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Mickey Plyler's interview with Clemson recruiting coordinator David Blackwell on Wednesday. Listen to "Plyler on Sports" weekdays 3-5PM on 104.9FM ( Upstate SC.

Listen to the full David Blackwell interview Here: Real Audio - Windows Media (22 minutes)

Selected Quotes

Due to numbers and interest you guys look like you are going to have to turn away some very good prospects?

“I think it’s a sign that you are starting to turn the corner. When you are at a point in your program where you got a lot of kids that want to be a part of your football program and it becomes a tough ticket so to speak where in the end you turn down some very, very good football players. It’s never an easy decision. I think sometimes fans don’t always understand the numbers game. Sometimes we have to make some tough decisions. Things get pretty heated in the staff room when you are deciding which ones you are going to take and which ones you are going to let walk away. Unfortunately, we may end up in a situation like that this year where from a numbers standpoint we are not going to be able to take everyone we would like to take. Again, I think it is a sign that your program is headed in the right direction.

How has the reaction of recruits changed since the Wake Forest game?

Well obviously people believe what they see. The things we have been preaching and telling recruits for a long time they finally see it on the football field. The feedback from recruits has been outstanding. I think in their eyes they are starting to see us as a legitimate player on the national scene, which is something we haven’t consistently been in a long time. Again, I am not saying we are there yet but I think we are headed in the right direction. We want to be a burning flame. We don’t want to be a spark. We need to consistently be ranked in the top 20. We need to consistently play in New Year’s Day bowl games and consistently compete for a conference championship. When we do those things I think then our program where not only our fans want it but where our coaching staff want it and also Coach Bowden wants it.

All the big wins help you with this year’s class but might help you even more next year. Agree or disagree?

“I don’t think there is any doubt as far as early interest and getting young men in your spring junior days and getting them in your football camp. Obviously right now we are a hot team on a national level which means there are going to be a lot of young men looking at us. They want to take a look. They want to see what is going on. So it will be a lot easier to get them to camp. It will be a lot easier to get them here for junior day and things like that. But again, that can disappear in a hurry if we don’t go out and play and take care of business on the field next fall.

How big will the West End Zone project for this year’s class and future classes?

I think there is no question that it will be. I think number one from our president to our athletic director they have a great vision for the future of this program. And the West End Zone project is one of those visions. We are in a day and age, unfortunately, where how your weigh room looks is very important to a recruit. How your locker room looks is very important to a recruit. The part we can take care is on the field and we need to consistently put a winner on the field as a coaching staff. Our athletic director and our administration are working their tails off to give our players the best of everything. So we are excited about the direction of the program. We are excited about the future and facilities and the things that are coming.

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