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Clemson is announcing its new Seat Equity Plan to the public this week. Following are some of the points administrators made during a preview of the plan last last week. Again, what follows are points made by the Clemson administration:

- Clemson is not reseating Memorial Stadium. IPTAY Donors will be given the first opportunity to maintain their seats for a fair and reasonable donation.

- Clemson is the only school in the Top 20 in Division I attendance leaders who has not implemented some type of seating plan.

- The IPTAY Seat Equity Plan is designed to identify equitable seating and align IPTAY Memberships with the seat locations throughout Memorial Stadium.

- The IPTAY Seat Equity Plan creates more opportunities to improve seat locations for IPTAY Donors who have been shut out due to the strong renewal process for football season tickets.

- To estimate the minimum IPTAY Donation to new seats for the 2008 season, simply multiply the new premium seat giving level for your section by the number of tickets purchased.

- During the 2007 season, we have over 300 IPTAY Donors who contribute $ 140 maintaining 774 tickets between the 25-yard lines in the lower decks, while we have five $ 10,000 IPTAY Donors that maintain season tickets in the upper decks.

- The IPTAY Seat Equity Plan will be implemented for the 2008 Season.

- We have provided various IPTAY Seat Equity Plan presentations to the Administrative Council, IPTAY Board, University Board of Trustees, IPTAY Reps, Athletic Council and other groups.

- Throughout this process, we have had lengthy conversations with other institutions, including, but not limited to LSU, Georgia Tech, Virginia Tech, Virginia, Tennessee, N. C. State, Ohio State, Michigan, Alabama, University of South Carolina and many other institutions regarding seating equity/option opportunities.

- A copy of the 2008 IPTAY Seat Equity Plan brochure and the IPTAY Seat Equity Plan Power Point Presentation which was presented to the University Board of Trustees, the IPTAY Board and the Upstate Delegation are both available on-line at In addition, a the brochure will be duplicated in the August 21st edition of The Orange & White and a copied has been mailed to each IPTAY Donor.

- The objectives of the IPTAY Seat Equity Program as requested by the IPTAY Board were in order: 1) Align Clemson with other BCS schools; 2) Create the least amount of headaches for all; 3) Provide opportunities for larger donors to purchase lower level seats; 4) Re-evaluate the stadium every five years; 5) Generate revenue for IPTAY/Athletic Department;

- Only 37.1% of the IPTAY Donors (3,420 donors) who maintain seats in Memorial Stadium will be financially impacted by the 2008 IPTAY Seat Equity Plan while 62.9% of the IPTAY Donors (5,771 donors) will not be impacted.

Contribution Per Season Ticket on 35-Yard Line

School		Season Ticket	Avge Contribution	Avg Combined Cost
				Per Season Ticket	Per Season Ticket
Tennessee	$296.00		$1,250.00		$1,546.00
Georgia		$224.00		$933.50			$1,157.50
Florida		$224.00		$933.50			$1,157.50
South Carolina	$320.00		$675.00			$995.00
Virginia	$230.00		$620.00			$850.00
Florida State	$215.00		$498.00			$713.00
Miami		$325.00		$300.00			$625.00
Georgia Tech	$252.00		$350.00 		$602.00
Clemson		$299.00		$140.00			$439.00


August 2006 Began development concept for the Seat Equity Plan with unanimous approval of the IPTAY Board

July 12, 2007 Board of Trustees

August 3, 2007 Legislative Presentation

August 10, 2007 IPTAY Reps. and constituent groups

August 19, 2007 Send flyer out with 2008 details discussing plan

August 20, 2007 Initial kick-off of IPTAY Seat Equity Plan campaign with press release and state-wide press conference, as well as video conference on, Put Communication Plan in motion

August 20, 2007 Orange & White article

September 2007 Send out annual campaign material to IPTAY donors with information pertaining to their specific seat location and time-frame in which to reply

Sept. 4, 2007 IPTAY/Ticket Office set to answer questions with additional phone lines and part-time employees

Feb 15, 2008 IPTAY pledge and reply deadline

May 2008 Seat assignments begin by the Ticket Office

July-Aug 2008 Print Tickets/Mail Tickets

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