Quick Hits: Quarterback Willy Korn on Spring Practice

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Clemson QB Willy Korn, Windows Media, (6:00)

How do you feel? 100%?

Willy: Yeah, I feel really good today. It was day one, and everybody was a little rusty, and the tempo through the practice was really good, for day one, I thought it was pretty decent.

Do you feel like this is the opportunity for this to be your team, and your opportunity to shine?

Willy: oh yeah. This is the opportunity for me to go out and prove to my teammates and prove to the coaches that I could be the guy to lead this team. And the first time I’m really in that position here to earn that opportunity.

How is the throwing motion? Any concerns about the arm strength or the restricted arm motion?

Willy: It’s feeling good. I’m working hard on it ever since it started back in January. Coach Napier has been working hard with me on it. We got a lot of new drills we are doing, just with the quarterbacks, to help me get my mechanics back. I’ve been working hard on it for the past two months, and it felt really good today.

Does it feel natural?

Willy: Oh yeah. It definitely feels natural. There’s not so much of a strain.

What about the idea of competition? Does it motivate you somehow?

Willy: Oh yeah, definitely. Competition is going to make everyone better, and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Is this a different mindset or feeling to have your destiny in your own hands rather than having a guy like Cullen ahead of you?

Willy: I’ve always has been a competitor, ever since my first spring. Last spring, Cullen had a big year, but I still was trying to earn the job, that’s how I always come in to it. But from the outside looking in, it’s even more so this year. I’ve got an opportunity. Me and Kyle will be competing, and I’m the older guy here now, besides Mike. Mike is a junior.

Is it a different feeling, being one of the older guys, having a lead on those drills?

Willy: It is a different feeling. I feel like I have been a freshman for about eight and a half years, but it is definitely a good feeling knowing what you are doing, having some experience with the offense. I’ve been in the same system for two years. I’m still a sophomore, but I may be considered as one of the older guys.

What’s the difference in the new offense? We have heard running quarterbacks and zone reads. What are the differences you have seen?

Willy: Right now, we are just putting in base offense. The biggest adjustment is going to be the tempo of the offense. Last year, we were a “no huddle” team, but we pretty much huddled because we took so long to run a play. The play clock was down to three or four seconds every time we ran a play. We are going to try to use our tempo as an advantage against the defense.

What kind of prep time did they give you to get an idea about the kind of schemes, things like that?

Willy: We started meeting offensively maybe two weeks ago, but not a whole lot of meeting time, because there are a whole lot of change yet, but as we progress, and as we get further in to spring, maybe week two or week three, we maybe will see a little more option stuff and like you said the quarterback will be running some more.

Are you going to be running with the first unit?

Willy: Right now we are mixing it up, split evenly. I go three reps. Mike would go three reps. Kyle would go three reps. You could be with the one’s for a set. You could be with the two’s for a set. It was mixed up pretty evenly today.

Do you think most of the changes will play to your strengths?

Willy: Yeah definitely. All three of us – Me, Mike, and Kyle are all similar players and with Tajh Boyd coming in the fall, we all have the same strengths. The way the offense is set up it is kind of tailored to the type of quarterbacks we are.

When do you think you turned the corner with your mechanics?

Willy: Probably the first couple of weeks of February, I started feeling really, really strong again. I was on a very strict throwing regime ever since I got back.

How does the offensive line look?

Willy: We got a really tough offensive line this year. Everybody has got some experience coming back. Even the redshirt guys are going to be competing. They are really talented. Offensive line was supposed to be one of the weaknesses last year, but I think it is one of the strengths this year.

Clemson QB Willy Korn, Windows Media, (6:00)

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