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CLEMSON - Tommy Bowden

The confidence of the team after a close loss:
"This team has not shown any signs of wavering since I have been here, and
I seriously doubt that they will over what happened Saturday. I don't
think the players will let it happen and I know the staff won't. I
feel like the way we lost on Saturday night was totally opposite to the way
Clemson lost games last year. Instead of letting the other team score in
the final seconds, we were the ones that took the ball down the field at
the end and had an opportunity to win the game."

His biggest concerns offensively after the Marshall game:
"We are a little softer on offense than I had anticipated. We are not real
big, therefore we need to be more aggressive and hard-nosed. That is
something that we can correct in practice. It does not have alot to do
with size, but with effort and intensity."

The conditioning of the team and particularly that of the defense on
Marshall's last scoring drive:
"I don't think that we ran out of gas on either side of the ball. Chad
Pennington on that last drive just did a good job. I think there were a
couple of guys that had missed assignments, but it wasn't fatigue. We were
chasing him out of the pocket and putting pressure on him, but he was
making pin point passes on the run. When we look at the films, I do not
think conditioning was a factor."

The play of Clemson's young offensive line
"The guys that were playing for the first time were a little tentative.
Being tentative did not allow them to be as aggressive as they can and as
they want to be. Their abiltiy to make calls and see fronts during games
will improve as their comfort level with the offense is elevated."

Concerns about facing Virginia's power running game:
"Clemson has traditionally played well against these types of teams. We'll
take our offense and put it in the I-Formation for our defense to practice
against. Obviously it is not going to be the same thing, but we will do
the best we can to service our defense. Thomas Jones is a pretty good sized
tailback. In fact, he is bigger than two of our starting linebackers. He
is a good tailback."

The status of Clemson's kicking game:
"We will have a kicking competition all week between the kickers and then
pick a starter based on who ever wins the statistical battle during the
week. We will have some pressure situations for them to practice under,
but it is impossible to know the exact mind frame of your players."

The return this week of last years starting tailback Travis Zachary:
"His attitude has been good in practice and we'll see how he does the rest
of the week in practice. If we feel like he is making his assignments in
practice then he will probably play a good bit. He's got some skills, but
how much action he sees in the game will depend on how productive he is on
the field."


General Comments on East Carolina
"I was very impressed with East Carolina. In (quarterback) David Gerrard, I
tell you what, they've got a strong young man. He's a good runner and he
threw the ball pretty well. He was very impressive. They should have won
the (West Virginia) game by more points then they did. They were a very
impressive football team. Defensively, their two linebackers, (Pernell)
Griffin and (Jeff) Kerr, along with the rest of their defense busted up
somethings to confuse (Matt) Bulger for West Virginia."

On the Excitement Level in Dowdy-Ficklen Stadium
"I'm sure Gerrard and his center (Sherwin) Lacewell, two guys from Durham,
are going to be excited to play Duke. I know it'll be an excitable crowd.
Watching them on TV, those East Carolina fans were having a big time and
I'm sure they will be fired up when the Blue Devils roll into Greenville.
We're going to have to be ready for a hostile crowd."

On Renewing Ties With ECU Recruiting Coordinator Cliff Yoshida
"I'm looking forward to seeing coach (Cliff) Yoshida, who is their
recruiting coordinator and he recruited me to
come here to school at Duke. So, I'm looking forward to the chance to see

On ECU Gaining Respect In North Carolina
"I never really got the feeling growing up that East Carolina played second
fiddle to anyone. They were pretty good. I think its good thing that we're
going down there. They're a state school. They need to be recognized as
such. We're going down there and N.C. State is going down there. It ought
to be a great game for the sports fans from the Eastern part of the state."

On Coaching His First Collegiate Game As A Head Coach
"Before you ever play a game, you're worried about every situation that
could come up. We tried to cover all of the strange things that could come
up in a ballgame. Taking a safety. Kicking off after a safety. You worry
about your football team looking like a well-coached team and knowing what
to do in all kinds of situations. You worry about all the details."

On The Advantage or Disadvantage of Not Playing Last Week
"You can look at it in one instance that you get a chance to watch them on
TV. You can get a little bit of an idea of what they're doing and they're
still not clear on what we're going to do. They did a get a chance to go
out and get the first-game kinks out of the way and iron out some of the
things that coach Logan was concerned with in getting his team ready for
its first game. At least, they will go out there with a game under their
belts and I'm still going to worry about those things."

GEORGIA TECH - George O'Leary

On this week's game:
"We're looking forward to getting down to Florida State in Tallahassee and
playing the No. 1 team in the country. Obviously they're the top team in
our conference and in the country right now. I think the ranking they have
is richly deserved. In watching tape on them, I don't see a lot of flaws on
offense, defense or the kicking game. We'll have our work cut out for us
down there. Obviously you go into every game wanting to win, and that's
what our goal is going down there. I think it's a very difficult place to
play. We have to create some problems (for them) offensively, we've got to
create some problems defensively and we've got to be error free in the
kicking game. We have a task at hand, but the thing I'm trying to get done
with our players is that the intensity they're showing this week, should be
the same intensity they show every week. That's the major hurdle I'm trying
to get over is to make sure every week that the same intensity and same
focus is on each and every team you face."

On using all four kickers in the season opener
"We played all four of them in the Navy game. I wanted to just get them all
into the play and see how that worked out. Right now I'll go into the game
with (Philip) Newman kicking off. In looking at the punting game, I think
Dan Dyke deserves that start. I think Newman has the better leg, and Dyke
is more consistent. As far as field goals and PATs, right now I think Luke
Manget kicks a better long field goal and Kai Cornwell is better on the
shorter ones. I'm going to look at that as the week progresses, but I think
both went in and kicked well with good timing on the kicks and good height.
I think we have a luxury with two guys who can do it. Kai has kicked field
goals in a game before, Manget hasn't, and that's something that well look
at. I would say that we will continue to use both of them and just see how
the game goes."

On the impact of freshman defensive end Greg Gathers:
"I think it was a different type of game for a freshman. There wasn't a big
passing game involved there. It was more of running game, responsibility
wise. I think he played well. He needs to play better, but I think he
played well because three-quarters of his responsibility was just run. He
wasn't involved much in the pass game because they didn't throw a lot. I'm
anxious to see him more this week. He'll have his turn on the field, and
that will be more of a measuring stick on where he is. I do think that for
a freshman in his first game he played well. He's still learning what to
get done. With Josephson coming back, we can keep him fresher on the field
along with Josephson."

On freshmen being able to contribute right away:
"We went out and recruited people that could come in and help us at
specific positions. Offensively, I think Will Glover is eventually going to
be the Charlie Rogers type player for us. He played
Saturday, we didn't get him the ball, but I think he has a bright future
ahead of himself. As far as the freshmen that are playing, when Josephson
went down, that opened the door for Gathers to show
what he was about. He took full advantage. When I saw Recardo Wimbush last
year, I thought he was the best linebacker in the Georgia-Florida All-Star
Game from a speed and knowledge standpoint, so that didn't
surprise me. At cornerback with Selwyn Scott playing out there, I think
Troy Tolbert's suspension had a lot to do with that. I thought Troy had a
good spring, and his suspension just elevated Selwyn Scott. I do think
they're good football players, but injuries and suspensions caused them to
elevate their talent level as far as
getting a chance to see them a little sooner."

On Peter Warrick:
"Peter Warrick is probably the most talented all-purpose wide
receiver/running back that I've seen. I say running back because I don't
know that there is a running back as dangerous as him with the ball in his
hand. He just does amazing things on the field, and he's probably and NFL
player that's still playing in college. He's very talented and does a lot
of things extremely well. He reminds me of Ronnie Harmon with what he does
with making people miss and displaying great athleticism in going for the
ball in the passing

On the atmosphere in Tallahassee:
"The noise is a factor down there, and we've got to be able to handle that.
We've got to understand that the game is played on the field and not in the
stands with the noise. There's no easy way. Experience is the only way you
handle that."

"To contain Florida State and Peter Warrick, the one thing you can't do is
give up the big play whether it's running or in the air. We've got to
tackle well. We haven't tackled well against them and credit them. I think
they had something to do with us not tackling well. We've got to create
some turnovers. They do a lot of things offensively, they have a stout
offensive line, a very talented group of receivers and a quarterback who
can get the ball downfield and knows where he's throwing it. He reads
coverage well. Our offense has
a chore against a great, great defense. We've played well at times against
them defensively, but we haven't put a game together yet against them
defensively. That's what my task is with our defensive coaches and players
is to play a full 60 minutes. We haven't done that yet against them. We've
played sporadically within that 60 minutes."

On playing several true freshmen:
"I think the freshmen who do play don't act like freshmen. They're a little
bit more mature, and they separate themselves through speed, strength or
athleticism. That's what the ones who have played have done. They've
separated themselves from the rest of the freshmen. I think it's good that
we can play that many freshmen. I think the biggest thing is those young
kids weren't intimidated, didn't act like true freshmen, were very focused
on what was going on and were quick learners. Those are the things I see
that separate freshmen who play."

On the Florida State defense:
"They're not a big blitz team. They basically send four or five and I don't
see that changing. I see them playing what they have played. You don't fix
what's not broken. We haven't gotten a lot done against them
offensively. We've had sporadic moments, but we haven't put a full game
together against them. Credit them for making adjustments and doing things
to take us out of some things."

MARYLAND - Ron Vanderlinden

On the Terps's defensive effort against Temple:
"Our defensive performance was simply outstanding. Everyone was solid. We
had 13 hits on the quarterbacks. Aaron Thompson was all over the place and
I was really encouraged by the play of our other linebackers, Marlon Moore
and Kevin Bishop."

On the Terps offensive effort against Temple:
"We played it a little close to the vest with Calvin McCall at quarterback.
I felt overall Calvin played well. He executed our check package relatively
well. He ran the ball decently and had some big hits. He threw the ball
fairly well. We had five balls that really should have been caught."

On how the offense can improve:
"My biggest concern on offense right now is our offensive line. I felt our
performance (against Temple) was very inconsistent. Although we rushed for
200 yards, we had a difficult time sustaining drives. We have
got to play harder for our offense to improve. I am disappointed that we
did not play better up front."

On the current quarterback situation:
"Trey Evans and Latrez Harrison will split the second team snaps. They will
be competing for that spot (behind starter Calvin McCall). Certainly Trey
has the benefit of experience but I expect Latrez to really pick it up

Updating the injury situation:
"Mukala Sikyala is nursing an ankle injury. If he can*t go full speed
tomorrow, he will not play in the game on Saturday. LaMont (Jordan) had a
thigh contusion and was slowed yesterday. He should be close to full
strength and I expect that he*ll be at full strength if not close to full
strength on Saturday.*

On facing Western Carolina this weekend:
"They are a good team. They finished up on a high note last season by
beating Appalachian State. They were 10th in the nation in total defense
last season. On offense, Shawn Snyder, their quarterback is a good
player and was a national recruit. I think we are going to have to make
drastic improvements on offense for us to have a good performance on


"Virginia. I felt like they have a good, solid football team. I thought
it was two evenly matched football teams. We felt like it would probably
come down to the fourth quarter if we played well, and it did. The most
disappointing thing about the loss was how we lost. We had some
opportunities to make some plays, and we have some things we'd like to do
better. But on defense I was impressed with the way our secondary
competed. I thought Billy-Dee Greenwood and Quinton Savage had outstanding
games, and they'll need to continue to play that way the rest of the year
for us to be successful.

"I thought our linebackers were very solid. Merceda Perry was very active.
(Brandon) Spoon made some plays. He had a tight groin, but I still
thought he played well and made some big, key third-down stops when he had
to. Up front, I felt like our three tackles did a good job inside. Coach
Browning did a good job of mixing those guys up and trying to keep fresh
guys in the game. And our defensive ends made some strides. Ross
McAllister continued to play well, and you can look for him to play more.

"Overall defensively, we weren't perfect. To win the ball game, we still
felt like we needed to stop (Thomas) Jones, but we didn't. I think we
slowed him down, but we did not, by any means, stop him. He's a very fine
football player and I have no doubt he'll be a first round (NFL) draft

"For us to be a good football team, we have to show more consistency on
offense and I feel like we'll get a lot better this week. It was not just
one guy here or one guy there, but there were lots of situations we can
improve in. If we can play well this week, I think we have a great
opportunity to improve as a football team.

"Nobody should take Indiana for granted. They are a very solid football
team. If you look at what they did against Ohio State and Michigan and
some of the better football teams in the Big Ten last year you will see
that they were very competitive. Their quarterback is an outstanding
player with great running skills, and he throws the ball well. He reminds
me of a smaller, younger Donovan McNabb. He's that type of athlete, very
quick, very elusive, very exciting and he can throw the ball deep.

"They are a very experienced football team, and defensively they are a much
faster team than they brought down here two years ago. They've substituted
a lot of bulk for speed, and on speed-wise on defense you're seeing a team
that's a lot more like an ACC team than your typical bigger, stronger, more
physical Big Ten teams. We'll have our hands full this week, and this is
without a doubt the most important game of the season at this point. We
need to come out of these first five games with some success and it needs
to start this week."

NC STATE - Mike O'Cain

"Saturday's offence performance you have to sort of throw out the window.
For us to be a good offensive team, we have to spread you out, we have to
throw the football, and we have to run the ball all different kinds of
ways. Saturday night, our passing game was taken away, and when we took the
three point lead I became conservative. I said our defense is going to win
the game for us. I said we weren't going to drop back there and throw an
interception or do something stupid. We were going to make them drive the
ball 80 yards, and obviously they couldn't."

"We can't be solely dependent on our defense like that. Had it been a dry
field, I wouldn't have been so conservative. That game was a field position
game. You just have to play the percentages in those kind
of weather conditions."

"We need to have a good offensive day this weekend. When I look at the game
film, I see a lot of good things. I have a lot of confidence that we are
getting better, and I know we can still be a very good offense. We seem to
have six or seven guys doing everything right, and maybe one or two not
doing it right. Its just little things like that that we need to correct."

"I expect us to go out there this weekend and play very good. I don't
expect us to go out there and slop around. I believe that we have the
talent, the people, and the makeup. We do need some confidence, there
is no doubt about that. We have to make sure we don't get frustrated."

"We have to make sure the game this weekend is more important to us than it
is to William & Mary. We have to make sure this game means a lot more to
our players than theirs."

VIRGINIA - George Welsh

On the North Carolina game:
"North Carolina was geared to stop Thomas Jones the way they played their
linebackers and the way they played their defensive linemen."

"I didn't want to kick a 50-yard field goal. I told Gary (Tranquill),
let's see if we can get the right one for five yards, then at least it's a
45-yarder. I didn't care about the first down--it would have been nice to
get the first down--but I wanted to make it a 45-yard field goal. That¹s
why we rolled out and tried to get that one in the flat for five yards. And
we just didn't execute it right or they covered it better."

On running back Thomas Jones:
"I think that Thomas (Jones) is capable of carrying the ball 35 times. If
he has to do it then he has to do it. You have to do what you have to do to
win. Hopefully we¹ll have a little better passing game this week and the
week after that and then you don¹t have to run him 35 times."

"We need to have a better passing attack as the weeks wear on. Hopefully,
this week, we have to get up in the 55% range and reduce the

On quarterback Dan Ellis:
"He did a good job running the team, we didn't have procedure
calls.......three penalties, but we are going to have to be smarter this

Comments on upcoming Clemson game:
"They [Clemson] have always had good defensive players, you name
them--look at all those kids last year, first round draft choice from the
secondary, an end who was a second round draft choice and then they had a
couple of fifth-round draft choices. They¹ve always had good secondary
play--good defensive backs. That¹s their tough part, their defense."

WAKE FOREST - Jim Caldwell

On The Injuries at Linebacker [Moses, Lyman, and Guice]:
"We're going to certainly have to overcome some adversity. But nevertheless
I think we're fortunate, primarily because of what happened to us last
year. We ended up playing quite a few guys that we did not anticipate
playing a lot, that being Nick Bender and Marquis Hopkins. They were able
to get a lot of valuable playing time last year. So we pretty much have -
except for Abdul [Guice] - the same group of linebackers that we ended the
season with. We were thin then, and we're thin now."

On Avoiding What Happened in Last Year's Season Opener (a 42-0 Loss to Air
"It's a different team, a different time, a different setting ... We don't
necessarily just reflect upon a game from a previous year, but nevertheless
we think we're better equipped to deal with some of the things that
happened to us last year in that first game. I don't think there's any
difference between Army and Air Force. They're both very, very talented.
They both have a good nucleus of guys coming back. They both give you all
the same kinds of problems, and we're not as healthy as we were going into
our first game last year. So it's going to be a real test for our football

On His New Role as Offensive Coordinator:
"I just think that in order for us to get ourselves in position to win
consistently, we have to run the football better. Often times I think
that, in particular, guys in the coordinator position succumb to pressures
of crowd noise and writers and media folks about what's best for our
football team. They kind of adjust and maybe put the ball in the air maybe
a little bit more than we should. I don't bend, and I'm committed to seeing
our team get better in that particular area. So I decided that the best
guy to do that and make certain that happens is me."

On C.J. Leak and James MacPherson's battle for the No. 2 QB Spot:
"Right now, both of them are doing a nice job for us. They're both
learning. They're both obviously inexperienced, and they're both good
players. But we're going to play C.J. in the first game. There's no
question about that. I've stated that all along ... A little bit later in
the week after we've gone through the final phases of putting our game plan
together, we'll settle on that in terms of exactly when we'll put him in
the game."

On QB Ben Sankey's Progress:
"I've been extremely pleased with his progress, but you and I both know and
anybody that's ever watched college football knows that there's going to be
that little bit of an adjustment period that he goes through. But I think
you'll see him catch fire, because he is very capable. He's a strong
leader and a guy that wants to win in the worst way."

Caldwell on Army:
"They are one of the better rushing teams in the country, obviously, and
they present quite a challenge for you in terms of the ball-control
offense. They do enough misdirection with their option attack to give you
problems. They motion a little bit, they keep you off balance, you have to
balance up against them. And then they obviously know all the tricks of
the trade in dealing with that particular offense. They're crafty enough
to A good solid kicking game, just a heck of a punter. And obviously their
defense is one th

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