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My numbers for scholarships may be off by one or two but I currently have 86 players on scholarship for the Tigers. They will have to get down to 85 by August but that will not be a problem.

I have decided to rank each player in his overall value to the 2006 team from 1-86. These numbers will change often but here is a stab at the list.
I am sure you will have some guys higher and some lower and remember this is supposed to be fun. I have included a comment about each player’s ranking.

Clemson Football Top Rankings 20-1

20. RB Reggie Merriweather-The forgotten man in this offense will not just step aside and watch Spiller take his spot. There is still a big role for Merriweather in this offense.

19. OL Dustin Fry-Big solid leader of the offensive line. It is his steadiness that links this OL. Lack of flexibility hurts but his strength helps.

18. OL Marion Dukes-Solid RT. Dukes has played a ton of snaps and has proven to be very dependable.

17. OL Roman Fry-Versatility is his game. Roman’s leadership is just as important as his ability.

16. OL Nathan Bennett-Tough and talented OL. He has shown signs of brilliance and signs of immaturity.

15. QB Will Proctor-We like Proctor in this offense. He could have a very big senior season. 14. Tremaine Billie-The fastest of the linebackers who needs to be more of a playmaker and more consistent.

13. LB Nick Watkins-Great cover guy at LB. Watkins is underrated.

12. DL Dorrell Scott-He came on very strong late last year. If he continues to progress then you can’t say enough about his future.

11. DL Rashaad Jackson-His motor never stops. Jackson is an effort guy with good ability. No one plays harder.

10. WR Aaron Kelly-He can be as good as he wants to be. Kelly showed signs of dominated as a freshman. If he continues to develop at this pace then the sky is the limit.

9. DB Michael Hamlin-No one would Hamlin as high as me but I like this kid. I think he is a great young man who will only keep getting better. I think the free safety is a huge part of any defense and Hamlin will keep getting better.

8. WR Rendrick Taylor-Before the spring he would have been in the 20s. Now he is Superman. Taylor is perhaps the fastest riser on this football team.
Everything is there for a huge sophomore year.

7. OL Barry Richardson-Big Barry is ultra-talented. If his motor ran a little faster than he is the proto-typical NFL tackle. He can be as good as he wants to be as well.

6. DL Phillip Merling-Speaking of motor…Merling plays like Rashaad Jackson. He goes every down on every play. He is a better athlete than Charles Bennett.
Merling does not care if it is spring practice or the FSU game, he will play hard.

5. K Jad Dean-He has evolved into one of the nation’s finest place-kickers.
Dean has made game-winning kicks and has proven to be consistent.

4. WR Chansi Stuckey-His big-play ability and open-field ability are huge to this football team. Every team needs an open field game breaker and Stuckey is that guy.

3. RB James Davis-He has a plan and is a very serious football player. Davis has great vision and that is a key in the zone-blocking scheme. If he continues to advance his game then this program is ready to take off.

2. DE Gaines Adams-Ask FSU, USC and Colorado coaches who the number-one Tiger is and they will say Gaines Adams. Great pass rusher. Very intelligent football player. He reads screens and makes plays on the perimeter.

1. LB Anthony Waters-Ask his coaches and teammates and they will tell you Anthony Waters is the number-one Tiger. Waters is the leader on the field and off. No one player is more valuable to this team than Waters.

Part 1 - Rankings 86-45

Part 2 - Rankings 66-44

Part 3 - Rankings 43-20

We would love to have some feedback with those players you would have ranked higher and lower.

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