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For Clemson coach Tommy Bowden, the recently completed TigerNet/Tiger Insider poll of the Clemson Fan is good news and bad news.

First the bad news: 58% of the people that responded aren’t happy, in general, with Clemson football.

But, then, you can make the case that Clemson football fans are, in general, hard to please. Heck, there were plenty of times when Danny Ford was around that Clemson fans weren’t happy, either. Remember that game against N.C. State in 1987 when the Wolfpack led 30-0 at halftime? There was plenty of unhappiness that day and it stuck in the craw of the Clemson fan, which has a long memory.

Now, there’s been plenty to stick in the craw over the past decade, thus six out of ten that responded said they could be a lot happier.

Now, for the good news for Bowden: 71% said he’s the right man to turn Clemson football around…give him time.

We didn’t ask how much time to give him. But then we need questions for the next survey.

Nonetheless, that’s a strong vote of confidence for a coach that has taken his share of abuse on Tigerboard and around the water cooler since the bowl game blowout. Maybe this is the evidence that there’s a silent majority behind the coach. It’s certainly evidence that no one is looking forward to changing coaches just yet.

You can read the rest of the TigerNet/Tiger Insider survey results in the next issue of Tiger Insider due out next week. In case you’ve forgotten the questions we asked you can click on this link.

We’re the first to admit it’s not a scientific poll. But here’s a few things that you can say about the people that took the survey based on the things we already know about the people that visit TigerNet: most of the people that responded are males between 25 and 40. They’re also some of the most knowledgeable football fans around. The respondents to the survey are a sampling of the kind of fans that makes Clemson one of the best football schools in the nation. They’re hardcore Clemson fans that expect plenty from the football program.

You can read the rest of the results for yourself and draw your own conclusions about the kind of people you hang around with if you’re a Clemson fan. We think you’ll be surprised at the results of the questions.

Also in the next issue of Tiger Insider:

-Ten things we learned this spring about Clemson football. We look at the things that this team discovered about itself this spring. While most teams, and fans for that matter, go through the motions during spring practice, we were actively looking for signs of what this team is going to look like this fall.

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SCVarsity.com’s Jim Baxter takes gives us an early look at who Clemson’s coaches are looking at this spring as they recruit in South Carolina.

We take a look at two of Clemson’s signees that will be in camp this August – Marion Duke and Sergio Gilliam.

Plus, a lot more in this issue of Tiger Insider.

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