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DUKE - Carl Franks

Reviewing East Carolina:

"Watching the tape after last week's game was pretty much what I thought
after the game. Our defense had a good game plan. I thought our defensive
coaches did a good job preparing for them. I thought our defensive players
played hard. They flew around out there and caused a lot of turnovers. We
missed a couple of turnovers and gave up a couple of big plays. We
certainly gave up too many yards defensively, but the effort was there and
if they continue to play like that I think we'll be okay on that side of
the ball. Offensively, it was a game of making a lot of mistakes and
missing a lot of opportunities. There's no one area that I could lay blame
on. Everybody gets to share in it along with the coaches. We've got to do
a better job of getting our guys coached up and our guys have to do a
better job of taking coaching. There certainly is enough room there for us
to make improvement."

Individual Highlights of the ECU Game:

"I thought (outside linebacker) Kevin Lewis had a great game. He caused a
lot of turnovers. (Outside linebacker) Nate Krill blocked a field goal.
(Placekicker) Sims Lenhardt kicked three field goals, so I thought he had a
great game."

On Facing Northwestern:

"After losing to Miami (OH) in his first game this year, coach (Randy)
Walker did a great job of getting his team to bounce back against TCU, who
had played well the week before. I know he's proud of his team.
I*m sure they're going have a lot confidence coming in here."

On Northwestern's Sam Simmons:

"Probably, one of their most dangerous guys is No. 32, (wide receiver) Sam
Simmons. He has 433 all-purpose yards which is roughly within seven yards
of half of their all-purpose yards for the team. He returned a punt for a
touchdown last week, so he's a guy we*re certainly going have to be very
concerned about."

On Northwestern's Offense:

"Their offense is a multiple offense that uses a lot of different personnel
groups. Their quarterback (Nick Kreinbrink) is a pretty good player. He
hasn't thrown a touchdown yet, so he's a lot like we are."

On Northwestern's Defense:

"Their front seven is pretty good. They're a typical Big Ten defense. They
believe in stopping the run and they commit a lot of people to doing that.
That's going to be a challenge for our team because we've got to run the
ball better."

Updating Spencer Romine's Injury:

"I don't know if (quarterback) Spencer Romine is going to be able to play
this week. He's got a separated shoulder. He's not in a sling. He's able
to move his arm, but how soon he's able to throw I don't know. We*re going
get Bobby Campbell and Kevin Thompson ready to play this week."

FLORIDA STATE - Bobby Bowden

On the Georgia Tech game:

"What ever we are, Georgia Tech looked just as good. Our game
reminded me of a tennis match, we needed to break their serve.
"Joe Hamilton's performance was as good as any quarterback has had
in our stadium in a long time. Their offense is so hard to defend. We
won't face another team this year that features the option. The option
forces a discipline defense. If a team can option and pass the ball it
just kills you. Georgia Tech was great at it. They have a great offense.
I think it's ideal and people ask why don't you run it? Well, you've got
to recruit a quarterback who can run and usually they don't pass as well.
Hamilton does, but he's a senior who has played four years.
"We faced two great passers over the first two weeks of the
season, both of them Heisman Trophy candidates. (Tim) Rattay would really
be up there for it if he were at a bigger school.

On the play of Dan Kendra

"(Dan) Kendra surprised me with how well he played. I thought it
would take him five games to be where he was not guessing about what to do.
He's a quarterback who has never really played much fullback, has not even
practiced it much in scrimmage situations. He's still learning how to
block. We were worried not about him not blocking a guy, but about him
knocking himself out while he was blocking.
"I'm not alarmed about our defense. I think everything is
correctable. We might not face anything like that again all year. It
might be just what we needed. All our defense heard all summer was how
great they are. Our offense found out last week (against Louisiana Tech)
that they're not as good as everyone was saying. This week the defense
found out. It's a wake up call. Maybe Penn State got one this week to.
"The one phrase I won't use is revenge (in preparing for NC
State). People press when they play for revenge. I'll talk about a team
that just whipped us for the last six quarters. It's an undefeated NC
State team
which dominated us the last six quarters.

About Weinke's recovery after six interceptions at NC State last year:

"I think it's one of the great lessons of competitive sports.
You're not down and out unless you just give up. It showed Chris'
determination and intelligence. He goes through the next eight games with
no interceptions.
"We took a little out of the offense after the NC State loss last
year, but not that much. We didn't have to rework the offense.
"As the NC State game progressed we talked about whether we should
take him (Weinke) out, whether a more mobile quarterback might do better
against them. After the game, you wonder if he (Weinke) is going to be the
answer or not, but that really did not last long. Maturity got Weinke
through that. He's played pro baseball. He's struck out a few times.

About whether he should have run the ball more last year at NC State:

"I have a tendency to panic. We should have run the ball more at NC State
last year, but it was me insisting we get down the field quickly and score.
NC State is a hungry football team. My first 10 years here, we probably
led the country in punt blocks a lot of those years. It was the only way
we could win, to block a kick or use a trick play. NC State is getting
after punts - they're hungry.

GEORGIA TECH - George O'Leary

Recapping the Florida State game:

"At Florida State, we came away with one injury for the year, and that was
Joe Burns, who will be out for the rest of the year with a fractured ankle.
Other than, everybody that played will be available for Saturday's game. I
thought it was a hard-hitting game. I thought it was a game played by two
teams that went after each other."

"From an offensive standpoint, I thought we probably played well enough to
win. From a defensive standpoint, there were too many missed tackles and
too many plays on third down that we didn't make. Credit them. I think they
have some outstanding athletes that are exceptional in the open field."

On Central Florida:

"They've played two very good football teams in Purdue and Florida. The
better teams did win, but I think Central Florida presents a lot of
problems with the way they spread their offense out. They have some good
skill receivers and have an excellent special teams game."

On the loss of Joe Burns:

"It's the weight bearing bone, the fibula. He's being operated on Thursday.
He'll be out six weeks, then rehabbing after that. I'm sure we'll get this
year back, there's no problem there. It's a problem losing a guy like Joe
Burns from a standpoint of chemistry. He did a lot of things for us. This
is similar to when Charles Wiley went out last year. It was the same type
of situation. He played a lot of positions for us, and the intensity he
brings to our offense is something you miss. Those things happen in
football, and you have to move. If you have to lose one back, he's probably
the back you wouldn't want to lose. We moved Mike Kitchen up, and we're
looking at him, Sean Gregory, and Sidney Ford. Kitchen probably had the
best preseason. We have backs that cut before the hole. Kitchen cuts in the
hole, and that's the sign of a good back. He sees it, has good vision and
can find the gaps. His biggest problem is with the passing game and
protection and things that young players have trouble with. I thought
Sidney Ford was doing a good job, but an injury slowed him down in the
preseason. He was injured and missed a couple weeks, and that put him

On the return of linebacker Matt Uremovich:

"I think we have more speed on defense. What's been missing is the
chemistry of the defense from a leadership standpoint. Matt Uremovich
brings that back. There's no question about that. He's been out there
before. I think that's what's been missing on defense is the generalship
that you need to have on the field. Matt brings that to this unit from the
huddle, to play calling to the end of the play. There's no question he'll
be a great asset to the defense."

"I think there are a lot of players when you look at a team who have field
presence or game presence, and he has that. Some others are good players,
but they just don't have that game presence or the poise. Matt has it, and
I think he's a pretty heady player as far as doing things that need to get
done on defense."

On the players' reactions following the Florida State game:

"They're annoyed and they should be. Three years a go I couldn't say that.
We went down there with goal of winning. We didn't come away with that, and
we lost to a very good football team. I'm not taking anything away from
Florida State. They are very good and they are No. 1. The goal was to go
down there and beat them and play well. Parts of our game played well. I
think we played a full game. There were a bunch of kids that are that close
and you need to get over the top. That would have been a great win for our
program. We came back not getting that, and they understand we went down
there for the win. I was happy with the attitude last night. They're out
there annoyed and saying, *we can't let any of these others slip away.'
Every week is a new season and that's how they're treating this game."

On the play of Kelly Campbell and the receiving corps:

"I've been bragging on Kelly Campbell for a year now, and I'm finally glad
he's made me not a liar. I've seen him in practice, and I think he does
some good things. I'm hoping that game brings him out because there's no
question he has great speed. We have a lot more speed than we've had in the
past. It really spreads the field open. You can't just double on Dez
(White). You have to be aware of Campbell and Kerry Watkins. There's other
people that can catch it. I think we have improved in that one area
offensively. The key to getting better offensively was getting more speed
on the field at the receiver position because everybody else was back.
That's what we have done. When Kelly caught that two-cut and outran the
field, that's pretty good speed. That gets your attention real quick."

On closing the gap with Florida State:

"I think we're closing the speed gap, but we still need to close the depth
gap. I think speed-wise we're closer, but when you look at the second 11,
they just have a lot more players. That's still the problem is getting more
depth in your program, and while you're doing that increase the speed.
We've increased the speed, but the depth is constantly something you're
working on. I've said more than once that you're only as good as your
second team. They need to get out there, and that's the one thing we need
to start doing more of. We need to start playing more offensive lineman.
We're trying to shuttle more and more defensive players in the game, but
offensively we've got some young players that I think will be pretty good
down the road and we need to get them on the field and get them working."

MARYLAND - Ron Vanderlinden

On the Terps win over Western Carolina on Sept. 11:

"There were a lot of positives. First of all, I felt like we made the
necessary improvements the week heading into the game. Calvin McCall played
about as well as we hoped he would play. LaMont Jordan ran like we all have
come to expect. He really stepped it up and had a real determination
heading into the game. Our offensive line did a good job and our defense
had an outstanding game."

"Our guys felt really good about themselves after the game. They went in
there and felt as if they had something to prove. They wanted to go out and
play well and they did."

On Lewis Sanders, last week's ACC special teams Player of the Week:

"Lewis benefitted from the year off (due to an injury). I don"t think you
realize how much you enjoy something until you lose it. Missing last year
really made him very hungry to play again. He has really studied tape since
he has returned, and he has started to become a real student of the game."

On the status of the Terps three years into his coaching tenure at

"I feel like we have some playmakers. I feel like this thing is starting
to come together. I think we are going to have an exciting offense, defense
and special teams unit and that is starting to show as we enter into our
third year."

On this Saturday"s game against West Virginia:

"It's a big game. I wouldn't call it a make or break game. It's a very
challenging game for us on both sides of the ball. Mark Bulger is a very
good quarterback who knows his offense very well. Last year, I thought
West Virginia was the one team that really took it to us."

"Offensively, we are going to have to play very well and we are going to
have to contain them on defense if we are going to do well on Saturday."

"I like the mental status of our team going into the game. I think they
have a lot of fire in them and the attitude they have is that they can't
wait to get our there and play again. I think they can see what I saw
coming into the year, that we have the nucleus to be a very good football

"We need to take another step forward this week. We need to have a very
good week of practice. If we do that, I feel like our guys are going to
come out ready to play."

NC STATE - Mike O'Cain

On the 3-4 defense:

"We have not been hiding it. We practice it everyday. It's hard for someone
to see us practicing it from ground level, it's even hard for the coaches
to see it. It is not something new, we have been practicing it a lot."

On running the option against FSU defense:

"Georgia Tech got a couple of big plays off the option. We have had some
success in running the option against them (FSU), but they recover very
quickly. You can get some big plays off of it, but you also get a lot of
negative plays in trying to run it."

On the pressure of the game:

"I really don't feel any pressure this time because I don't think many
people are giving us much of a chance. Georgia Tech was picked to finish
second in the conference, and nobody gave them much of a chance. I don't
think they are going to give somebody picked fifth to have much of a chance
either. It is going to be a tough game, but I don't feel any pressure."

On last year's game:

"I think there were two keys to the game last year. We protect the football
better than they did. We put a lot of pressure on Chris Weinke and we
protected Jamie (Barnette) well. They turned they ball over, and that was a
direct results of us putting pressure on the quarterback. In year's past we
have not protected the football, last year was the first time that we
really have done so."

On freshman center Derek Green against Corey Simon:

"We are going to try to get some double teams in there to help him out a
bit. But they can put you in a position where they isolate you and your
forced to go one-on-one. You can only do so much, but it comes down to that
he has to get the job done.

On FSU using trick plays against Georgia Tech:

"It takes a little bit of the defenses aggressiveness away. Those plays
usually don't beat you, but they will hurt you. They (FSU) will run a few
of those just to take some of your aggressiveness away. What they will beat
you with is good offense and good players. You don't beat people by
tricking them, you beat them by executing plays."

On FSU seeing all the NC State offense:

"We were forced to hold back some of our game plan against South Carolina
because of the weather, and we didn't have the ball enough against Texas to
show anything. Against William & Mary we were very basic and got done what
we wanted to."

VIRGINIA - George Welsh

On the Clemson Game (Virginia Defensively):

"We basically felt like we had to play zone...We must have had--between
those five young guys-- ten critical breakdowns in coverage, not that they
were in the wrong coverage, but they just weren't in the position that
they were supposed to be in according to how they [Clemson] lined up
against us, that is why those guys [Clemson] were wide open."

On the Clemson Game (Virginia Offensively):

"The offense has to execute better... we have good plays, we block people,
we knock them down, we get
holes-- Jones runs for 10 or 15, but then we stumble and fall or do
something bad. It is a consistency factor with the offense, but if we are
going to win, starting this week, when we get down into the red zone area
we are going to have to start scoring touchdowns."

On Virginia's Offensive Line:

"They [the offensive line] have performed well, we have improved on our
pass protection...I am pleased with their performance, I think that they
can do better though."

On the Upcoming Wake Forest Game:

"He [Morgan Kane] looked awfully good, it's different to see Wake like
that--I think that we can tell what they are going to do on offense, it's a
power running attack coupled with an option. Defensively, we know
personnel, but we don¹t know how they are going to line up against us."

On Virginia Linebacker Yubrenal Isabelle:

"Isabelle is going to be a good linebacker, .he's getting there. I see
toughness, I see intensity, he¹s a good athlete and he understands
football. We have had some good middle linebackers here and he could take
his place among them."

WAKE FOREST - Jim Caldwell

On the Army game:

"The old adage - you're never as good as you think you are when you win and
you look at that film and you're never as bad as you think you are when you
lose. That's how close it is. I'm certain Army is looking at that tape and
saying 'boy we were very close in a number of situations.' If we had gotten
one more block, a score here, etc., etc. And I think we look at it and say
we were fortunate to get a win because there were so many things in that
ball game that weren't different. All across the board we did not have what
you'd call an outstanding game. It looked just like a first game - a lot of
mistakes, a lot of inconsistency - and that's in regard to every
position, particularly where we have some youth. Overall execution in terms
of the run was a little better than we've had in previous years but we've
had good games like that, where we've had good rushing games... but the
consistency is key. I think we were a little bit better in that area. Our
effort was good, there's no question about that."

On Virginia:

"They're obviously an outstanding football team. They run the ball well.
They stop the run well. So it will be a real test for us. Army was one game
and that's behind us. We've got another one coming. Virginia is a much
better football team. So we've got a real challenge ahead of us.

"Our conference is tough. Virginia is a very tough team. Our team has not
had a lot of success against Virginia in recent years so we have to play
extremely well to put ourselves in a position to win the game. They do
everything right - good, solid running game, good solid kicking game.
Mature players. Almost their entire offense is back. They really create
some problems for you. They don't make very many mistakes. They put a lot
of pressure on you. Defensively they put pressure on you up front.
Offensively they put a lot of pressure on you in terms of being able to run
the ball. They probably have as athletic an offensive line that's not only
athletic but is also as big as anybody we'll face.

"They're still the same kind of Virginia team year in and year out. Big and
physical, talented. We'll have

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