Pigskin Prophet: Basketball school and bandwagon edition

Pigskin Prophet: Basketball school and bandwagon edition

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As everyone knows, our fleet of vehicles was already in Louisville for the Clemson game last weekend after we hauled in several loads of neck braces that were supposed to be a giveaway for Cardinal fans.

We went to GameDay to give them away to the tens and tens of fans that showed up for the famous show, but someone in charge made the decision to not give them away at the game. I didn’t want to be stuck with them - we had thousands left over - we wound up giving them out to people who really needed them. As it turns out several people actually needed them after getting whiplash watching Clemson score.

However, as the fans started to leave I had a great idea. Thousands were leaving and I had vehicles on hand, so………………I went out and grabbed some of the GameDay signs, and wrote “Bandwagon” on the backs of the signs.

So I grabbed all of the fans I could, put them on the Bandwagon, and then watched as they got off the football bandwagon. All they could talk about was Rick Pitino and wondered when basketball starts.

Now, on to some picks….and if you get offended blah blah blah.



The Wolfpack have long been the proverbial thorn in the side of the Seminoles, and this seems to be the kind of game where an upset could happen. Florida St. hasn’t played since the opener and they have a 27-pound quarterback who is taking over for Deondre Francois. N.C. State has an experienced quarterback and a defensive line that is supposed to be among the best in the nation, and I am thinking this could be a Wolfpack win. And then I remember that NC State lost to South Carolina and I laugh and laugh and laugh and pick…..FLORIDA ST. 23, NC STATE 19


Thousands and thousands of fans will show up – AFAM classes will be canceled for the day – with face paint and signs and they will be all excited for the next installment of Duke and North Carolina. The bad news is that they will all show up at the Dean Dome, which will be locked. One of those bright kids will eventually look at their phone, realize it’s a football game, and shrug and go home. Meanwhile, Dirk and Buffy will tailgate with their matching sweater vests, drink wine, get there late in the first quarter and leave in the second quarter. DUKE 77, UNC 74 on a late three-pointer.


Look!!! A defense that will make Lamar Jackson look great again. He will run wild, and even though the Ville will be up by 90 in the fourth quarter, old Neck Brace will leave Lamar in the game to pad his stats, and he will shoot to the top of the Heisman rankings. LOUISVILLE 62, KENT ST. 13


Hey Butch, make sure your winners in life cover them deep. That’s about the only advice I can give you at this point, other than to tell you I will give you a great rate when you move in December and become the offensive coordinator at Nicholls St. TENNESSEE 42, UMASS 16


Don’t look now, but Vanderbilt looks like they might be the class of the SEC East. Well, we’ve known for a long time they have the only real class out of the schools in that division (snicker, snicker). This week they host Alabama, and their tiny stadium will have a tiny corner for the home fans and the rest will be filled with Crimson Tide fans (and South Carolina fans who are back to pulling for Bammer). The Commodores have a tough defense, and it might be tricky for a bit, but Bammer has too much of everything for it to be close for long. BAMMER 33, DORES 10


If this was hockey, I would be putting all of my money on the Eagles because they know how to support a hockey program up there. Football, however, is another deal and they just aren’t very good. Clemson could turn it over a lot. Clemson could be looking ahead to Virginia Tech. But it won’t matter. CLEMSON 47, BC 10


Other than the fights at tailgates, the backed up plumbing, the screwed up fire towers, the lack of a pregame handshake, Jake Bentley’s Fosberry Flop and the dismal loss to a basketball school, the home opener went great for the Gamecocks last week. Of course, South Carolina is now a basketball school, so it really doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things. Bentley, who just had his 39th birthday but is only supposed to be playing his freshman year in high school, will have his Gamecocks ready for Skip Holtz, because Tech isn’t much worse, if worse at all. You heard it here first….Tech goes into Gamecock country and pulls off the upset, what we call Citadelling in these parts. TECH 27, FLOPPERS 23


This is another intriguing SEC matchup. Bulldog vs. Bulldog. Cowbell vs. Cowturd. Should be exciting, especially for two programs that have long wanted to be relevant. This game will be a nice launching point for the rest of the season for the winner, but Georgia has it easier because they play in the SEC LEAST. Vegas is all over Georgia in this one, but Miss St. has the more experienced (and better) quarterback, and I’m not sure Kirby SortaSmart has it in him to win a big game. Not yet. COWBELL 27, JAWJA 22


I can’t say whoooo anymore. These guys are getting to be pretty good, or, a step ahead of the Columbia Floppers. UTSA 34, TEXAS ST. 20


Provided that Auburn hasn’t seen every player either get suspended, arrested or leave the program by game time, they win this one easy because Missouri is in the SEC EAST and therefore terrible. AUBURN 44, MIZZOU 16

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