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WR Chris Jefferson - 6-2 170 Morganton, NC (Freedom HS)

Tell us about your commitment to the Tigers and how you came to that decision?

”It was basically between Clemson and Wake toward the end. Me and my coach and my family looked over every aspect possible in deciding the college. Basically I know I can’t get everything I want in one college so it’s give and take with a lot of things. So I actually sat down and put in on paper the plus and minuses for each one of them. Basically what it came down to was where my heart was. And also Clemson was the first college game I had seen in my life. It was first campus I had been to. I kind of had a lean to them from the beginning. They kind of caught my heart. Then I went on the visit and start actually hanging out with the players, getting more in depth with the coaches and it showed what it would be like there for the next 4 or 5 years. I just felt like that was the place for me. I probably will end up being red shirted. That’s what I hope to do. But you know if I go out and play real good then I might play my freshman year and that’s good too.”

How far is Morganton, NC from Clemson? Was that factor to make sure your parents could see you play?

“It’s about 2 hours and 15 minutes. So it’s not too far. Yeah that was another factor. I wanted to go somewhere they could see me. I had other schools like Colorado and Boston College where they really wouldn’t be able to see except on TV.”

What offers did you have?

Colorado, Boston College, Maryland, Duke, Vanderbilt, and Kansas was coming to offer. I had eight offers overall.

How did you do individually and as a team this year?

"We made it to the second round of the playoffs. I had 40 catches and 750 yards off a totally run oriented team. That’s all we do. We run the ball, run the ball. But I make my plays when my number is called. There are a lot of over 1000 yard receivers off throwing schools, but off a totally run oriented team I think I had a real good season. I make a lot of plays. I had a few touchdowns on special teams. I think I bring a lot to the table being a tall receiver with a little speed and jumping ability. That’s why I felt and Clemson felt the same way that’s what they needed. I am just looking forward to contributing."

Give us some numbers on you and in the weight room.

"6-3, 170, 4.46. I bench 225lbs last time I maxed out with a 36 inch vertical. "

What player do you try to emulate?

Actually everyone tells me and I hear it everywhere I go from my body shape, to way I look, to the way I play out there is Randy Moss. The actual receiver I look up to in life though is Marvin Harrison because of his work ethic. I love the way he goes out and plays hard. He gives 110% every time. He doesn’t say much and doesn’t show up on cameras but he makes his presence felt on the field. I like that. You don’t have to say anything. Just do your work. I look up to him for that.

Do you play any other sports?

I play basketball and run track. We’re 15-0 (in basketball) right now and ranked #7 in North Carolina.

Any thoughts on your major?

I’ve been thinking about majoring in business management. I’ll probably go into college as undeclared and weigh out my options.

Have the coaches discussed the possibility of you playing special teams and maybe defense?

We discussed the possibility of maybe playing some special teams. As far as defense no. I’ve never played on the other side of the ball and I’m strictly a receiver and a specialist.

Are your academics ok?

Yeah. We are making sure everything is ok with my counselor and coaches. I got to get out of Freedom (High School) first before I can get make it to Clemson. Everything is in order.

What do you need to work on before you report?

The main thing on the college level is speed, speed, speed. That’s what it is all about. I have a little now but college is a different level. That’s something always something I continue to work on.

Who recruited you? Who was your player host and what prospects did you hang out with?

Coach O’Cain recruited me ever since my junior year in April. My player host was Reggie Merriweather a freshman running back. I hung out with C.J. Gaddis who is a quarterback that is committed. He will be going to Clemson next year too.

Some people are saying you might still take a scheduled visit to Boston College.

I’m not going to take that visit. There is no point. I know where I want to go. I know where I want to be so I am not going to take that visit.

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