Quotes from C.J. Spiller and the Buffalo Bills

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On if he had any idea he was headed to Buffalo:

When I laid down last night I reflected on all of my visits and I just remembered all of my conversations that I had when I went up to Buffalo. I had a good feeling that’s where I was going to land. I’m very excited that they made the decision. It’s one that they will never regret and I’m going to come in there and work hard.

On the decision to return to Clemson in 2009 and pursue his degree:

Just like you just said, I wanted to graduate and then of course play one more year with my guys. You only get one chance to be a senior in college and I just wanted to experience that. But the main focus was for me to graduate which I accomplished.

On the reaction he got from the Board of Trustees when he decided to return for his senior year:

I was not expecting that at all. I was honored and it was a humbling experience. Like I tell guys, you never know who is watching you both on and off the field so I try to carry myself the best that I can.

On what he knows about the Bills’ offense and what he learned during his visit in Buffalo:

It’s a great offense. Coach Gailey knows how to use his guys so I’m excited. They have two great running backs that started with Marshawn (Lynch) and Fred (Jackson). I’m just looking forward to going in there and learning from the guys. Whatever my role is, that’s what I have to accept.

On who he looks up to and his comparisons to Tennessee RB Chris Johnson and New Orleans RB Reggie Bush:

I try my best not to compare myself. Every guy is very different and that’s the thing that I kept preaching to teams when I was meeting with them that you’re not going to draft either one of those guys. The guy you’re going to be drafting is C.J. Spiller. Those two guys (Chris Johnson and Reggie Bush) are great. It’s an honor to just be mentioned amongst those two because of what they have done in the NFL.

On if he wants to be an all-purpose player in the NFL:

Whatever my role is, my main focus is just winning, getting to a Super Bowl and bringing back the glory days that used to be in Buffalo. That’s my main focus and all I’m worried about. I’m not worried about how I’ll be used in the offense or how many catches I’ll have. My main focus is just what can I do to help this team reach the Super Bowl.

On what he thinks about cold weather:

It’s great. I’m not affected by it at all. I played at Clemson and it was cold there, so I’m not worried about the cold weather at all. You just have to adjust to it and I’ll be willing to adjust to it when I play.

On what game in his career stands out the most to him:

I want to say the ACC Championship game. Whenever you’re playing for a championship it’s always great and the way the game was going back and forth it was an awesome feeling. Two great teams going at each other trying to win the ultimate prize and that was the championship. Unfortunately we fell on the short end, but sometimes that’s how it goes.


General Manager Buddy Nix

Vice President of College Scouting Tom Modrak

Thursday, April 22, 2010

On why Clemson RB CJ Spiller was the first pick for the Bills:

General Manager Buddy Nix: He is a playmaker. A guy that creates field position and scores points and he is exciting. We need some excitement, somebody that can make a big play and create things on their own.

On why the running back position outweighed other needs:

Buddy Nix: I think what I just said and we have said this all along, we are void of big playmakers. We have good players, but a guy that has this kind of world class speed can help us in so many ways. We have returners, but this guy is going to be in the mix. He is a guy that can get you field position, you can throw it to him or you can hand it to him. There are a lot of things he can do. I am excited about giving a guy like this to Chan Gailey to see what he can do with him. He will use him in a lot of different spots and be creative in ways to get him the ball. I told you guys last time we met, need is important, but it had to be a guy that we thought was the player that could come in here and start immediately. Not to say some of those guys couldn’t, maybe they could. We also think we have a chance to get that position filled later on in the draft and to be honest with you there is only one Spiller.

On what will happen with RB Marshawn Lynch:

Buddy Nix: Nothing. It does not change a thing. He is still ours and we intend for him to be here.

On the importance of having three running backs:

Buddy Nix: Spiller is the hybrid. He is a back, he is a receiver and he is returner. Thinking defensively, knowing you have Spiller you have to plan for him and it creates problems.

On the offense being ranked in the bottom eight for the last seven years in a row:

Vice President of College Scouting Tom Modrak: Obviously those kinds of rankings speak for themselves. We did some last year with a couple of the offensive linemen we took that started and played very well. We make another step here and continue to make those steps forward. We have a tight end who we think has a future (we drafted) last year. Certainly adding C.J. Spiller to the group as Buddy said, he has a lot of ways to get you and that makes it really good for us and for Chan and a lot harder on the defense.

On a particular performance by Spiller’s that stands out:

Buddy Nix: I guess (against) Georgia Tech probably in the bowl game, or the ACC playoff game. But all of his games were basically the same. I wish I could spit these stats out for you but you probably have them in front of you. He is the second back next to Bush. He and Bush are the only two in rushing and receiving and returns. Talk about a body of work, that is a body of work.

On comparing C.J. Spiller to New Orleans RB Reggie Bush:

Buddy Nix: I think you jump out there and compare him to Bush and (Percy) Harvin both of those. He is that kind of a dynamic player that can hurt you in a lot of ways. I know we need a lot of things but we need that. We need to be able to score points.

On Spiller’s size:

Buddy Nix: He is the same size as Chris Johnson. He is just a fuzz faster as far as the times we have of recorded times and Chris Johnson gained 2,000 yards, he had to have some of them inside.

On Spiller’s 40-yard time:

Buddy Nix: 4.32 at the Combine.

Tom Modrak: Those touches can be big touches and that is the difference.

On the type of person Spiller is:

Buddy Nix: He is the right kind of kid. His mother wanted him to come out but he felt he needed to graduate with his class. He was recruited by the head coach at Clemson and he felt loyal to him and he said the NFL will still be there.

On his impact on the kick return or punt return:

Tom Modrak: We do have some returners as Buddy said but he will be a candidate at both. He is very good at both. You saw some of his run style there and you have seen it before. He is the kind of guy that can make you miss in the open field which as a punt returner is big, but he has that acceleration if they knock one guy down he has a chance on the kickoff. He has a chance at both to be very effective in the league.

On the excitement factor that Spiller has:

Buddy Nix: Well I mean the fans like winning and we think he will help us do that. I’m sure they like that. Obviously everyone likes big plays and I am sure he will provide some of that. Actually I had more in mind scoring and winning but they go together.

On his feelings of his first pick as a General Manager:

Buddy Nix: You know it doesn’t feel like my first pick. I wish it did but it doesn’t. I am excited about who we have. I think he is going to be an exciting player for us for a long time.

On the significance of the pick:

Buddy Nix: It does not feel like a first pick. What I really think about is helping our team and getting our team better and I think we did that.

On Spiller being a luxury pick:

Tom Modrak: No. We didn’t address it that way at all. What we did think about was who is the best player we can get to make this team better and that is what we did. We still have some picks to go and I know how much emphasis there is on the first pick and rightfully so we are going to go in there and see if we can add to this team in many other ways today, tomorrow and the next day.

On how quick they went to the podium to select Spiller:

Buddy Nix: I told you earlier we have a list that we, in order. He was our guy that if he was there at that point we were going to take him. We didn’t need to use 10 minutes just because you have them.

On Owner Ralph Wilson being involved in the draft:

Buddy Nix: He is always involved, he is the owner.

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