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The player interviews at the ACC Football Kickoff in Greensboro this past weekend were the typical season preview fare, but it’s always fun to get players from other schools to talk about Clemson and C.J. Spiller’s Heisman Trophy candidacy and poster. Here are some excerpts from some of those conversations:

Wake Forest DT John Russell on C.J. Spiller: ” He is electrifying. One play and he change the dynamics of a game. I know, I have seen it first-hand and been on the field when it has happened. He has speed, awareness, and a strong knowledge of the game. He is just one of those players that has a knack. He has that ‘It.’ That is what you see in Heisman Trophy players like Tim Tebow, Colt McCoy and Sam Bradford. They just have ‘it.’ If he gets it going, it is very likely he could be in New York in December."

Maryland CB Nolan Carroll on C.J. Spiller: “He has the ability to change the game every time he touches the ball. He is a game breaker, and every time he touches the ball he has that ability to score. The only way to stop him is to just try and contain him. You let him get outside, and he is gone.”

Georgia Tech RB Jonathan on playing Clemson in the second game of the season: ”I am just excited to have a rivalry game that will be played on ESPN on a Thursday night. That is going to be a great game. It seems like every game with them is a nail-biter. It should be exciting, because there are going to be a lot of fans there. It should be a great game to watch.” On C.J. Spiller’s Heisman Campaign:”I think it is pretty cool for C.J. It is an honor to be compared to guys like Tim Tebow and Sam Bradford, and I wish him the best of luck except for when we play them. If he wins it, he is representing all ACC running backs.”

Georgia Tech DE Derrick Morgan on Spiller:: “He is elusive. I didn’t get a chance to play against him last year because he was hurt. But I did play against him when I was a freshman, and I know he is very fast. He is a really talented running back. He and my teammate Dwyer are both up there among the candidates. C.J. is a speed demon, and a dangerous type of guy. Hopefully when we play them we can contain him and keep him under wraps for that game. Dwyer is a more powerful back.” On playing Clemson early in the season:”That is going to be a great game. We have a White Out for that game. Everybody is already excited about it. This is a chance for us to come out and prove ourselves as a national championship contender right at the start. It is definitely a big game, and we’ll know a lot about ourselves after those first two weeks. I hope it is fun.”

Florida St. LB Dekoda Watson, who is from Aiken, on not being offered by Clemson, and coming back to play in South Carolina this season: “The reason I left South Carolina is for the simple fact that I needed to get away, out of the state, and away from a lot of distractions. Everything worked out for a reason. When I go back to Clemson, I will be playing for my state, not just for me. I am not saying I hate them because they didn’t offer me. It just all worked out for me. Being from South Carolina, playing in Clemson again will be very emotional for me. Being able to go home and play in front of my family and friends is going to be great. I know a lot of the Clemson players, so it will be fun.” On C.J. Spiller and his friendship with him: “ I have been having fun with C.J. all day long. In the game last year, we were talking a lot of junk back and forth, nothing bad, just funny stuff. I may look at him before the play and ask him where he is going, and he would look back at me and just laugh. I just interviewed his poster, with {FSU quarterback Christian Ponder) Christian holding it up, and I asked the poster how did he feel about that touchdown on the goal line last season. Was he out of bounds or was he on the goal line. But I told him I had to have one of those posters, and I told him I needed for him to sign it. It is not every day you get to play with someone who has a six-foot poster and is a Heisman candidate.”

Miami DB Randy Phillips on playing the Tigers in 2009, the first time since the famous triple overtime game in Death Valley in 2005: “I went to a Clemson and Miami game in 2004 {a 27-17 Clemson win} and it was a great game, and Clemson won. My freshman year, we went to Clemson and beat them in the triple overtime game, and it was the greatest game I have every played in. The crowd, it was crazy. It’s the best win I have ever had. I will never forget that atmosphere. I was kinda shook up because of how loud it was and how the crowd was into it.” On C.J. Spiller and the Tigers: “I know C.J. because I hosted him on a visit. And me and Jacoby Ford grew up together and played ball together. Clemson is scary because they have so many athletes in positions to make plays. Clemson will be one of the tough teams on our schedule. For C.J. and the Heisman, anything is possible. He can fly, and he is really strong. If he makes you miss, he will be running all night. But with someone like him, you have to be pulling for him, so C.J. for Heisman. Anything is possible He can fly and is really strong. If he make you miss can be running all night. You got someone like him ou have to be pulling for him, so C.J. for Heisman.”

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