TSL: Tigers Almost Perfect In Win Over Wofford

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<font class=caption>TE Todd Mcclinton had 4 catches for 54 yards. (Jersey number changed to 89).</font>
TE Todd Mcclinton had 4 catches for 54 yards. (Jersey number changed to 89).

Each week TigerNet will be providing a computer simulation of the upcoming 2001 ACC football season. While the focus will be on Clemson we will be able to predict the winner of the ACC title as well. Enjoy!

CLEMSON -- A week after committing four turnovers against Central Florida, the Clemson Tigers responded by playing turnover free ball, en route to a 62-3 win over the Wofford Terriers. The Tigers clicked on all cylinders, gaining a staggering 683 total yards in offense and holding Wofford to 163.

Wofford never had an answer for the Clemson (2-0, 0-0 ACC) offense. After going up 3-0, the Tigers forced a three and out from the Terriers and Woody Dantzler went to work. Dantzler, who was sharp all day, led Clemson on a 78 yard drive down the field, tossing a 17 yard pass to a leaping Kevin Youngblood in the corner of the endzone.

Clemson never looked back.

The Tigers scored on five of their six first half possesions, jumping out to a 27-3 halftime lead. Four different Tigers scored points, while Wofford found itself unable to match the offensive production that Clemson enjoyed.

  Dantzler throws a 49 yd bomb to Youngblood.

A 49 yard bomb from Dantzler to Youngblood to open the second half ended the day for most of the Clemson starters. The backups played well, an encouraging sign for Tiger coaches who are concerned with depth. Offensively, backups Willie Simmons, Keith Kelly, and Bernard Rambert all contributed touchdowns, while on defense JJ Howard racked up two sacks and a forced fumble and John Leake was credited with a sack and a tackle for loss.

The only dark cloud for Clemson occurred in the second quarter, when junior lineman Bryant McNeal went down with a sprained ankle. McNeal did not return to the game, and coaches are doubtful that he will play next week.

For Wofford, the bright spots were few and far between. Sophomore defensive back Roland Harris racked up a career high 16 tackles, and sophomore punter Jimmy Miner averaged a whopping 46.5 yards on 12 punts.

Clemson will host Duke next Saturday in it’s ACC opener.


Wofford 	0	3	0	0	- 3
Clemson		13	14	21	14	- 62

Scoring Summary

1st Quarter

Clemson – Aaron Hunt 44 yard field goal

8 plays, 52 yards, 2:52 TOP

Clemson – Kevin Youngblood 17 yard reception from Dantzler (Hunt kick)

7 plays, 78 yards, 2:55 TOP

Clemson – Hunt 22 yard field goal

8 plays, 53 yards, 3:31 TOP

2nd Quarter

Clemson – Travis Zachery 3 yard run (Hunt Kick)

13 plays, 68 yards, 6:14 TOP

Wofford – Darren Brown 30 yard field goal

7 plays, 57 yards, 4:02

Clemson – Derrick Hamilton 34 yard reception from Dantzler (Hunt Kick)

6 plays, 80 yards, 2:49 TOP

3rd Quarter

Clemson – Youngblood 49 yard reception from Dantzer (Hunt Kick)

6 plays, 69 yards, 3:20 TOP

Clemson – Keith Kelly 64 yard run (Hunt Kick)

4 plays, 78 yards, 1:32 TOP

Clemson – Hamilton 9 yard reception from Simmons (Hunt Kick)

4 plays, 20 yards, 1:57

4th Quarter

Clemson – Jackie Robinson 36 yard reception from Simmons (Hunt Kick)

3 plays, 47 yards, 1:37

Clemson – Bernard Rambert 18 yard run (Hunt Kick)

3 plays, 70 yards, 1:46

Game Statistics
Wofford					     Clemson
3		Score				62
23:48		TOP				36:12
6		First Downs			20
96		Passing Yardage  		392
67		Rushing Yardage 	         291  
163		Total Offensive Yardage 	683
4		Penalties 			6 
30		Penalty Yards   		60
14		Third Downs			12
1		Third Down Conversions  	7
7%		Conversion Percentage   	58%
1		Turnovers			0

Clemson Statistics


W. Dantzler 16-23 279 3TD

W. Simmons 3-5 64 2TD

M. Schell 3-5 49


T. Zachery 18-126 1TD

B. Rambert 12-88 1TD

K. Kelly 9-77 1TD


K. Youngblood 4-106 2TD

T. McClinton 4-54

T. Zachery 4-45

R. Crosby 2-45

D. Hamilton 2-43 2TD

C. Jasmin 2-14

J. Robinson 1-36 1TD

J. Reames 1-25

R. Thomas 1-19

C. Harrell 1-5

Defense (Tackles)

C. Carson 8



Rodney Thomas 4

J. Leake 3 1SACK

B. Mance 3

D. Washington 2

B. McNeal 2

C. Hafley 2

K. Johnson 1

E. Meekins 1

R. Hemby 1

M. Houskin 1

C. Harper 1

N. Eason 1

C. Baham 1

R. Feaster 1

J. Reames 1

C. Harrell 1


W. Kopp 3-125 41.7

Punt Returns

B. Mance 6-94

Kickoff Returns

B. Mance 1-25

Wofford Statistics


T. Wilson 8-19 96

B. Batson 0-3 0


J. McCoy 16-37

M. Jones 6-17

D. Gaillard 6-15

E. Ledford 1-2

T. Wilson 1-(-4)


I. Goodpastor 3-34

C. Nash 1-20

M. Flynn 1-12

M. Jones 1-11

M. Gilmore 1-10

J. McCoy 1-9

Defense (Tackles)

R. Harris 16

C. Corn 9 1SACK

L. Benton 7

H. McNeil 6 1SACK

S. Carstarphen 5

B. Ladd 5

M. Nelson 5

S. Davis 3

S. Dean 2 1SACK

A. Jones 2

R. Trapp 1

J. Neel 1

B. King 1


J. Miner 12-558 46.5

Punt Returns

W. Thomas 1-13

Kickoff Returns

I. Goodpaster 4-87

W. Thomas 5-80


No ACC Games this week.


For each Clemson contest the game is simulated 10 times using Madden 2001 for the PC. We then average the scores and pick the one game
that most accurately reflects the average game.

We worked hard to make the simulations are as accurate as possible, but there are some things that
we can't control. Consider the following:

1) Quarterbacks rarely run in the simulations.

2) Based on the info we have, the rosters and depth charts used in these
simulations are OUR interpretations. While other schools have NO true
freshman playing (mainly because we are not as familier with them as
Clemson), Clemson has some, including Roscoe Crosby.

3) NFL stadiums and rules will be used.

4) Players do fatigue, but are seldom replaced. What we try to do with
teams like Wofford is use Zachery for one half, and then use Kelly and
Rambert for a quarter each. However, in a game against, say, FSU,
Zachery might end up with 30+ carries.

5) Teams will use NFL playbooks. We've tried to find NFL playbooks that
most closely mirror college playbooks.

6) Obviously weather can't be predicted. Every game will be played in
fair weather.

7) Injuries can't be predicted. They DO occur in the simulations, and
we keep track of them. If Matt Bailey breaks his arm against FSU in
the simulation we chose to use, he will not appear for the rest of the

8) Simulations are meant for entertainment only!!

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