Post-Game Press Conference Audio and Quotes

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Clemson head coach Tommy Bowden

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On the close home games

"It says a lot about the players' character and not quitting. As I've said before, we talked that Friday night before the Utah State game, 1-4, and had a 7-0 lead at halftime. There could have been a lot of fingers pointed complaining, but the players didn't do It.Now we've won three games back to back to back."

On creating turnovers

"Turnovers kind of go in cycles. We're in a downswing now and that helps with wins."

On the play of Airese Currie

"He had over a 100 yards today and we used him in a bunch of different ways. He played with a lot of courage today."

On recruiting

"N.C. State has recruited very well the last few years with the addition of their new facilities. We have the West End Zone project coming up and hopefully that well help with our recruiting. Our athletic department has made a full fledge commitment and it's a good time to be the head coach at Clemson. We just have to play as hard as we can and wait until we get all the pieces of the puzzle."

On today's heat

"Coach Joey Batson (the strength training director) has done a great job with our players' conditioning. He and his staff are just another piece of the puzzle."

NC State head coach Chuck Amato

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On turnovers:

"It's amazing that we had a chance to win at the end even though we had five turnovers. I've never experienced any-thing like that. We have taken every possible approach (to eliminate turnovers). We have to find a way to stop turning the ball over."

On penalties at end of first half

"I will take the blame for the penalties. I am not going to blame our youngsters. It always comes down to the little things that win and lose baligames, and today we did a lot of bad little things."

On Clemson's effort

"You have to give credit to Clemson for playing well. Their kids played their fannies off"

On injuries:

"We did have some injuries, but that is a part of football. This is a physical game. We can't put yellow jerseys on our kids and tell them (Clemson) to tag us down. We have to play physically on both sides of the ball'

On end of game situation:

"We felt that we needed to get our wide receivers into the endzone. We couldn't afford to have one of our guys tackled short of the endzone or else the game would have been over. We had a couple of shots to win the game at the end. We had several chances to make a play to win the ballgame."

QB Charlie Whitehurst

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DB Justin Miller

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