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Mickey-How in the world can you pull for the stinkin Yankees. Please see the light and understand you are in the South and come on the Braves bandwagon.
Tom in Seneca

I have only written about the Yankees on the blog a couple of times but since you asked:

My family was mostly from Lancaster, SC and a great Yankee fan in the town was friends of our family. His name was Herbert Clough. Herb took interest in me and took me to the golf course often. His passion was the Yankees though. He knew Mickey mantle through the years and even had an old seat number seven from the old stadium at his house. Herb would go to New York about once a month for a game and when he returned he would almost always bring me a hat, t-shirt, pennant or at least the game program. The highlight of my week was on the weekend when I would get the New York Yankees’ newsletter/magazine he had just finished for the week. I was a huge Yankee fan at the age of six.

My grandfather took me to Yankee Stadium on Tuesday, August 3, 1976. It was a special night for an eight-year old kid who had never been to New York.

My favorite player was Thurman Munson and on that night he was honored for having won his third golden glove. We watched from behind first base and I was star-stuck.

I still remember the starting lineup. Roy White in left, Mickey Rivers in center, Oscar Gamble in right, Chris Chambliss at first, Sandy Alomar at second, Mickey Stanley at short, Graig Nettles at third, Munson behind the plate, Carlos May was the DH and Ed Figueroa started on the mound.

The big draw was Mark “The Bird” Fidrych on that night. The rookie sensation was 11-3 coming in and his antics on the mound were the talk of baseball.

White hit a homer early in the game but it was Gamble’s two-run shot late that won it 4-3 for the Yanks.

Sadly, that is the only Yankees game I have ever been to. I know I will make it up to the Stadium again before it closes and they move into the new park. Who know I may even make it back on August 3, 2006 for an afternoon game against Toronto. It would be the 30th anniversary of my first trip to the stadium.

My grandfather would take to Atlanta to see your Braves three or four times a year also. We went everywhere including the great Dolphins-Colts playoff game in Baltimore.

I guess I was lucky as a kid to know the difference between the Yankees and the rest of Major League Baseball.

Thanks for the Nancy Grace comment. I can not stomach that woman. When she comes on I change channels.

I would rather watch soccer or even women’s softball. Nancy Dis-Grace is more like it.

Bitch get on through ........Clemson WR corp is average at best.

Charlie USCSpurBoy

Let’s get a few things straight. I am not a bitch. I am not familiar with the phrase “get on through”. And Clemson WR corps is not average. Just to make sure it was not me being biased I checked Athlon’s and they had the Tigers as the number-one wide receiver corps in the ACC as well. Now, you should know a thing or two about being a bitch. When your team loses eight out of nine to their rival I would say that you are their bitch.

Mr. Plyler,

Consider linking your TigerNet readers to the following link on YouTube
during the next conversation about crowd support at Death Valley. The audio
in the "real" video may have been doctored to make the crowd seem louder.
Does it seem accurate to you?


I wish every Clemson fan would watch that video and witness what can happen
when the Death Valley crowd chooses to roar like hell.

I'd love to see the TigerNet or the athletic department start a "First
Series" campaign. The First Series campaign establishes a new tradition of
heavy crowd noise during Clemson's first defensive series. Fans would put
up an index finger and hold that hand high before that drive starts as a
visual cue. In addition to serving as a visual cue, it's an improvement to
the tired "four fingers" symbolizing winning games in the fourth quarter.
"Clemson fans win games for the Tigers in the *first* quarter."

By promoting "First Series", I hope fans discover the impact they can have
at home games and continue it for the remaining defensive series in the

Emphasis should be placed on roaring like hell regardless of the quality of
the opponent. Florida Atlantic, Temple, etc. should get the same respect
from Clemson fans on that first defensive series that South Carolina,
Florida State, and Miami receive.

I've noticed that sports reporters don't discuss "fan behavior" and game
atmosphere much. I find the crowd and band behavior as interesting as the
game itself.

I'm also writing to motivate myself to attend a Clemson home game this year.
I had attended at least one home game from 1989 through 2004. Last year I
didn't attend a single game at Death Valley. Shame... (I did watch Clemson
play at Georgia Tech).


Atlanta, GA

Clemson '92

I like it. Sounds great to me. Thanks for the link. That was the loudest football game I have ever been to.


As we kept track of the Clemson Regional this past weekend, we switched the scope to a wider angle and noticed that 9 teams from the Carolinas were represented in the regionals. 4 South Carolina teams were represented and 3 of those 4 have now made it to the Super-Regionals. As I sit here in huge state of Texas in which football rules, but baseball is the next biggest thing for mens’ college sports, This is quite an accomplishment for both states.

I think we are as college baseball crazy as any state in the nation. How many times do you see ticket scalpers at college baseball games? It is crazy here. I have had 10-12 requests for tickets this week and my wife doesn’t have one. Thanks.


Enjoyed your review of the wide receiver corps at Clemson for the 2006 season (and beyond!!). With Willy Korn coming to Clemson (fingers crossed) the future looks great. It might take Willy a season or less to get geared up but with the likes of Taylor, Kelly, Ford, Diamonde and Harris in supporting roles, Clemson football may really be ready to take it to the next level. That being a BCS Championship!! Of course I'm not doubting what Will Proctor might be able to do with this corps of receivers (to include Stuckey) neither. This season might be a good warm up for what may be several years of high quality Clemson football. My only concern is what happens to the offensive line in the coming years? I have not looked into that too much but if we can keep the O line in good order, Davis and Spiller will have a hay day running while the QB/receivers keep the defenses off balance.

The last time I felt this good was in Aug 1980 and yes I was at the Orange Bowl on Jan 1, 1981! A little hungover but I was there.


Thanks for the e-mail. I think this offense continues to stockpile weapons. I also would not be overly concerned about the future of the offensive line. This staff has recruited depth and talent there. They will be inexperienced but very talented when Austin, Humphries, Lambert and crew take over.

I know that Willy Korn has another year of high school football to
play and the odds are that he will have another great year. The Tigers are
really counting on him to pull their program over the hump. What is going
to keep Willy happy playing for a few years behind the other two
quarterbacks that will already be familiar with the system? If not, do you
think he is good enough to take that position having never taken a snap in
a college football game?

If things go like I think they will, I see Korn playing from the first day he steps on campus.

Did Terrell Smith who signed in 2005 ever show up on campus? My daughter attends the same high school and I had heard he enrolled in January and would try to play this next season. Some places I see his name, others I do not. Quite a talent year before last.

Clemson decided not to sign Smith and I have not contacted him since before signing day.


Another great week of your blogs....

I attended the Triangle Area Clemson Club meeting this past Wednesday, President Barker was there and gave a great talk about Clemson and the progress that is being made.

David Blackwell came and I enjoyed his outlook on Clemson football, this season and projections for the future of Clemson football, he was very impressive. I got to ask a few questions of him re McKissic, D. Scott and Phillip Merling...loved his answers and some great stories about some of the players on the team, a few personal touch stories re Rashaad Jackson and Anthony Waters, seem to be such class guys.

Wanted to relate a story at Wake Forest last year, the game was over and I was standing in the area where the players come out and it was pretty crowd, in a bit Charlie Whitehurt comes out and walk just past me and he says, "excuse me sir," I thought was so neat, here's a guy who is very disappointed in the loss, yet he was so polite. Also as I am standing there, Rashaad Jackson looks over and say "how are you doing, glad you came to the game."

Have a great weekend and keep the blogging.....

The Chapel Hill Tiger fan


Thanks for your input. I always enjoy your e-mails.

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