Swinney: No rift in Clemson camp

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CLEMSON – The alleged scrap between Clemson head coach Dabo Swinney and offensive coordinator Billy Napier has been, if not laid to rest, at least explained in better detail.

Swinney invited members of the Tiger band to watch last Wednesday’s practice, and the internet rumor mill was rife with various versions of a heated altercation between the two coaches. On Tuesday at his weekly press conference, Swinney explained that what was seen was simply an example of a head coach trying to motivate his team.

"It was one of those days where nobody was in a good humor,” Swinney said. “And there was nothing to be happy about it. But there’s nothing further from the truth {as far as a fight]. That's why you shouldn't listen to the internet. I've had people call me and talk about some fight on our practice field. I probably picked a bad day to invite people to practice. Sometimes there comes a time where you need to motivate or challenge your coaches. We lost a ballgame up there at Maryland.

“I’m not real happy about it. Last Wednesday, it's an open date, and people want to write about me and Billy. What about me and {Danny] Pearman and [Andre] Powell? I got a piece of them, too. There are things that happen on the practice field. It's football. I've got all the respect in the world for all my coaches. They've done a great job. One of the things I like about Billy is that he's got some fire in him. “

Napier said that the hoopla over the incident caught him completely by surprise.

“I heard that too, and I also heard that I didn't go to the press conference after the Maryland game,” Napier said. “A lot of things, when you've got a situation where you lose a couple of tight games and you've got a little of that looking for answers, and you've got people at practice who maybe aren't used to being at a college football practice, it's probably a little surprising, some of the things they see.”

Napier said that what happened was simply business as usual for a college football team.

“It was no big deal,” Napier said. “It's a competitive sport. It's an intense sport. We've got to do our job as coaches, and that's to motivate our players. Coach Swinney obviously has to do his job as a head coach and motivate not only the players, but the staff. It was a very intense open date. Very typical of some that we've had around here in the preseason and in spring practice. You've got to do some things to catch their attention as players.

“I think it's really helped our guys, and they've fed off the intensity. And we've had better practices the last couple of days. I didn't think it was that big a deal. Obviously when you've got the band at practice, rumors are going to fly. Just a normal, intense practice with intense, competitive guys. Hopefully we'll have more like that."

Offensive lineman Thomas Austin made a statement to the media earlier that Swinney was going to the chew out the offense on one day last week, and then follow that up with a chewing out of the defense, and Swinney chuckled when he heard about the comment.

“I don't know if chew out is the right word,” Swinney said. “Encourage. I just wanted to make sure that everyone knew the sense of urgency that we needed to work with. It's not okay for us to lose ballgames. Let's get better. Let's be accountable. That was the mentality. That's my job to make sure we have the right kind of environment.”

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Swinney: No rift in Clemson camp
so in other words there was an incident...
so in napier's words...
I think the band members didn't realize that football.....
The rumor didn't come from the band
And what makes the AOC blog a legitimate source of info?
Judge Keller
Re: And what makes the AOC blog a legitimate source of info?
Re: And what makes the AOC blog a legitimate source of info?
The guys from AOC are generally considered
By who?***
My nephew is in the band--he told me the night it happened.
85 Tiger
Why are you bashing the band? They didn't report this .
b/c AOC heard from sources, which the coaches indirectly
Don't worry Dabo, TigerNet will continue to find fault with
Judge Keller
bunch of band members around here if you ask me...
Re: Don't worry Dabo, TigerNet will continue to find fault with
Wrong Azzhole
epic fail post***
Re: Translation::
Which is why they need to let Brad Scott help.
Scott is the best OC we've had since RR left***
That just shows how poor our OCs hve been the last 8 years***
CM Shack
Re: Which is why they need to let Brad Scott help.
is napier dingy this quote dont make sense....
"this quote don't make sense" and you have the nerve
Hopefully he realizes his mistake of letting the band into
What does that have to do with anything?
Well, the bandies were on here posting "fight between the
Heh . . . as if T-net is wrong. Suuuuure it is.
Smiling Tiger®
Re: Swinney: No rift in Clemson camp
Re: Swinney: No rift in Clemson camp
So if the coaches are asked a question about a possible rift
Judge Keller
who cares, i'm glad Dabo is getting a piece of them***
I hope he got a piece of Jeff Scott too***
I hope he got a piece of the Scott boys, too.***
This is getting silly, just play the d@mn game!***
Re: Swinney: No rift in Clemson camp
No, I want a coach that knows how to run a program
He should punch him in face like Tom Cable***
stevie ballgame
FREAKIN band geeks. First the WOO HOO, now this.***
Didn't Dabo say the purpose of playing was to just have fun?
well the purpose is to win, and winning is fun..soDabo isn't
I don't care what happens at fb practice...

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