TigerNet Talk #94: The Stretch Run

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After another slow start to a season, Clemson once again finds itself making a possible late season push. With the biggest games of the season ahead, it's paramount that the Tigers stay focused on the task at hand. Clemson still needs some help to get back to the ACC title game, but it's not completely out of the question. Avoid shooting yourself in the foot this weekend and anything can happen.

Boston College looks like a shell of themselves this year. Not that this team doesn't have any talent, but they are very limited at a number of positions. Clemson is 0-2 on the road this year and Boston College probably is the cure for that. Although the Eagles have proven to be a difficult test in the past, I don't see that this weekend.

A win is never certain, but this one is pretty close. I hate to give away my prediction, but sometimes the cards fall your way. Clemson's defense is playing significantly better football, De'Quan Bowers has been a beast as of late. Bowers leads the nation in sacks and tackles for loss, he has become the difference maker Clemson fans expected when he signed. Expect Bowers to increase his numbers in this Saturday's game.

On the flip side, the Tigers offense has also improved and Kyle Parker needs to gain more confidence if Clemson is going to close the season strong. Boston Colleges poor secondary should allow for a down field assault. If the staff is willing to stretch the field, I think Clemson will be all the better for it.

Add in a heavy dose of Andre Ellington and I think it's too much for the Eagles to withstand. After looking at both teams, I would be shocked if the Eagles can keep this game reasonable. The stretch run is underway and Clemson seems be catching their stride.

Season Predictions

El Swann - 4-3

Xbox - 5-2

El Swann / Actual Score

Week #1 Clemson 35-14 / Clemson 35-10

Week #2 Clemson 49-6 / Clemson 58-21

Week #3 Auburn 27-24 / Auburn 27-24

Week #4 Clemson 24-17 / Miami 30-21

Week #5 Clemson 27-14 / UNC 21-16

Week #6 Clemson 27-17 / Clemson 31-7

Week #7 Georgia Tech 28-24 / Clemson 27-13

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