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2000-01 ACC Honor Roll

GREENSBORO, N.C. - The 45th annual Atlantic Coast
Conference Academic Honor Roll, noting academic excellence by
student-athletes for the 2000-01 school year, contains a record 1,711
performers as announced by Commissioner John Swofford.

The Honor Roll comprises those student-athletes who
participated in a varsity-level sport and registered a grade point
average of 3.0 or better for the full academic year. Duke led the league
in total selections for the 14th straight year placing 344 on the list,
while North Carolina was second with 251 student-athletes. Virginia was
third with 211 student-athletes and Maryland was fourth with 203,
followed by Clemson (176), NC State (157), Florida State (146), Georgia
Tech (121) and Wake Forest (102).

Featured on this year's Honor Roll are several standouts
including Heisman Trophy winner Chris Weinke of Florida State, Shane
Battier of Duke who was the Wooden and Naismith National Player of the
Year and Georgia Tech's Bryce Molder who was National Player of the
Year in golf, receiving the Fred Haskins and Jack Nicklaus awards. In
addition to being tabbed the National Player of the Year in their
sports, each was named the ACC Player of the Year for their respective
sport and all three student-athletes finished their careers as four-time
ACC Honor Roll members.

Also included on the list of top student-athletes are
several players who earned top honors in their respective sports.
Maryland lacrosse player Jen Adams was selected as the National Player
of the Year in lacrosse and was this year's Mary Garber Award recipient,
presented each year to the ACC's top female student-athlete. North
Carolina field hockey player Kristen McCann was the ACC Player of the
Year and has been an ACC Academic Honor Roll member for five-straight
years. Lori Lindsey from Virginia and Wake Forest's Trina Maso de Moya
were both named the 2000 ACC Player of the Year in women's soccer and
volleyball respectively. NC State wrestler Zach Breitenbach is a
four-time ACC Academic Honor Roll member and was a recipient of a 2001
ACC Weaver, James, Corrigan Post-Graduate Scholarship. Also included on
the list is Clemson linebacker Chad Carson, a 2000 First-Team Academic
All-America, who led Clemson to a bowl game in two of his first three

A complete listing of the 2000-01 ACC Honor Roll

Clemson (176): Lindsey Abbott-Volleyball; Joseph Anderson-Football; Leslie Anderson 3-Swimming; Jeffrey Atteberry 2-Swimming; Pasha Bains 2-Basketball; Jeffrey Baker-Baseball; Brit Barrow-Track; Kathryn Barton-Rowing; Michael Barton-Track; Lindsay Baumann-Rowing; Ryane Beasley-Volleyball; Heather Beem-Soccer; Joe Bever-Football; Nora Bissell-Swimming; Nicholas Black-Football; Catherine Blaney-Swimming; Andre Borges-Soccer; Ashlea Bowen-Tennis; Louisa Boyle-Soccer; Mary Brewer 2-Swimming; Oskar Bringsved-Soccer; Kathleen Brown-Swimming; Kimberley Brown 3-Rowing; Bethany Bruzzi-Swimming; Nicollette Burgess 2-Rowing; Jenna Burtch 2-Swimming; Gary Byrd-Football; Tamara Bysura 3-Volleyball; Chad Carson 3-Football; Katherine Carson 3-Soccer; Laura Cartlidge-Track; Tiffany Charles-Track; Royce Charpia-Football; Beverly Chin 3-Swimming; Lisa Christopher 2-Rowing; Josef Clark-Trainer; Leigh Clark 3-Soccer; Meghann Clifford 2-Swimming; Tatum Clowney 2-Soccer; Katrina Cobb-Rowing; Chad Coder-Baseball; Eric Cohn 3-Tennis; David Collins-Track; Amanda Commons-Swimming; Kevin Conaway 4-Soccer; James Connelly 3-Track; Jordan Curry-Football; Christine Dallao-Volleyball; Nicholas Deprimio-Football; Jessica Diebel 2-Swimming; Lucille Doolittle 3-Rowing; Ameigh Douglas-Track; Carolina Douglas 2-Swimming; Alejandro Dubreuil 2-Swimming; Ben Duncan-Golf; Antonio Elliot-Football; David Ellis-Football; Sarah Ellis 2-Track; John Engler 3-Golf; Rodney Feaster-Football; Ryan Fenton-Track; Jack Ferguson-Golf; Farrell Finstad-Rowing; Nuria Forns-Escude 2-Basketball; Rebekah Forshey-Track; Aimee Fox-Rowing; Rachel Gallegos 2-Soccer; Andrew Giesler 2-Track; Alison Gilbert 2-Rowing; Nick Glaser-Baseball; Ross Goodacre 3-Soccer; Leslie Goss-Rowing; Mary Gosselin-Track; Marianne Grant-Rowing; Khalil Greene 2-Baseball; Ashlea Hall 2-Rowing; Rebecca Harmon 2-Tennis; Leigh Harrison-Soccer; Andrew Heck 4-Soccer; James Hendrix 2-Golf; Benjamin Hess 2-Track; Patricia Hider-Swimming; Chase Hilgenbrinck-Soccer; Paul Hill 2-Track; Marcus Hodge-Track; Robert Holt 2-Basketball; William Hopke 3-Tennis; Jill Howard-Rowing; Bryant Howe-Track; Emily Hustead-Swimming; Steven Jackson-Baseball; Tripp James 4-Golf; Laurence Jayet 2-Tennis; Laura Jensen-Volleyball; Michael Johnson Jr.-Baseball; Gregg Jones-Golf; Jane Keydoszius-Track; Sarah Keyes 2-Swimming; Virginia Kirouac 3-Swimming; Ryan Klosterman-Baseball; Adam Klotzbach 2-Track; Lindsey Kroeger-Swimming; Emily Kuivila 2-Rowing; Sally Kukla-Rowing; B.J. Lamura 2-Baseball; John Leake-Football; Aaron Leininger-Soccer; Ryan Lewis-Track; George Lloyd 2-Track; Leslie Maccartney-Rowing; Mary Catherin Manning-Rowing; John McDermott-Football; Megan McGuirt 2-Rowing; Edward McNicholas-Track; Jennifer Meador 3-Track; William Merritt-Football; Erin Mickey 3-Rowing; Theodore Miller 3-Football; Lisa Mischley 2-Rowing; Allison Mitchell-Soccer; Matt Moler 2-Football; Elizabeth Monteith 2-Rowing; Kensey Morris-Swimming; Meaghan Murphy-Swimming; Katherine Niebauer 2-Rowing; Elizabeth Noll-Swimming; Matthew Norman 2-Swimming; Amber Odvody 2-Swimming; Brian Outlaw 2-Football; Henry Owen 3-Football; Tenley Palisin 3-Rowing; Katie Pickett-Track; Jimmy Polk-Football; Elizabeth Potter 2-Swimming; Michael Proto 2-Baseball; Kanetra Queen-Basketball; Heidi Robillard 2-Rowing; Jackie Robinson 3-Football; Loran Rogers-Rowing; Jennifer Sanders-Soccer; Anna Savitskaya 2-Tennis; Matt Schell 3-Football; Jeffrey Scott 2-Football; Thomas Sharpe-Football; Scott Shaw-Track; Beau Shay-Basketball; Lea Shreve-Soccer; Michael Sims 2-Golf; Katherine Sloan 3-Rowing; Jonathan Smith-Baseball; Richard Soanes-Soccer; Paul Souders-Soccer; Nathan Spice 2-Swimming; Jodi Steffes-Volleyball; Ana Stiglic-Tennis; James Stoffer-Swimming; Marion Stone 2-Baseball; Russell Stuermann 2-Football; Craig Thomas 2-Swimming; Micah Thompson-Tennis; Amy Tolley 2-Swimming; Kristi Toothman-Track; D.J. Trahan 2-Golf; Brett Varner 2-Track; Tabitha Vasilas-Basketball; Bradley Vaughan 2-Football; Khaleed Vaughn-Football; Kathryn Walker-Swimming; Lee Taylor Walker-Tennis; Diane Wallendjack-Rowing; Matthew Watson 2-Football; Tricia Williams 2-Soccer; Matthew Wilson-Swimming; Kyle Young 4-Football; Jennifer Zawislak-Track; Marija Zoric-Volleyball

Duke (344): Ed Abrao-Netto-Football; Hillary Adams-Tennis; Michael Adams-Golf; Lauren Afflixio-Swimming; Sheela Agrawal 2-CC; Jeffrey Alleva 2-Baseball; Jon Amt-Track; Geoff Anderson 3-Wrestling; Kalen Anderson 4-Golf; Troy Andrew 2-Football; Robert Antoniou 2-Soccer; Chrissy Ashley 2-Field Hockey; Katie Atlas 3-CC; Laurie Ball-Track; Ben Balmages-Wrestling; Meg Barnet-Lacrosse; Christian Barrett-Fencing; Liz Bateman 3-Field Hockey; Shane Battier 4-Basketball; Jessica Batxzell-Rowing; Evan Beard-Wrestling; Douglas Bechtold 2-Baseball; Jessica Bennett-Lacrosse; Seth Benson 4-Track; Carlo Bertucci 3-Fencing; Maren Betts-Sonstegard 3-Rowing; Erin Black 2-Fencing; Hilary Boe-Rowing; Suzy Borgschulte-Swimming; Alex Bose 2-Tennis; Liz Boswell 4-Swimming; Brigid Bowdell-Soccer; Joanna Bradley-Track; Chris Brede-Swimming; Michael Bredehoeft-Fencing; Kevin Brennan-Lacrosse; Terry Brennan 3-CC; Matt Breslin-Lacrosse; Corinne Broesler-Lacrosse; Scott Bross 4-Lacrosse; Denver Brown 3-Golf; Andrea Buckwalter 3-CC; Grant Byczek-Lacrosse; Ryan Caldbeck 3-Basketball; Joseph Caradonna-Baseball; Ansley Cargill-Tennis; Amanda Carlson 2-Fencing; Tess Carter-Rowing; Thomas Cass 3-Wrestling; Kevin Cassese 2-Lacrosse; Robert Castor-Golf; Marko Cerenko 4-Tennis; Kara Cerwensky 2-Rowing; Jay Champi 2-CC; Daniel Chemotti-Lacrosse; Yng-Ru Chen 2-Rowing; Nancy Cheng 2-Fencing; Matt Christensen 3-Basketball; Jordan Cila-Soccer; Brian Clark 2-Swimming; Harry Clarke 3-Wrestling; Michael Connolly 2-Football; Paige Corbett-Rowing; Joe Crawley-Track; Isis Dallis 4-Soccer; Neal D'Amato-CC; Andrew Davidson 2-Lacrosse; Kim Daws 4-Soccer; Kyle Denham 2-Football; Maureen Denney 3-Field Hockey; Jeanne Dewitt-Swimming; Caroline Diemar-Rowing; Jennifer DiPiero-CC; Kelly Dirks 3-Lacrosse; William Djinis-Swimming; Kristen Doody 2-CC; Dan Doty-Lacrosse; Juliana Dudas-CC; Whitney Dunlap 3-Rowing; Mike Dunleavy 2-Basketball; Tyler Elkins-Williams-Lacrosse; Jon Enberg 3-Lacrosse; Kristina Engstrom-Golf; Duane Epperson-Football; Ben Erdeljac 3-Football; Whitney Evans 2-CC; Janet Faraguna-CC; Annie Feldman-CC; Aaron Fenton-Lacrosse; Ben Fenton-Lacrosse; Russell Fenton-Football; Zachary Fenton 2-Lacrosse; Michael Ferrari 2-Lacrosse; Claire Finn 3-Lacrosse; Chris Fleizach 3-Swimming; Robert Fleming 4-Football; Jessica Fluck-Field Hockey; Paul Forsyth-Fencing; Kristen Foster 3-Lacrosse; Don Fowler 2-Track; Jon Frazier-Track; Heath Freeman-Football; Rebecca Fuhrman-Swimming; Carly Fuller 2-Soccer; Ryan Furgurson 4-Soccer; Bryn Gallagher 2-Volleyball; Lauren Gallagher 2-Lacrosse; Adam Gasthalter 2-Fencing; Jennifer Gauger-Swimming; Mae Joyce Gay-Rowing; Tom Gianturco-Track; Katie Gilman-Volleyball; Krista Gingrich 3-Basketball; Tom Glenn-Wrestling; Richard Glod 2-Fencing; Kim Gogola-Field Hockey; Wes Goodner 3-Baseball; Francoise Gordon 2-Lacrosse; Jason Gorski -Wrestling; Chris Graber 2-CC; Katie Granson 2-Tennis; Gwyneth Gravelle-Fencing; Scott Grossi-Baseball; Kristy Guenther 2-Swimming; Adam Guren 2-Soccer; Amy Halligan-Swimming; Candy Hannemann 3-Golf; Mack Hardaker 2-Lacrosse; Leigh Anne Hardin-Golf; Ashley Harris 2-Volleyball; Isiah Harris 4-Soccer; Kelly Harris-Soccer; Ryan Harsch 2-Swimming; Mike Hart 2-Football; Chris Hartofilis 2-Lacrosse; Dan Hauber 2-Lacrosse; Christopher Haunss-Lacrosse; Jeff Haywood 2-Soccer; William Hayworth-Wrestling; Katie Heaps 3-Soccer; Hunter Henry 4-Lacrosse; Lindsay Hilgers 2-Swimming; John Hill-Lacrosse; Joanna Hingle 2-Rowing; Allison Hofmann-CC; Stuart Holzer 2-Wrestling; Matthew Hoover 2-Wrestling; Cheryl Lynn Horton-Lacrosse; Nick Horvath 2-Basketball; Colleen Howard-CC; Kristie Howard-Track; Sean Huang 2-Fencing; Heidi Hullinger-CC; Lizzie Hurlbut-Soccer; Judith Jacobson-Fencing; Paul Jepsen-Lacrosse; Amanda Johnson-Tennis; Anthoney Johnson-Football; Erik Johnson-Fencing; Shawn Johnson 2-Football; Anna Juraschek 3-Rowing; Kate Kaiser 3-Lacrosse; Terrence Keaney 3-Lacrosse; Michael Keating 2-Lacrosse; Kevin Kelly 2-Baseball; Sean Kelly 3-CC; James Kennedy-Lacrosse; Lauren Kickham-Lacrosse; Alan Kincel 2-Lacrosse; Megan King 2-Rowing; Brent Kintzing-Swimming; J.J. Koch-Wrestling; Michael Kovach-Soccer; Susan Kraeger 4-Soccer; Vicki Krapohl-Basketball; Matt Krauss 3-Golf; Elizabeth Kreul-Starr 3-CC; Nate Krill-Football; Brandon LaCroix 2-Golf; Katie Lakin 2-Rowing; Kate Lambertsen-Swimming; Seth Lankford-Track; Cameron Lawler-Wrestling; Margaret Lea-Soccer; Robert Leandro 4-Football; Jennifer Lee 2-Swimming; Jessica Levi 3-Rowing; Noah Lewkowitz 2-Soccer; Alex Lieske -Lacrosse; Arielle Linderman-Volleyball; Maegan Lobo-Berg 2-Soccer; Jeni Luehrs-Rowing; Matt Lynch-Swimming; William MacDonald-Lacrosse; Devon MacWilliam-Rowing; Justin Maggio-Fencing; Melissa Malakoff 2-CC; Andrea Mangones-Fencing; Harry Marr-Football; Drew Martin-Football; James Martin 3-CC; Scott Maslin 3-Soccer; David Mason 4-Baseball; Mark Mattern 2-Soccer; Jamal McClendon 2-Soccer; Erin McClure 4-Track; Anna McDonald-Swimming; Kristen McElduff 3-Lacrosse; Donald McIntosh 2-Soccer; Mike McKeever 3-CC; Janay McKie 2-Track; Brendan McLaughlin 2-Swimming; Kim Meyer 2-Rowing; Laura Meyer 2-CC; Allison Michels 2-Lacrosse; Megan Miller 3-Tennis; Sara Miller-Rowing; Michael Mitchell 2-Wrestling; Dan Mooney-Football; Jennelle Moore-Field Hockey; Peter Muller 3-CC; Andrea Murray-Rowing; Lisa Nagorny-CC; Lauren Nathan 2-Swimming; Jack Newhouse 2-Swimming; David Newman-Fencing; Virada Nirapathpongporn-Golf; Amy Noble 4-Lacrosse; Scott Noble 2-Soccer; Angie North 3-Field Hockey; Lindsey O'Connell 3-Swimming; Matt Olmsted-Swimming; Erin O’Shaughnessy-Lacrosse; Gwendolyn Oxenham-Soccer; Luke Palmisano 3-Wrestling; Brian Pascal 2-Fencing; Gregory Patchak 3-Lacrosse; Stephen Pate 2-Soccer; Brian Patrick-Baseball; Aaron Paul-CC; Andres Pedroso 3-Tennis; Erica Perrier 2-Field Hockey; Sarah Pickens-Soccer; Lindsay Piechnik-Lacrosse; Ioana Plesu 3-Tennis; Carina Podgorski-Rowing; Andrew Preslar 2-Football; Crystal Pressley-Soccer; Barbara Preston-Lacrosse; Jen Rainey-Rowing; Claire Rauh-Field Hockey; Byron Rausenberger 2-Soccer; Casey Reardon-Track; Michael Rechnitz-Swimming; James Regan-Lacrosse; Brittany Reid-Rowing; Chad Rice-Football; Elise Richards 2-Rowing; Carolyn Robinson-Rowing; Courtney Rodgers 4-Lacrosse; Nancy Rodriguez-Rowing; Spencer Romine 5-Football; Aaron Rosenberg-Fencing; Michael Russell 2-Lacrosse; Heather Ryan 2-Track; Nina Rybak 3-Volleyball; Kevin Sakuda 3-Soccer; Alison Sanders 2-Soccer; Brad Santanna-Football; Dave Saap 2-Track; Kristin Sbarra 4-Track; Jodi Schlesinger 2-Track; Laura Schmid-CC; Jillian Schwartz 3-Track; Stuart Schwartz 4-Lacrosse; Georgia Schweitzer 3-Basketball; Debbie Seibold 2-Rowing; Kathy Sell 3-Tennis; Ryan Shannon 4-Football; Carrie Shepard-Rowing; Joshua Sheridan-Wrestling; J.D. Simpson 2-Basketball; Emily Sinkhorn-Field Hockey; Prim Siripipat 2-Tennis; James Skandalaris-Lacrosse; Andy Skurka 2-CC; Daegan Smith 2-Wrestling; Daniel Smith 3-Fencing; Hallie Smith-Field Hockey; Ramsey Smith 3-Tennis; Rebecca Smith 2-Soccer; Courtney Sommer 4-Field Hockey; Jill Sonne 2-Volleyball; Kate Soulier 3-Lacrosse; Sara Spalding 2-CC; Joel Spicher 2-Tennis; Ryan Spoon 2-Swimming; Carrie Starr 2-Lacrosse; Sarah Stephens 3-Volleyball; Betsy Stewart 2-Swimming; Frederick Stock 4-Lacrosse; Kevin Streelman-Golf; Andrew Stroud-Lacrosse; Claire Sullivan 3-Lacrosse; Jennifer Tate 2-Fencing; Allissa Thompson-Track; Gideon Thompson 3-Baseball; Brad Thrasher-Swimming; Paul Toomey-Wrestling; Kasey Truman 2-Soccer; Stacy Tsougas-Field Hockey; Paul Tucker 4-Golf; Jenna Turner-Track; Bryan Unkeless-Swimming; Kim Van Kirk-Field Hockey; Rachel Vander Griend 2-Volleyball; Alex Wade 2-Football; Liz Wagner-Soccer; Andrea Walczak-Rowing; Allison Ward-Track; Justin Ward 2-Swimming; Brent Warner-Track; Allison Watson-Swimming; Joseph Watt 4-Lacrosse; Elizabeth Weaver-Rowing; Michael Weiner-Soccer; Missy West-Basketball; Josie Weymann 2-Volleyball; Charles White 4-Fencing; Ashley Wick 3-Lacrosse; Anne Wickman 2-CC; Greg Wikelius-CC; Chris Williams-CC; Ryan Willingham 2-Golf; Marc Winniford-Track; Luke Wood 2-CC; Maddy Woodmansee 2-CC; Devan Wray-Lacrosse; Taylor Wray 2-Lacrosse; Sarah Wright-Field Hockey; Michael Yani-Tennis; Trevor Yates-Swimming; Melissa Yuppa 2-Field Hockey; Sara Zielske-Soccer

Florida State (146): Matthew Ackley 2 -Golf; Kristen Adams 4-Swimming; Nathan Adams 2-CC; David Anderson 2-Basketball; Jennifer Anderson -Volleyball; Kia Asberg 4-Tennis; Ryan Atkins 2-CC; Steve Augustine 3-Track; Ryan Barthelemy 2-Baseball; Brooke Bastien 2-CC; Molly Beal 2-Basketball; Summer Bell 2-Swimming; Natalie Bennett -Softball; John Bentley 3-Baseball; Geary Bland 3-Track; Lauren Bradley 2-Basketball; Staci Brandon 2-Softball; Patrick Brett 3-Track; Becky Brock 3-Softball; Cynthia Campbell 3-CC; Natalie Carratala 4-Tennis; Kimmy Carter -Softball; Aaron Caruso -CC; David Castillo-Football; Christine Cech 2-Swimming; Aaron Cheesman -Baseball; Michael Chevalier -Baseball; Brett Cimorelli-Football; Amy Coburn -CC; Margaret Colley -Swimming; Keith Cottrell 3-Football; Carrie Crandall -Track; Sarah Crawford 2-Soccer; Alison Cucchi -Swimming; Alison Curdt -Golf; Devard Darling-Football; Sarah Deacon 2-Soccer; Jason Dean 3-Track; Christina Denny -Tennis; Dennis Disbrow -Football; Nanette Duxin 3-Tennis; Heather Dyche 3-Soccer; Allison Eagen -Track; Joshua Edelman -Swimming; Elliott Elias 2-Tennis; Trinetta Fisher -Track; Steven Forson 2-Swimming; Michael Franks -Swimming; Randolph Frazier -Football; Daniel Fritz 2-CC; Kristin Frye 2-Volleyball; Vanessa Fuchs 4-Basketball; Alida Gallovits 2-Tennis; Jenny Garcia 2-Soccer; Robyn Gauger 2-Softball; Tori George -Soccer; Patrick Gerberich 2-Track; Christopher Ginn 3-Baseball; Gregory Gorski 2-Track; Elias Guerra -CC; Chance Gwaltney 2-Football; Ashley Halter 4-Soccer; Brian Hawver -Golf; Marcell Haywood -Basketball; Kelley Henderson -Golf; Ryan Hicks 2-CC; Caren Hirai 3-Swimming; Jackie Hirschfeld -Softball; Petra Hofmann -Basketball; Christopher Hope 3-Football; Dawn Hough -Volleyball; Lindsay Iding -Golf; Michael Ingham 5-Tennis; Katie Jeffrey -CC; Jean Jeune 3-Football; Kimberly Jones 2-Track; Meredith Jones 2-Soccer; Romain Jurd -Tennis; Jonathan Kaplan 3-Swimming; Kristan Keelan 2-Swimming; Lisa Kirsch -Swimming; James Korton-Swimming; Beth Lawrence -Tennis; Erica Lazarus 3-CC; Andrew Lewis 2-Golf; Amy Lo -Swimming; Jason Lopez 4-Golf; Justin Lord -Baseball; Ryan Lowery -Basketball; Beth Lukens -CC; Xavier Luscan -Tennis; Matthew Lynch 2-Baseball; Chad Maeder 3-Football; Leslie Malerich 2-Softball; Blair McCaleb -Baseball; Bryant McFadden -Football; Anthony McQuade -Baseball; Craig Merson -Football; Chad Mooney 2-Tennis; April Murphy 4-Soccer; Elizabeth Nagy 2-Swimming; Candice Nethercott -Swimming; Lindsay Osborn -Track; Marcus Outzen 3-Football; Shawn Patterson -CC; Michael Paulus -Swimming; Cerina Pele-Volleyball; Amy Pleckaitis -CC; Elizabeth Pound 2-Volleyball; Karen Rademeyer -Track; Marina Raic 3-Tennis; Tonya Rasor -Swimming; Megan Robbins -Track; Eric Roman 3-Baseball; Amber Russell 2-Track; Marya Sabesky 5-Swimming; Kristen Sanborn 3-Golf; Noah Schnell -Tennis; Alexandra Sevillano 2-Volleyball; Carrie Sordel -Golf; Ryan Sprague 3-Football; Lakesha Springle 2-Basketball; Jared Sweetser 2-Track; Seth Swisher 2-Swimming; Kristin Tamulis 2-Golf; Brady Thomas 2-CC; Nathan Timm 2-CC; Christy Travis 4-Tennis; Blair Varnes 2-Baseball; Elisa Velasco -Softball; Gary Visser 3-Track; Beth Wade 2-Softball; Danielle Walker -Track; Jessica Walker -Swimming; Rachael Watkin 3-Soccer; Chris Weinke 4-Football; Jennifer Werrick 2-Volleyball; Matthew Wheeler -Swimming; Christopher Whidden 3-Baseball; Nickolas Whidden 3-Baseball; Sara White 4-Track; Randy Wilkins-Football; Brett Williams-Football; Louise Wright 4-Golf; Brooke Wyckoff 4-Basketball; Mason Yost 3-Track

Georgia Tech (121): Courtney Adler 2-Volleyball; Sergio Aguirre 4-Tennis; Shilo Ayalon 2-Swimming; Sharif Azim-Track; Kyle Bakker-Baseball; Geeske Banck-Volleyball; Brett Basquin 5-Football; Kyleen Bell 3-Volleyball; Tamika Boatner -Basketball; Matthew Boggs 4-Baseball; Gavin Bourgeois-Football; Chip Brown 4-Golf; Betsy Bulat-Track & CC; Daniel Burnett 2-Football; Brian Camp-Football; Nicole Campbell 3-Track & CC; Rachael Caruso-Track & CC; Jennifer Christenson-Swimming; Beau Cleland-Football; Romain Coirault 3-Tennis; Michael Comer-Swimming; Julie Conlon 2-Track; Kai Cornwell-Football; Adam Cranford 3-Golf; Barton Crist-Track; Eboni Crosby-Track & CC; Olivier Deijni 4-Track; Jessica Dickerson-Volleyball; Dan Dyke 3-Football; Itai Eden-Swimming; Amy Edwards 2-Track & CC; Matthew Etheridge-Football; Kele Eveland-Volleyball; Neta Ezer-Track & CC; John Fennessy 3-Swimming; Eric Fitzgerald 2-Track; Brendan Forbes-Swimming; John Paul Foschi-Football; Robbie Foster 2-Swimming; Tina Frey 4-Track & CC; Jamie Frost-Softball; Leo Furlong-Football; Phillip Gable 3-Track & CC; Michael Garlow-Football; Charles Gersbach 3-Swimming; Erin Glantz-Softball; George Godsey 2-Football; Derik Goffena 2-Baseball; Tiffany Goodman-Softball; Jason Grier 4-Track & CC; Katie Griffin-Track & CC; Bobbi Guthrie 3-Tennis; Will Hardy 2-Football; Erin Hawley-Softball; Josh Hersko-Swimming; Amanda Hess-Volleyball; Hal Higgins 2-Football; Gordon Hwang 4-Tennis; Travis Iams-Tennis; Spencer Irvine-Track; Kori Jacobson 2-Softball; Nikole Jeffery-Track; Brent Johnson 3-Track & CC; Steve Kelly 2-Baseball; Chris Koncul-Football; David Laitala 3-Swimming; Cameron Lane-Baseball; Richard Lau-Swimming; Jennifer Ledbetter-Track; Jennifer Lentz-Swimming; Marvin Lewis-Basketball; Ashton Manley-Track & CC; Troy Matteson 3-Golf; Richard McCabe-Football; Brian Meager 4-Football; Renee Metivier-Track & CC; Kris Mikkelsen 3-Golf; Ian Miller-Track; Matt Miller 2-Football; Susanne Miller 2-Softball; Bryce Molder 4-Golf; Daniel Moss-Track & CC; Jeremy Muyres-Football; Winston Neal-Basketball; James Nozar 3-Swimming; Carl Nylander 3-Swimming; Marty O'Leary-Football; Eddy Oliver-Swimming; Tosan Osaigbovo-Track; Jamie Ostrov 2-Track; Laura Ozolins 3-Tennis; Maja Pachale 3-Volleyball; Sara Pardue 3-Track & CC; Philip Perry 2-Baseball; Mishanta Reyes-Track; Debbie Reynolds-Tennis; Kelley Rhino 2-Football; Brian Sager-Baseball; James Salazar 2-Swimming; Leo Salinas 3-Swimming; Lacey Schanz 2-Softball; David Schmidt-Track & CC; David Silver 2-Swimming; Ashley Skala-Swimming; Joseph Stegall 4-Track & CC; Brad Stockton 3-Baseball; Ellen Styer-Softball; Regina Tate 4-Basketball; Mark Teixeira 3-Baseball; Alex Tetterton-Football; Courtney Thomas-Track; Tomonori Tsuji 2-Swimming; Mimi Utt-Softball; Robin Van Auken-Track & CC; Erin Voeltz-Softball; Alberta Watkins-Track ; Matt Weibring-Golf; Sara Wissman-Softball; Jaime Wong 2-Tennis; Lindsay Wood-Softball; David Wright-Tennis

Maryland (203): Petra Adamkova-Swimming; Jen Adams 3-Lacrosse; Chris Ader 2-Track; Amanda Ayres-Volleyball; Christine Bare-Swimming; Kristen Barnhill-Soccer; Daniel Barsnica-Wrestling; Mark Baxter 2-Swimming; Ken Beck 3-Baseball; Sarah Bedford-Golf; Lori Bednarchik-Swimming; Courtney Beirne-Soccer; David Benaderet-Track; Monique Berry 3-CC/Track; Amanda Bettker-Softball; Erica Bicksler-Field Hockey; Kevin Bishop 2-Football; Marjorie Bollinger 3-CC/Track; Rob Booth 2-Wrestling; Kelly Bowman 3-Swimming; Sean Bowman-Swimming; Carey Brennan-Volleyball; Matt Brock-Lacrosse; Scott Buete 2-Soccer; Anthony Buffone-Baseball; Jillian Callaway 2-Softball; Quinn Carney 4-Lacrosse; Danielle Carpenter 3-Softball; Meg Carrington-Lacrosse; Brian Carroll-Lacrosse; Melanie Cathey-Indoor Track; Suzy Catterson-Swimming; Greg Chambers-Tennis; Chloe Chavardes-Tennis; Nick Cilento-Wrestling; Karen Claney-Track; Erin Clasper 2-Golf; John Collins-Track; Elyse Corwin-Swimming; Gillian Cote 3-Gymnastics; Greg Courtois 3-Swimming; Valerie Courtois-Swimming; Kristin Crawford 2-Lacrosse; Kelly Crowley-CC/Track; Eric D'Alessandro-Baseball; Lindsay Davey-Volleyball; Lisa DeGrechie 3-CC/Track; Tami DeGrechie 4-CC/Track; Willette Dority 3-Volleyball; Natalie Dye 2-CC/Track; Chuck Easter 4-Baseball; Meredith Egan-Lacrosse; Thomas Ehrhardt-Swimming; C.J. Feldheim-Football; Phillip Fenstermaker-Golf; Jonathan Ferguson 2-Swimming; Tara Foran 4-Lacrosse; Liz Gall-Softball; Catherine Gardner 2-Gymnastics; Jennifer Gephart-Swimming; Brianna Gerrity 3-Swimming; Toby Gershon-Track; Jennifer Gibson 2-Golf; David Giger 2-Swimming; Paul Gillette-Lacrosse; James Gondak 3-Track; Cara Gorman 2-Lacrosse; Meghan Graves-Swimming; Terri Greer 2-Soccer; Emily Greway-Field Hockey; Joseph Guzzio 2-Wrestling; Devenn Hamilton-CC/Track; Dionne Hamilton-CC/Track; Brett Harper-Lacrosse; Jacqueline Harper-Golf; Sally Harrison 2-Soccer; Daniel Hawthorn-Track; Ian Healy-Lacrosse; Charles Hill-Football; Kathryn Hilton-Lacrosse; Robyn Hladish 3-Swimming; Courtney Hobbs-Lacrosse; Rob Hoffman-Lacrosse; Ashley Hohnstine 2-Field Hockey; Beckett Hollenbach 3-Soccer; Jenna Hough 3-Swimming; Niav Hughes 2-Lacrosse; Dana Jarzyniecki 2-Soccer; Kit Johnson 3-Gymnastics; Vanessa Jones-Track; Molly Kauffman-Field Hockey; Jon Kemezis 4-Lacrosse; Kerry Kennedy-Swimming; Dan Kenshalo 4-Tennis; Carrington King-Lacrosse; Kimberly King 2-Soccer; Amanda Kipnis-Softball; Angie Klingerman 2-Field Hockey; Heidi Klykken-Swimming; Brian Kopka 4-Football; Meghan Krodel 2-CC/Track; Sophia Kuziel-Swimming; Andrew Langan 2-CC/Track; Sean Leary 2-Lacrosse; Casey Leiter-Softball; Eve Lerner 4-Cross Country; Christian Lewis 4-Soccer; Deborah Lieberman 3-Soccer; Kristin Lubas-CC/Track; Katie Ludwig-Soccer; Jason Lufkin-Cross Country; Brad Lyons-Baseball; Becky Mack 3-CC/Track; Meg Mallon-Lacrosse; Mike Mardesich 3-Basketball; Emily Marker-Tennis; Courtney Martinez 3-Lacrosse; Sarah McClellan-Soccer; Dan McCormick 2-Lacrosse; Kevin McDonald-Baseball; Vita McKenna 2-Soccer; Alyssa Mealey 3-Gymnastics; Lisa Mealey 3-Gymnastics; Carissa Messimer 2-Field Hockey; Brian Misar-Track; Mike Mollot 2-Lacrosse; Annie Morris 2-Lacrosse; Byron Mouton-Basketball; Kerri Mulligan 3-Lacrosse; Jonathan Murchison 2-Tennis; Thema Napier 3-CC/Track; Kevin Necessary 4-Lacrosse; Luan Nelson 2-Soccer; Laun Nguyen 3-Tennis; Laura Nolan-Swimming; Katy Novotny 3-Swimming; Kristy Palchinsky-Field Hockey; Brian Patenaude 4-Baseball; Tyler Pharr 3-Soccer; Danielle Piacente-Tennis; Kiesha Pickeral-Softball; Debra Pinkston 3-Swimming; Jennifer Potzman 4-Softball; Audra Poulin -Soccer; Diana Prestileo-CC/Track; Beth Radford 2-Softball; Katherine Redeker-Golf; Carrie Reinhardt-Swimming; Janet Richmond 3-Softball; Linneah Riedlinger-Swimming; Dina Rizzo-Field Hockey; Matthew Roberts-Soccer; Bryan Robinovitz-Wrestling; Stefanie Robinson 2-Softball; Chris Roddy 2-Swimming; Angelina Rosamilia-Track; David Rose-Lacrosse; Scott Rudolph 4-Football; Trina Scalza-Volleyball; Lynn Scharf-Soccer; Steve Schmoll 2-Baseball; Katherine Schroeder-Gymnastics; Keri Seher 3-CC/Track; Carol Senkler 3-Field Hockey; Riki-Ann Serrins 4-Soccer; Nicole Shafer 2-Swimming; Katayoon Shahrokh-Volleyball; Becky Shank 3-Lacrosse; Julia Shank 2-Lacrosse; Mike Shebuski 2-Soccer; Kelly Shores-Swimming; Rachel Sibert-Gymnastics; Kateri Simon 2-Field Hockey; David Slye 4-Swimming; Keli Smith 2-Field Hockey; Lauren Smith 2-Swimming; Virginia Solomon 2-Lacrosse; Seth Stammler-Soccer; Jacob Stork 2-Wrestling; Maren Stuart 2-Volleyball; Lora Stutzman 2-CC/Track; Kristin Sudina 2-Lacrosse; Carla Tagliente 3-Field Hockey; Jill Thomas 2-Swimming; Shannon Toback 2-Volleyball; Marie Tomarelli 4-Swimming; Peter Toole-Golf; Catherine Valantin 2-Tennis; Wendy Van Norden 3-Lacrosse; Steve Vigilante-Swimming; Carly Viher-Soccer; Monica Villarreal-Tennis; Bryan Vitagliano-Soccer; Robert Vorhies 2-Wrestling; Caroline Walter 3-Field Hockey; Josh Weidman-Wrestling; Autumn Welsh 3-Field Hockey; Wendy Whitcomb-Swimming; Meghan White 2-Cross Country; Todd Wike 2-Football; Lauren Wilson-Volleyball; Stacey Wolejko-Golf; Abigail Zern-CC/Track

North Carolina (251): Rebecca Acker-Swimming; Erika Acuff 2-Swimming; Benjamin Aiken-Tennis; John Alsup 2-Lacrosse; Heather Angell 3-Golf; Elizabeth Athanas-Fencing; Seth Axford 2-Fencing; Susan Ball-Soccer; James Barnwell 4-Wrestling; Jason Batt-Soccer; Kimberly Baxter-Rowing; Jason Beamon 4-Football; Christopher Bender-Football; Ashley Benner-Swimming; Mary Benner-Rowing; JohnMark Bentley-Wrestling; Seth Berkowitz-Track; Brian Bersticker-Basketball; Andrew Biedrzycki 3-Swimming; Gena Bittner-Swimming; Leslie Bone-Rowing; Robert Borbet 2-Track; Ronald Brewer-Football; Aron Breziner-Tennis; David Britt-Fencing; Krista Buchholz 2-Volleyball; Michael Bucy 4-Soccer; Bradley Byers 2-Wrestling; Michael Caire-Track; Kestutis Celiesius 2-Track; Amber Chambers 2-Field Hockey; Marina Chase 2-Track; David Cheatwood 3-Tennis; MIchael Chenier 2-Swimming; William Cherry, III 3-Golf; Christina Cleland 2-Fencing; Elizabeth Colacurcio 2-Swimming; Laura Collier 2-Swimming; Lisa Companioni-Gymnastics; William Crafford 3-Wrestling; Anne Crawford-Lacrosse; Matthew Crawford 2-Soccer; Jeanette Crets 3-Rowing; Madelyn Curley-Gymnastics; David Cykert-Fencing; Rachel Daniels 3-Rowing; Elan Dassani-Fencing; Benjamin Davidson 2-Swimming; Carrie Davis-Basketball; Peter Dell'Olio-Lacrosse; Kristin DePlatchett 3-Soccer; Kimberlee Dilda 4-Rowing; Shannon Donoho-Gymnastics; Ian Douglas 3-Track; Jessica Dunevant-Fencing; Amanda Earley-Fencing; Benjamin Ehrich 2-Fencing; Jeffrey Ellis 2-Track; Kevin Erndl-Swimming; James Everett 2-Basketball; Elizabeth Feldman 4-Volleyball; Melissa Fiss 2-Swimming; Tiffany Flomo-Track; Nicole Foran 2-Lacrosse; Galen Foresman 3-Track; Molly Freedman-Swimming; Joy Ganes 3-Track; Jennifer Gardner 3-Swimming; Austin Garrison 2-Lacrosse; Kelley Gates-Rowing; Elizabeth George 4-Track; Annemarie Gero-Fencing; Sarah Givan 3-Swimming; Ariel Glassman-Track; Aletha Green-Volleyball; Laura Green 2-Volleyball; Sinisa Haberle-Swimming; Natalie Halbach 2-Gymnastics; Charles Hammer-Lacrosse; Erin Harkins 2-Rowing; Andrew Hathaway 2-Swimming; Katherine Hathaway 2-Swimming; Mary Allen Havell-Fencing; Amy Havrilla-Lacrosse; Susan Hayes 3-Field Hockey; Chad Haynes 2-Fencing; Laura Hays 2-Fencing; Elizabeth Haywood 2-Fencing; Robert Helgason-Fencing; Christopher Helin-Swimming; Melissa Higgins 3-Volleyball; Katherine Hill 3-Tennis; Jonathan Holmes 2-Basketball; Heather Hughes-Softball; Jennifer Hunt-Fencing; John Paul Igoe 2-Wrestling; Skylar Inman-Wrestling; Pat Jackson-Lacrosse; Daniel Jackson-Soccer; Victoria Jackson-Track; Stephanie Jilcott 4-Track; Gregory Johnson 2-Swimming; Scott Johnson-Fencing; William Johnson 2-Basketball; Nicholas Jordan 2-Soccer; Virginia Jordan-Rowing; Venroy July-Wrestling; Suzanne Kerns-Rowing; Kara Kerscher 2-Rowing; Amanda Kline-Swimming; Bradley Kline 2-Swimming; Jena Kluegel-Soccer; Ryan Kneipper-Soccer; Heather Kollist-Fencing; Elyse Kopecky-Track; Stephen Krebs 2-Swimming; Meredith Krull 2-Rowing; Kristopher Kurjiaka-Track; Warren Lamphiear-Wrestling; Matthew Laycock 3-Soccer; George Leach 2-Fencing; Allison Lentz 2-Track; Brandon Leonard-Baseball; Courtney Lewis-Swimming; Ryan Livitan-Soccer; Harrison Lord 2-Fencing; Kristin Lozeau-Swimming; Tara Lynn-Rowing; William MacQueen-Track; Christopher Maples-Baseball; Louis Marchetti 4-Football; Julia Marslender 3-Soccer; Anne Mason-Fencing; Ross McAllister 4-Football; Kristen McCann 5-Field Hockey; Katherine McDaniel-Lacrosse; Raven McDonald 2-Soccer; Erin McInnes-Lacrosse; George McIntosh, III 2-Football; Matthew McMurray-Fencing; Marlene Mejia-Tennis; David Meschke 3-Swimming; Monica Middleton-Gymnastics; Tara Miranda 3-Fencing; Elizabeth Misiti-Swimming; Stephen Mohr 2-Swimming; Ashley Monroe-Track; Amanda Morrison 4-Soccer; Wesley Moyer-Baseball; Bobbie Jo Munson-Track; Edward Murchison-Golf; Tina Murphy 3-Soccer; Jacqueline Myers-Basketball; Erin Neppel 4-Rowing; Jazmine Norton-Lacrosse; John O'Hara 2-Lacrosse; Elizabeth Olen 4-Softball; William Osborn 4-Wrestling; Jessica Osterman 2-Lacrosse; JoAnn Overton 4-Swimming; Dimitri Papageorgiou-Fencing; Amy Parulis-Track; Kim Paul-Fencing; Logan Pause-Soccer; Jill Pedretti-Track; Dana Peirce 4-Rowing; Phillip Pennington-Lacrosse; Steve Perdue 2-Lacrosse; Jessica Perruquet-Swimming; Warren Perry-Fencing; Lindsay Pichaske 2-Rowing; Kate Pinchbeck-Tennis; Grant Porter-Soccer; Quinn Porter-Softball; Ivona Puszkarczuk-Fencing; Matt Rabil 3-Lacrosse; Jeffrey Reed 3-Football; Eden Rellihan-Lacrosse; Anne Remy 2-Soccer; Lindsey Rewerts 3-Rowing; Chad Riley 3-Tennis; Laura Robinson-Rowing; Justin Rossi-Swimming; Stefanie Rulis 2-Swimming; Lily Russell 2-Rowing; Brooke Schildwachter 4-Lacrosse; Alice Schmidt-Track; John Sciandra-Track; Mark Seidman 4-Swimming; Matthew Sender-Fencing; Stacianne Shaut-Rowing; Jennifer Shingler-Rowing; Kate Sidebottom 5-Field Hockey; Lauren Silva-Swimming; Casey Simpson-Volleyball; Naree Sinthusek-Fencing; David Slawinski 4-Swimming; Amanda Smith-Gymnastics; Whitney Smith-Swimming; William Snellings, III 2-Golf; Joan Snider-Gymnastics; Holly Spain-Rowing; James Steele-Fencing; Alison Stewart 2-Field Hockey; Heather Stiles 2-Swimming; Lindsay Stone-Lacrosse; Kaidi Straud-Fencing; Jennifer Sucher-Track; Yuri Suguiyama-Swimming; Candace Sutton-Basketball; Jeb Terry 2-Football; Anna Tharrington-Softball; Brad Thomas 2-Soccer; James Thomas-Track; Elizabeth Thomasson-Fencing; Kimberly Timberlake 4-Track; Jana Toepel 4-Field Hockey; Magdalena Tomecka-Soccer; Richard Treis-Golf; Sarah Turcotte-Golf; Michael Ueltschey 2-Soccer; Malaika Underwood 2-Volleyball; Daniel Vick-Swimming; Dashiell Victor 3-Track; Zachary Victor 2-Track; Long Vo 2-Fencing; Erica Vrana 2-Swimming; Jordan Walker-Soccer; Jacqueline Wallenborn-Rowing; P.J. Wallin 2-Swimming; Ko-Han Wang 2-Fencing; Hal Wansley, III 2-Swimming; Christine Watkins-Swimming; Whitney Weber 2-Track; Jordana Werner-Rowing; Bowen White-Lacrosse; Mary White-Rowing; Amy Whittier 2-Soccer; Elizabeth Wicker-Fencing; Lindsay Wilfley-Rowing; Porter Wilkinson 3-Lacrosse; Brooke Wilson 2-Gymnastics; Jessica Wilson 3-Lacrosse; Marjorie Witter 2-Swimming; Charlene Wong-Swimming; Abbey Woolley-Field Hockey; Kameese Wright-Track; Lauren Yoder-Rowing; Hilary Young-Soccer; Megan Young 2-Fencing; Sarah Young 3-Softball

NC State (157): Abdul Alzindani 3-CC/Track; Rebecca Anderson 2-Volleyball; Adrienne Barnes-Soccer; Amy Bary 2-Soccer; Angela Bawono-Tennis; Lauren Bendahan 2-Soccer; Monica Berry 3-Gymnastics; Amy Beykirch 4-CC/Track; Kelly Blaggie -Soccer; Elizabeth Bohnsack-Swimming; Ryan Boward 3-Tennis; Bridgett Bowers-Swimming; Harold Bowker 3-CC/Track; Rebecca Breeden-CC/Track; Zachary Breitenbach 4-Wrestling; Brandon Brown 2-CC/Track; Kelli Brown 3-Gymnastics; Damon Butler 2-Soccer; Kendell Cangelosi-Gymnastics; Randy Cass 3-CC/Track; Kara Charles 4-Gymnastics; Malin Claesson-Golf; Casey Coleman 2-Wrestling; Kimberly Collins 2-CC/Track; Karen Cone 3-Swimming; Adam Connor 3-Wrestling; Megan Coombs 2-CC/Track; Steven Craig-Swimming; Richard Culberson 4-Swimming; Sara Davis-Golf; Amanda Devore-Tennis; Casey Dimeo-Football; Sara Dolan 4-Gymnastics; Rachel Donnelly 2-Soccer; Yvonne Downing 2-CC/Track; Melinda Dubose 3-CC/Track; Christopher Dugan 3-CC/Track; Mark Eberlie 3-Swimming; Emily Ferguson-Soccer; Emily Fess 4-Swimming; Michael Fitzula 4-CC/Track; Beth Fonner 2 -CC/Track; Rickey Fowler-Football; Mary Freyvogel-Gymnastics; Annamaria Gazda 2-Swimming; Nathan George-Swimming; Katrina Gildemeister-Tennis; Jonathan Godwin-Wrestling; Jason Gore 2-Wrestling; Sara Graybill-CC/Track; Christen Greene 2-Basketball; Michael Grochowski-Wrestling; Lea Gunnell 2-Soccer; Jorge Gutierrez-Swimming; Timothy Haley 3-Swimming; Jaci Harper-Soccer; Lynsey Harrington-Soccer; Allison Henderson-Golf; Diana Henderson 2-CC/Track; Margaux Hennessey-Golf; Austin Herbert-Football; Phillip Herndl 2-Soccer; Braden Holloway 3-Swimming; Rebecca Hoover-CC/Track; Miranda Horn 2-Swimming; Wesley Horne 2-Golf; John Huber-CC/Track; Joseph Iatauro-CC/Track; Carmen Israel-Soccer; Jennifer Jassawalla-Tennis; Laura Jazab 3-Gymnastics; Jonathan Johnson 2-CC/Track; Kelly Jordan 2-Soccer; Eric Kaufman 2-Soccer; Andrew Kerins 2-CC/Track; Adam Kiker 2-Football; Tara Knauss-Soccer; Elizabeth Kraft 4-CC/Track; Alison Kreager 3-Volleyball; Erin Lambie-Swimming; Josianne Lauber-CC/Track; Gretchen Lear 2-Soccer; Reuben Ledbetter 3-Wrestling; Jacqueline Leskovar-Tennis; Joseph Lion 3-CC/Track; Marlyn Madey 2-Gymnastics; Allison Magner 2-Volleyball; Anthony Malcolm 2-Soccer; Stephen Matthews 2-Swimming; Christopher McKinney-Football; Suzanne Mitchell-Swimming; Mary Mittendorf 4-Swimming; Desiree Mittman-CC/Track; Jennifer Modliszewski 3-CC/Track; Kristopher Morton-Baseball; Kameron Nance-Baseball; Blake Nicholls-Volleyball; Kristen Nicholls 3-Tennis; David Nichols 2-Baseball; Joshua Oakes-Football; Isaiah Oglesby-CC/Track; Jessica Palefsky 3-Gymnastics; David Patterson 2-CC/Track; Jennifer Pearce 2-Soccer; Chad Pearson-CC/Track; Melissa Pressley 2-Soccer; Meredith Price 4-Volleyball; Molly Purser-CC/Track; Frank Ragsdale 2-Rifle; Rebecca Randolph-Golf; Jonathan Ray 4-Rifle; Jason Rice 3-Rifle; Justin Riley-Baseball; Lewis Ritter-Wrestling; William Roach-Basketball; Ray Robinson 2-Football; Lindsey Rosen 2-Soccer; Brian Rosenthal 2-Tennis; Scott Rushfeldt-Swimming; Katie Sabino 4-CC/Track; Jagjeet Sandhu 2-Tennis; Talisha Scates-Basketball; Crystal Schmidt 2-Gymnastics; Shane Sealy 3-Tennis; Colette Seville 2-Soccer; Rebecca Silverstein 3-Gymnastics; Anderson Smith-CC/Track; David Snoke-Soccer; Mike Sollie 3-Baseball; Stephanie Southard 2-Gymnastics; Adina Stock 2-Gymnastics; Landis Strader 2-Tennis; Justin Struble 2-CC/Track; Erin Swain-CC/Track; Matthew Tabor-Soccer; Randolph Thur-Wrestling; Kathleen Tonini 2-Swimming; Shannon Tully 4-Soccer; Lindsey Underwood-Soccer; Joseph Upton 2-Rifle; Nicole Vanderbeke 3-Swimming; Andrew Vanderveer 3-Football; Susan Vogt 3-Swimming; Daniel Walker-Wrestling; Jamie Walls 2-CC/Track; Katherine Warman-Soccer; Mitchell Watson-Soccer; Ross Weikel 3-Soccer; Angela Welch 3-Gymnastics; Clayton White-Football; Morgan Whitlock-Tennis; Charece Williams 3-Volleyball; Jonathan Williams 2-Wrestling; Ashley Wingate-Football; Scott Wirgau 3-CC/Track; Tad Woolfe 2-Wrestling; Daniel Zoppo-Wrestling

Virginia (211): Mike Abrams-Football; Brandon Alexander 2-CC; Gregory Alpert-Tennis; Kristin Ambrose-Basketball; Katherine Amesbury-Swimming; Caitlin Anderson 3-Swimming; Elizabeth Arnebeck 4-Rowing; Catherine Arnette 2-Volleyball; Whitney Ashcraft-Volleyball; Lacey Aumiller 2-Lacrosse; Lauren Aumiller 2-Lacrosse; Kevin Bailey 2-Football; Amy Baly-Swimming; Brad Barnes-Football; Kate Bedingfield-Rowing; Kelly Behan-CC; Alyssa Benitez 2-Soccer; Matthew Beran 3-Soccer; Jason Bernd 4-Wrestling; Brian Best 2-Swimming; Neil Bianco-Soccer; Ryan Binder 2-Lacrosse; Jeffrey Binggeli 3-CC; Ellen Birek-Rowing; Paul Bjorlo-Wrestling; Jennifer Blomberg 4-Rowing; Patrick Bory-Wrestling; Mirjana Bosevska 2-Swimming; Shannon Boyle-Volleyball; Jenna Bridges-Swimming; Jillian Bumler 2-Softball; David Burman 2-Lacrosse; Curtis Bush 3-Soccer; Lauren Chaikin-CC; Cary Chandler 2-Track ; Jonathan Chou 3-Tennis; Eric Christensen 2-Baseball; Tamara Clark 2-Rowing; Veronica Clemens-CC; Courtney Colbert 4-Swimming; Ty Collins-Baseball; Leslie Cook-Tennis; Dana Coons 3-CC; Abigail Crawford-Field Hockey; Kenneth Crawford 3-Football; Julie Creighton-Rowing; Charles Crimmins-Track ; Thomas Croker 2-Tennis; Anna Crosswhite-Basketball; Nelson Cupello-Soccer; Blythe Daly 4-Rowing; K. Paige Davis-Volleyball; William Davis-Baseball; Colin Delaney-CC; Andrew DeMartino 2-Wrestling; Kristen Dennis-Softball; Andrew Dugger 3-Football; Ellen Dwyer-CC; Amy Eastwood 3-CC; Daniel Ellis 3-Football; Thomas Ellis 2-CC; Madeline Engel-Rowing; Patrick English 2-CC; Mark Farrington-Football; Sean Feeney 2-Soccer; Michael Feller 3-Soccer; Sarah Folse-CC; Lauren Fritsch-Rowing; Matthew Gallagher-Wrestling; Jennifer Gardner 2-CC; Carrie Goodloe 3-Field Hockey; Kristin Granlund-Rowing; David Greene 4-Football; James Greenwood, III-Swimming; James Grimes Jr. 3-Swimming; Stephen Gross 3-CC; Patrick Guarnieri-Tennis; Lauren Hamar-Rowing; Jolene Hampson-CC; Gregory Hansard-Baseball; Jillian Hansen 3-Lacrosse; Jennifer Harmon 3-Volleyball; A. Caroline Harvey-Track ; Anne Harvey-Lacrosse; Kristen Haughey 2-CC; Steven Henn-CC; Jennifer Herberger 2-Rowing; Canon Hickman-Baseball; Kelli Hill-Field Hockey; Thomas Howell-Football; Elizabeth Hoyle 4-Lacrosse; William Hunter 2-Tennis; Mark Hurrie Jr.-Baseball; Ryan Inman-Soccer; Anne Jensen 2-Rowing; Katherine Jones 4-Volleyball; Inge Jorgensen-Track ; Johanna Kaiser-Softball; Kiersten Kaufman-Volleyball; Kathryn Keller-Rowing; Robert Kennedy-Golf; Christine Kim 2-Tennis; Micah Kimball 2-Football; Keith Kobyra 3-Football; Mark Koontz 3-Lacrosse; Michael Koro-CC; Elena Kravchenko 2-Basketball; Simona Kuipers 2-Volleyball; Shivin Kwatra 3-Golf; Elizabeth Lambert-Rowing; Reed Landry-Wrestling; Parker Lange-Football; Mary Beth LaVerghetta 3-Lacrosse; Joshua Lawson-Football; Alison Lee-Soccer; Megan Leo 3-Soccer; Robin LeRosen-Track ; Richard Lilly Jr.-Track ; Lori Lindsey 2-Soccer; Christopher Luzar 2-Football; Kase Luzar 2-Football; Barclay Macon III-Baseball; Evan Mancini-Lacrosse; Risa Mandzuk 2-Rowing; Chris Marinak 3-Baseball; Russell Mark-Swimming; Gary Marshall-Swimming; J.C. Mathis-Basketball; Melanie Matthews 2-CC; Kelly McCabe-Softball; Elizabeth McCarthy 3-Lacrosse; Mark McDonald-Track ; Meg McGarvey-CC; Kevin McGrath-Lacrosse; Julie McQueen-Rowing; Kelly Melton-Soccer; Rebecca Metcalfe-Rowing; Michael Mitchell 2-Golf; Huntley Montgomery-Tennis; Ryan Mooney-Swimming; Margot Noordzij 4-Rowing; Sharon O’Connor-CC; Amy O’Donnell 3-Tennis; William Parker, II-Baseball; Robert Pearce-CC; Andrea Pfeiffer-Lacrosse; Andrew Pickett-Swimming; Joseph Piorkowski 2-Swimming; Katie Prior-Swimming; Will Quayle 2-Lacrosse; Natalie Randolph-Track ; Jennifer Reck-Rowing; Emily Richard 2-Rowing; Kyla Robinson 4-Soccer; Megan Roesch 3-Swimming; Evan Routzahn-Football; Morgan Rutkowski-CC; Rebecca Sachs-Rowing; Rachael Schaffner-Swimming; Erik Schulman -Track ; Tiffany Schummer-Lacrosse; Megan Schwartz 2-CC; Christina Schweer 4-Tennis; Robert Schwieters 4-Track ; Sarah Shankman-Rowing; Jenny Sherman 3-Rowing; Kyle Singer 3-Soccer; Stephanie Smith-Rowing; Hatcher Snead-Lacrosse; Melissa Somadelis-Soccer; Heidi Sondermann-CC; Kristy Sott 4-Field Hockey; Katie Spearman-Rowing; Ljubomir Stamenich-Football; Katherine Stanton-Swimming; David Stone 3-Baseball; S. Chris Sweet-Baseball; Kathleen Synan-Volleyball; Heather Terry 2-Soccer; Robert Thiele 4-CC; Jonathan Thompson-Football; Kathleen Tracy 4-Soccer; Nicole Triden 3-Swimming; Jennifer Tuchband 2-Tennis; Brian Vahaly 4-Tennis; Meghan Van Dam 3-Rowing; Rebecca Van Dyke 3-Rowing; Ernesto Vera-Wrestling; Lorraine Vizzuso 4-Field Hockey; Luke Wagner-Swimming; Justin Watson 2-CC; Kelly Weaver 4-Tennis; Ryan Webb 2-CC; Kyle Werman-Baseball; Tamara Westinghouse-Soccer; Michael Wheeler-Swimming; Annica White-Track ; Emily White 2-Field Hockey; Mason White-Field Hockey; Rebecca Wilbricht-Field Hockey; Henriette Williams 2-Tennis; Schuyler Williams-Lacrosse; Sasha Wilson 4-Soccer; Justin Wood 2-CC; Jared Woodson-Football; Robert Word-Baseball; Rebecca Worthington 4-F. Hockey; Hunter Wyant-Baseball; Meaghan Young 2-Softball; Alan Zimmerer-Baseball; Deanna Zwarich-Volleyball

Wake Forest (102): Todd Achilles 2-Baseball; Melinda Adnot 2-Track; Vincent Azzolina-Football; Maria Beautell 2-Golf; Timothy Bennett 3-Football; Daniel Bolin-Soccer; Kelly Brady 2-Track; Bianca Brown-Basketball; Rachel Burns 3-Track; Matthew Busick-Track; Detra Chambers-Track; Deviney Chaponis-Track; Roxanne Chow-Soccer; Obi Chukwumah 2-Football; Nuria Clau 2-Golf; William Cobb-Football; John Colavincenzo 2-Track; Dominic Constandi-Tennis; Shauna Danos-Track; Sara Beth DeLisle-Volleyball; Arthur DeLuca 3-Golf; Christopher Demetra 3-Track; Jenny Everett 4-Field Hockey; Andre Fankhauser-Soccer; Robert Fischer-Soccer; Catherine Fortin Major-Track; Jamie Grayzer-Track; Ryan Hamilton-Track; Maren Haus 3-Tennis; Adam Heaps 2-Baseball; Denise Hefferin-Track; Jonathan Helms 3-Football; Todd Hertling 3-Track; William Hesmer-Soccer; Broderick Hicks 3-Basketball; Garick Hill 3-Track; Brock Hilpert 2-Soccer; Scott Holmes 2-Track; Jessica Hood 4-Volleyball; Mary Sandra Jenkins 2-Track; Katie Johnson-Soccer; Laura Jones-Track; Jon Jordan 3-Football; Shaun Kalnasy-Soccer; Justin Kaufmann-Tennis; Kathleen Kuhnert-Track; Brenda Mock Kirkpatrick 4-Bsktball; Valerie Klopfer 2-Basketball; Kathryn Kubic 3-Field Hockey; Patrick Ladapo-Track; Raul Munoz Ledezma 2-Tennis; Matthew Lineberger-Basketball; David Loewenthal-Tennis; Trina Maso de Moya 2-Volleyball; Lauren May 3-Track; Elizabeth McDowell 2-Soccer; Bradford McEachern-Soccer; Brenten McGuirt-Football; Hugh Mellerson-FB and Track; Heather Miller 2-Basketball; Jeffrey Miller-Track; Chris Modelski-Football; Katherine Mullin-Track; Melissa Murray-Hobbs 2-Soccer; Veronica Prado-Lacoste-Golf; Marta Prieto 3-Golf; Amber Rieg 3-Volleyball; LaChina Robinson-Basketball; Stacy Roeck 2-Soccer; Christopher Rolle-Football; Carissa Rutland-Track; Adam Rutledge-Soccer; Wiggy Saunders-Soccer; Tawni Schulte-Volleyball; Lisa Senecal-Soccer; Kristen Shaffer 4-Basketball; Summer Shaw 4-Track; Andrew Shelton-Football; Jennie Shelton-Field Hockey; Lynne Shenk-Field Hockey; David Siemon 3-Baseball; Andrew Simpson-Tennis; Paul Singleton 2-Track; Nathan Sisco-Track; Jill Snyder 5-Track; Darius Songaila-Basketball; Caroline Stetler 2-Golf; Alena Thom-Soccer; Harold Thompson-Track; Amanda Tiller 2-Volleyball; Jaime Tressler 2-Field Hockey; Rebecca Veenstra-Track; Brent Wanner 2-Golf; Elizabeth Washam 2-Track; Adralyn Wendel 2-Track; Janae Whiteside-Basketball; Philip Wiles 3-Track; Heather Wilkie 3-Volleyball; James Williams-Basketball; Quintin Williams-Football; Katherine Winstead-Soccer; Christopher Yoder 2-Golf

Annual Total ACC Academic Honor Roll

1957 96

1958 81

1959 99

1960 106

1961 126

1962 134

1963 138

1964 166

1965 149

1966 177

1967 192

1968 235

1969 230

1970 258

1971 333

1972 354

1973 379

1974 503

1975 496

1976 428

1977 366

1978 393

1979 377

1980 397

1981 319

1982 387

1983 ! 478

1984 543

1985 484

1986 530

1987 640

1988 776

1989 817

1990 903

1991 947

1992 1062

1993 1151

1994 1176

1995 1185

1996 1422

1997 1549

1998 1552

1999 1631

2000 1664

2001 1711

! denotes first year for inclusion of women’s sports

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LOOK: Clemson 2018 National Championship sign
LOOK: Clemson 2018 National Championship sign
Clemson looks to snap streak versus BC Saturday
Clemson looks to snap streak versus BC Saturday
Clemson Friday game postponed, doubleheader scheduled
Clemson Friday game postponed, doubleheader scheduled
Clemson women's basketball falls at Georgia Tech
Clemson women's basketball falls at Georgia Tech
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