Post Game Comments from USC's Lou Holtz and USC Players

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Lou Holtz Post Game Quotes

Three times inside the red zone and couldn't we score a touchdown.

On drive that cut Clemson lead to three: Kicking the field goal we were still in good position. Down by 3.

The critical play was (Clemson's) fourth and IO (on its last TD drive). They hit the fade route in the comer. The Guy makes a great play, a great throw. That was critical. We never bounced back from it. We will move on. ... We felt there two things they would try to do: try to draw us offsides sides, or go deep. They don't want to run the risk of us running back an interception. We have had trouble playing the deep ball all year. It was not a surprise Ca. It should not have been completed, but it was not a surprise.

Leavitt has a broken jaw. Cleanly broke. Don't know how it happened.

Two areas we have had trouble in the last two games: we can't score in the red zone. Also, we give up fade route inside our 30.

On offside calls: We lined up offsides. One time it was cornerback, another time it was our end. We didn't line up any differently than we did all year. Mostly it was fining up offsides. The game was well officiated.

Defensively, we did not play how we are capable. Give Clemson credit for what they did and how they did it.

I am sorry for our seniors. We just have to sit down and look at everything. I know we can have a solid kicking game next year. We have got to look at the offense. We have to start making plays.

Clemson is a good football team. I don't take anything away from them They played well. But there are so many things. The fourth-and-10 play. We have a first down inside the 10. Pressure on our quarterback. We just get in periods.

It is over. There is nothing we can change about it. I have got to live with it. It's what we are going to do about it. In fairness to this team, the first nine weeks, they had no chance.

Our offensive line, I thought it would play a little bit better today. But we had some freshmen in there.

On defense: We only had seven interceptions all year. The main reason is we don't come down with the ball when they threw deep. We haven't done it most of the year. There are a lot of things that have to be changed.

It hurts, but I am not embarrassed. There is a reason we are where we are. Disaster struck at offensive line and quarterback. We don't want self pity. We are not going to stay where we are.

South Carolina Player Post Game Quotes

Kevin House, Defense

"We are going to get it together."

Ray Green, Defense

'Things happen. We didn't make certain plays during the course of the ame. (On being 0- I 1): I couldn't have imagined that in my worst dreams. I couldn't have imagined last year either."

Steve Florio, Special Teams

"I thought we had a chance and they made a play. They made big plays and we didn't. (on the future): It's a rebuilding process. We have a lot of talented players."

Arturo Freeman, Defense

(on the fourth quarter touchdown): "I should have played the baH. I thought it was going to be overthrown. It wasn't. It was my play. I have to be a man and take it. (On being 0- I 1): Things didn't go our way. I don't have any regrets. The team grew up a lot. We made a lot of progress. We have to learn how to win. I didn't think we would be 0- I 1 in my wildest dreams. It hurts, personmly. I take it personal. It destroys me inside. As seniors we have to hold our heads up and look down the road."

Trey Pennington, Offense

"It's been a long year. We didn't make the plays today when we had to. This program will go only get better. It's a shame we can't be here to see it."

Phil Petty, Offense

"The offense had its ups and downs. We have some things to build on. (On being in the red zone): Everybody wasn't on the same page. (Future?): It takes everybody to do it. We play well last week. We played well today. There are a couple of times we could have done something today and we didn't."

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