the critical plays. They played with passion and energy. When it looked as if nothing offensively was going to work for Clemson, we drove the ball and took the game from the Wolfpack. They did so with heart and desire.

As ugly as the N.C. State game was, in the end, we took that ballgame. It was a win. By one or one hundred, it was a win and I'll take it.

Season Predictions

El Swann - 4-5

Xbox - 6-3

El Swann / Actual Score

Week #1 Clemson 35-14 / Clemson 35-10

Week #2 Clemson 49-6 / Clemson 58-21

Week #3 Auburn 27-24 / Auburn 27-24

Week #4 Clemson 24-17 / Miami 30-21

Week #5 Clemson 27-14 / UNC 21-16

Week #6 Clemson 27-17 / Clemson 31-7

Week #7 Georgia Tech 28-24 / Clemson 27-13

Week #8 Clemson 38-10 / Boston College 16-10

Week #8 NCST 31-27 / Clemson 14-13

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