Steele preparing for a two-headed monster

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Defensive coordinator Kevin Steele (WMA Format)

CLEMSON – Maryland quarterback Jamarr Robinson injured his shoulder during the game against West Virginia back on September 18th, and missed the last two games as a result.

In his absence, backup Danny O’Brien guided the Terrapins to wins over Florida International and Duke, but Robinson is scheduled to return this week at Clemson, and Clemson defensive coordinator Kevin Steele said on Tuesday that he has to prepare for both quarterbacks.

Robinson is more of a running threat, while O’Brien does his damage through the air.

"They started the season with Robinson,” Steele said. “If you're not careful, you put certain games in your computer bank and then you watch other games, so we had to reshuffle the deck a little bit. He started against Navy and Morgan State and West Virginia. In those games, there were a lot of quarterback runs, quarterback counters, powers and zone extras. And then he goes out and O'Brien comes in. You didn't see the quarterback runs with O'Brien. And he's a good athlete. We just didn't see the runs. It's almost like two offenses in a sense.”

Steele said that with both quarterbacks being healthy, it’s hard to know what to expect.

"There's not a lot of information out there on how Robinson got hurt,” he said. “It's the first time that we know of that they've both been healthy. The million dollar question is what are you going to get? Robinson all the time? O’Brien all the time?"

The Terrapins also have a solid duo at running back, with Davin Meggett and Da’Rel Scott, with Scott being more of the speed threat.

"In the tailback run game, it's the same,” Steele said. “But it's a major, major difference when No. 11 [Robinson] is in and when No. 5 [O’Brien] is in on play selection. It's distinctly different. A., you have to know who's out there. B., the problem is practice time. You have a two-headed monster going.

"They're a typical Ralph Friedgen offense. They run effectively, throw efficiently and they don't beat themselves. They take what you give them and methodically take care of business. And well-coached. I've always thought they were well-coached.”

Steele said that one thing he would like to see out of the defense this week is for his defense to help the offense.

"What we have to do is set the table defensively,” he said. “Last year we were efficient in setting up scores. We just haven't done that as effectively. It's the least mental errors we've had in two years. We played 66 snaps with 11 on the field and had seven mental errors, that's hard to do. Everybody talks about big plays. You watch LSU and Florida, Alabama and South Carolina, when you start talking about big plays, what's your definition of it? Most coaches, it's 12-15 yards in the run game and over 20 in the pass game. We played that whole game with two big plays. That's the second least we've had. We had a couple last year of three.

"We didn't have a huge number against Miami. It wasn't off the chart, but it wasn't good. The Miami one was two factors, the number and the yardage of those big plays. There was a lot of improvement. We just have to find a way to be accountable and know your job and do your job, so at the end of the day you go in and do what you're supposed to do and that's be successful. Anything less here is unacceptable. And it should be."

Steele mentioned the Tigers’ success against North Carolina on third down – the Heels were just 3-for-14 – but asked why Clemson couldn’t stop any of the Heels’ fourth down conversions.

“Fourth downs aren't easy to play,” he said. “The two sneaks, they are what they are. It's a rugby scrum in there. That's a hard down. The advantage went to them. I've seen it go the other way. The isolation, we had a guy in the hole unblocked. He didn't miss the tackle, but didn't hit it flush. The fourth-and-four, we're going to get a sack or a pressure. The quarterback got lit up. We had an F-angle route and just lost leverage. That was frustrating. But it is what it is. You can't take it back. You can only coach it better and get it fixed."

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Steele preparing for a two-headed monster
blah blah blah.... JUST WIN***
Re: blah blah blah.... JUST WIN***
Oh snap, Steele is going to break both his hands!!
How about this Kevin
If Steele has as much trouble delivering
Steele preparing? Now THAT's funny.***
Re: Steele preparing for a two-headed monster
Aaaggghhh! It's the Two-Headed Montster! Run for your lives!***
I wonder if the Gamecocks view Maryland as a monster?***
We are a joke! Hahahahahah maryland a monster? H#$%@,%@$@$+
Re: Steele preparing for a two-headed monster
Oconee Tiger
If he thinks Maryland's offense is a monster I wonder what
Re: If he thinks Maryland's offense is a monster I wonder what
wow you guys are harsh, you all sound like coots to me
Re: wow you guys are harsh, you all sound like coots to me
I'm on a high horse? You're the one that thinks your opinion
Re: wow you guys are harsh, you all sound like coots to me
Yeah! Accept Clemson's crappy coaching like a TRUE fan.
so what's your solution, fire everyone and start over?***
What's your solution? Support another decade of mediocrity?
ha, yeah, you're right it's my fault that clemson is losing
and by the way, what's with the Gary Patterson lovefest??
Patterson out-coached & beat Dabo in Death Valley. TCU is #4
Patterson out-lucked & beat Dabo in Death Valley.
Yeah, game after game after game. It's all luck. No skill.***
Well if you don't care then don't call people who do "coots"
Re: Well if you don't care then don't call people who do "coots"
Re: What's your solution? Support another decade of mediocrity?
I saw a 2-headed monster once!!!
It sounds like you're deeply shallow. :-)***
Try not to be to Shallow, but try not to reach the bottom...
I had a few of those nights in college. Sigh. Fond memories!***
Clemson's defense rankings before and after Steele.
Hard to argue with that***
Re: Clemson's defense rankings before and after Steele.
Confirms my belief that he is not getting the job done***
Alabama's defensive rankings before and after Steele:
how about following these two rules:

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