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CLEMSON -- Tiger Source editor Mickey Plyler was online Monday
for the first of his weekly chats to answer all your recruiting questions.

Mickey Plyler also hosts a radio show called the "Overdrive" on WCCPFM-104.9 in upstate South Caroliina from 3 to 5 PM EST. It can also be heard on the internet at wccpfm.com.

Members of the Tiger Source recruiting service are given first priority in asking questions.


Question: Mickey-- Who do you think will have the best year in recruting: Clemson, USuC, UGA, or FSU?

Answer: I think it is too early to tell but I would think UGA and FSU should be up there again. I think Clemson is off to a great start.

Question: Mickey, how many wins do the Tigers need to maintain the early level of recruiting success through 'til February?

Answer: Good question. Momentum changes so fast but I would say 6-5 or 7-4 would not hurt too bad

Question: when is the shrine game this year?

Answer: In mid December in Spartanburg

Question: Mickey, Let's get this out of the way right away. Ginger or Maryanne?

Answer: LOL. Jessica Simpson

Question: Which remaining in state talent is likely headed out of state?

Answer: JC. Neal, Eric Huggins, Hivera Green

Question: Is Clemson missing out by not recruiting Canada like Kook Aid Master Holtz is?

Answer: I think there are good players there but there are good players closer to home too

Question: How valuable will it be for the 2006 recruits to actually see dirt being moved for the WEZ project?

Answer: I think it is huge. Kids want to see it. You can tell them about it but you need to show them the results

Question: Who is Clemson's #1 QB target for 2005? I know it's not a "must" for signing.

Answer: I would say James Davis and Mike Davis are currently atop the board at RB

Question: Would it be fair to say that Clemson and USC are in a race to see who is going to be able to "place" Travil Jamison?

Answer: It is early but I think that is fair at this time

Question: Is Alex Pearson still a greyshirt, even with the newly available scholarships?

Answer: No. He is on campus, practicing and on scholarship now

Question: Mickey: Of the commits that CU has to date, do you see any that are particularly vulnerable to decommit, and on the other side, any who you feel are absolutely firm with their commitments? Thanks.

Answer: I think they all will continue to be recruited by other schools. Taylor will continue look but I think is solid. Because Ruffin is out of state he may look also. I think a lot of them will continue to look

Question: Since USC seems to be making inroads in Canada, have we considered looking at Mexican or Puerto Rican prospects?

Answer: LOL. Trevor Adair might. Jack Leggett might

Question: Mickey... brad Lee? Is he transferring?

Answer: I think so. I think he sees the writing on the wall. His playing time would have been limited

Question: Mickey - Chuck Amato - is he playing with NCAA fire?

Answer: Where there is smoke....

Question: what are the top 2 or 3 "steals" of the class in the pre-pads practices?

Answer: I am glad you said pre-pads because it is early. But so far I hear great things about Kelly, Richardson, Robinson, Croley, Clemens and Kindred

Question: What juniors in SC are showing up on recruiting lists for signing in Feb. 2006?

Answer: The best junior in the state and maybe the best player in the state is a corner from Fort Dorchester. I say him this summer and he is fantastic

Question: Any idea on the USC investigation (timetable, agreement in place, announcement)?

Answer: I have heard a lot of talk but nothing substantial

Question: Mickey, gut feeling on Mike Davis?

Answer: He has been very non-commital about his recruiting. We have talked to him twice. I think he goes down to the wire and I know he had a good time at Clemson's camp

Question: Mickey, more Simon?

Answer: We all should be so lucky

Question: Mickey, are you like the rest of us and watch dvd's of past clemosn games over and over?

Answer: Yeah, especially in the off-season. I also watch all of the CSS stuff dutring the week. Sometimes I would rather watch Classic sports than the current stuff

Question: Any early word on the two frosh QBs (other than one blur from TBowden on Friday)? Safe to assume, and hopow, both to RS?

Answer: Bowden commented on both and both have received great reviews in shorts. I think the plan is to red-shirt them. Don't forget how good Mike O'Cain is with young quarterbacks

Question: Any opinions on Hunter as NC State coach? With a history of steriods?

Answer: I don't know him personally

Question: Who were the "steals" in this years class?

Answer: Coley, Kindred

Question: hey mickey, when are you on the bobby hartin show in charleston?

Answer: 5:25 or so every Monday

Question: any "real" news on Currie's healing process?

Answer: I saw him the other day and he says he is fine. He has some scars though

Question: Does Brandon Cannon get any game snaps this year?

Answer: It depends on his attitude and the progression of the players along the front. I don;t think they are counting on a ton of snaps for him right now

Question: Micky...How good is WR Chadwick Gray(sp??) At 6-7 he looks to be a big target.

Answer: No one has really seen him. Coaches went by in the spring but he did not do anything and he did not camp anywhere

Question: Does USC get more for its money in Canada since the Lonnie is devalued?

Answer: LOL

Question: Mickey.......How tough was Columbia CC?

Answer: The greens were a challenge. The golf course was good though. Tough but fair. Great setup

Question: Isn't is a violation for LouLou to punish players for missing VOLUNTARY offseason workouts?

Answer: I am not sure he did

Question: Tell us about Kovell Connor

Answer: Conner is a prospect that can play running back or safety. Clemson will be in it with him and will continue to moniter his senior season. I do not think they would take him right now as a RB

Question: I remember when Justin Miller was a fr. that there was talk of him playing some wr. Have'nt seen it yet. Is that idea dead?

Answer: Not as much as Gaddis. Miller needs to concentrate on regaining his form as a CB he had as a freshman

Question: What impact do you feel the new NCAA rules will have on recruiting for CU?

Answer: It will hurt. GSP airport is 45 minutes away and it is tough to get prospects on campus after a Friday night basketball game. The rules are the right idea but bad execution

Question: Is there any way Clemson will be able to get recruits fly directly to Clemson?

Answer: Not unless they have commercial flights to Clemson

Question: Will Currie need plastic surgery?

Answer: I am not sure. Scars are kinda cool anyway

Question: Have you announced your preseason prognostications yet? Biggest game of the year for the Tigers?

Answer: I am the worst prognosticator. I am nto even sure how to spell it. I think the A&M game is huge

Question: Does Clemson platoon 3 runningbacks? What % playing time do Cleman, Kelly and Merriweather get?

Answer: I think they mainly would like to play two and spot a third one just a few carries. Just a guess heading into full pads would go Coleman 65%, Kelly25%, Merriweather 5%, Browning 5%

Question: Does Clemson have a problem in Conway or have we simply missed out on the last few to come out of there?

Answer: I think George Gause is a good football player but who else have you really missed? Some ACC/SEC coaches are not that high on their current ones

Question: What do you feel about the recruits that have verbally committed to CU this year?

Answer: Great start. Great character and academics so far too. The Tigers have cleaned up in state with a lot of momentum. Great OL class.

Question: Rendrick Taylor has a big frame and lots of growth potential. I'm thinking he'll probably end up at a different position. What are your thoughts?

Answer: He does not have to grow too uch more to do that. He is huge. He looks like a OLB right now

Question: Has GV's golf game got worst since he got married?

Answer: No way. He shot 68 the other day

Question: Who are our best recruiters right now?

Answer: Swinney, Burns, Blackwell

Question: Do you think Collins will start or make an impact?

Answer: I have always thought he had a bigger upside than some of the staff. He does not run all that well but is a huge target and is atheltic. The staff has been very satisfied so far in camp

Question: mickey, the clemson golf team is gonna play in a tourney in Mt. Pleasant at bulls bay, come down and do a remote and I'll have a beer with ya.

Answer: The only mountain charleston.

Question: What do you think about Kirkland getting his degree?

Answer: I think that is awesome and it does not surprise me one bit. He is a very high character guy

Question: Do you think any true freshman will play this year?

Answer: It is too early to tell but so far Richardson, Kelly, Robinson, Coley, Kindred and both QBs have caught the staffs' eyes

Question: What are Clemson's chances with Anthony Mcdowell, the 6-6 290 DL from a Charlotte HS?

Answer: I am not familair with him. I will try to get info. Burton Burns now recruits Charlotte and will do a great job

Question: Do you like our chances with Stamper?

Answer: At first I thought it was Auburn but now I think Clemson has a 50-50 chance.

Question: Who do you think will be the Sept 4 starting O-line and D-line?

Answer: R. Fryem Johnson, Sharpe, Myrick, Dukes from left to right on O. Fountain, Coleman, Tate and Bennet on D

Question: who will avoid redshirts for Clemson

Answer: Way too early to tell

Question: On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate a Clemson LB class of Miller and Stamper only

Answer: They will sign three but those are two of the top five on the board. I would say 7

Question: was tom perry fired?

Answer: I would think so. He is not there now

Question: Now Mickey, you know LouLou isn't punishing the kids for missing class. The kids all but said it was for missing workouts.

Answer: I would not know

Question: Who will return kickoffs and punts?

Answer: KO-Miller, Stuckey, Currie, Grant, Gaddis, Coleman Punts-Miller, Gaddis, Stuckey, Grant

Question: Was that minature golf GV was playing or just the front nine?

Answer: Furman Golf Course Friday 18 holes

Question: Why is Miller such a big time LB recruit when he has barely played LB in HS so far?

Answer: He has great speed and looked great in the limited amount of time there. His staff raves about him and when FSU offers people take notice

Question: At this point, how would you rank CJ Byrd's top 5?

Answer: T1- UGA, Clemson 3-FSU 4-FL 5-LSU that is just a gut feeling

Question: cool icon MP - Crump make that one for u or your design?

Answer: I can't see it

Question: who will be the PK and punter?

Answer: I think Furr came into camp ahead at PK but that will continue. It sounds like the walk-on is ahead at punter but Chason has been injured

Question: Have you considered modeling speedos on Tiger Source?

Answer: No. We would not want to lose subscribers but maybe we can get females modeling to get subscriptions even higher

Question: What distiguishes Clemson from USC now? Speed at all positions, my guess?

Answer: Quarterback

Question: A lot of head coaches are putting more time into personally recruiting kids - do you think TB should put in more time?

Answer: I think he has. I think the trend will continue. Nick Saben, Mack Brown and Phil Fulmer get after it

Question: how did groover do in summer workouts?

Answer: I think OK. I have not heard his name mentioned good or bad

Question: where will big byrd go?

Answer: In the end I think UGA or Clemson but it is early

Question: what can you tell us about the coaching assignment changes so far?

Answer: At first the staff had its doubts but I think every one is on the same page now. I think they are all rwoing in the same direction

Question: You think this is lou's last season?

Answer: I think there is a decent chance that could happen

Question: mickey - do you think the CU Administration has changed a bit (i.e. Grayson,etc) with the importance they place on football?

Answer: No but Terry Don has taken control. I asked one AD the other day and he mentioned how TDP really took charge and has made a tremendous difference

Question: Do you feel the new practice field will help recruiting? or just preparation?

Answer: Both. Players love running on that stuff. i think they need to put it in Death Valley

Question: Do you think Justin Miller leaves after season if he plays well?

Answer: If he plays well and is projected in the first round or two.

Question: do you think any of the following recruits are package deals: James Davis/Roderick Battle, Mcetheralby/Carlos Thomas, and Stamper following Muse. And have you seen any film on Muse?

Answer: I don't thin Davis and Battle are. Ray Ray and Thomas talk that stuff a lot but in the end I think they will make there own minds up. Stamper and Muse have been friends longer than the other pairs. I think they might have the best chance. Muse's film I saw shocased a lot of blocking. He is a good looking blocker.

Question: How serious is Chason's injury? Has he been able to work out at all?

Answer: I think he says he is about 65%. I think they want to take it slow and be very careful

Question: What about Jamie Robinson?

Answer: FSU/Clemson battle until January

Question: Does Chuck get to take a day off today, I hear he is icing down his wrist still from yesterday

Answer: I heard he broke the record for autographs. You know he is a very humble kid and deserves everything he gets

Question: Do you think we will use the TE more this year since the OL should be better?

Answer: I think so. A lot will depend on the tackles. But the staff loves Ben Hall and wants to get him very involved

Question: Will Cu offer Cameron Sexton? Would it be as a QB or Athlete?

Answer: I think you have to offer him as a QB. They would take him and then figure out if he is a QB

Question: Be honest how many bottles of C2 did you take from fan day?

Answer: I did not go and I am a Pepsi guy

Question: Does Clemson protect Whitehurst - with no proven backup?

Answer: Hopefully. No, they will not change to offense and play scared

Question: Mickey, what position will CJ Byrd play in college and what will be his deciding factor on where he will go play?

Answer: I think WR but some ACC/SEC coaches think FS. I think he will go where he feels the most comfortable

Question: How many of the recruits that we placed do you think we will get back next year? Are there any that you think will be targets of other schools?

Answer: I think the staff feels good about all of them but I would always worry aout McKissick

Question: Well Danny Ford continue to become more visable at Clemson?

Answer: I asked an assistant AD the other day and they said they would like to have him more involved

Question: Where do you thik we stan with Cameron Sexton and Ike Whitaker? Do you think we go after any other QB's this year?

Answer: In the end I think Clemson will not sign a QB in this class. Just a gut feeling

Question: How do Tommy and Danny get along?

Answer: I think they get along well but have not had all that much interaction

Question: They said that Chason was injured month's ago? Was the injury that bad?

Answer: I think is one of those aggrevated hamstring injuries that just takes time. BTW-I think Roy Walker's injury realy hurts this team. I think they would have really liked to have him involved this year and take over for Pugh next year

Question: is the punting/kick off weakest part of CU fb right now? What about tackle positions?

Answer: Punting/PK is the biggest question mark. I think the tackles will be fine

Question: Mickey, what will be the deciding factor for what school CJ Byrd choses?

Answer: His comfort level

Question: Why is the sky - Blue?

Answer: Because God is a Tar Heel

Question: Is Sexton very interested in Clemson?

Answer: Yes. Clemson is in his top five

Question: MP---have u heard of any #'s from summer workouts---who stood out and any weight records set?? BTW--how is the golf game??

Answer: I saw some and some stood out but the 40s stood out more. I think ben hall and Fudge had great summers. Coleman and Kelly improved also.

Question: When are you going to get a REAL JOB? JUST KIDDING!

Answer: Hopefully never

Question: Better football conference with BC, VT and Miami - SEC or ACC?

Answer: Very Close

Question: Mickey, why do you always get such idiotic questions?

Answer: When in Rome. JK

Question: any chance we ever see "TIGERS" back in the WEZ, why or why not?

Answer: I am not sure I understand your question

Question: How is Stuckey doing at the WR position? Haven't heard much about him recently.

Answer: The staff thinks he will be a superstar. He needs more experience but he does a lot of things very well

Question: How many snaps do you think Mcduffie will get htis year?

Answer: 100-250

Question: How stable is Clemson's coaching staff? Who might be the first to leave?

Answer: I think after last year's finish they are all pretty stable

Question: How good is Markee Hamlin. As good as his brother?

Answer: I don;t think Marque is as good as Michael right now

Question: i know it is early, but do you think next year's lb would be Waters, Watkins, and Bille? are there any of the recruits that are talented enough to push for early PT?

Answer: Dunham and Nelson will be in the ix as well

Question: Do you think Sadaat Chambers will be offered? What do you know of him?

Answer: Clemson has already offered. Swiney and Burns both like Chambers. I think Clemson and VT are the leaders

Question: Will Baham's shoulder heal by Sept 4?

Answer: Yeah. He should be back today

Question: What rbs do we have the best chance at?

Answer: Both Davis boys

Question: mickey... game by game... what's your Aug. 9th prediction for CU this year?

Answer: losses to FSU, Miami and one other but not sure who it may be

Question: How serious is Roy Walker's injury?

Answer: He is out for the season

Question: When is the Mickey Plyler Fan Appreciation Day?

Answer: That would be a short line

Question: Mickey...Outside of Renrick Taylor what top notch WR do you think we will likley land?

Answer: They have a shot at Byrd, Thomas, Williams, Billings

Question: Mickey....What big time LB's do we(Clemson) have agreat shot at landing?

Answer: Stamper and Clay are atop the board

Question: Mickey...Clemson needs a big time DT to commit. We're in need of some serious help. Who do you see us landing?

Answer: There are few great ones out there. I would think McKissick is the biggest priority

Question: hey mickey are all of are away games except duke going to be on tv

Answer: I would think so but the entire season has not been announce

Question: Mickey, Who are are top five prospects still out there for the taking that have an interest in Clemson?

Answer: Byrd, Thomas, Davis, Clay, Ray Ray

Question: What time and station does your show come on in the North Augusta/Augusta/Aiken area?

Answer: In that area try 104.9 WCCP FM or online at www.wccpfm.com from 3-5 weekdays. I am looking forward to chatting with you guys again next week. Thanks for stopping by and look for a lot of information on TigerSource this week. Thanks again

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