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Yesterday we went over some offensive stat projections and said we would do defense today. Since this is Friday’s blog I will try to stay consistent with our mailbag theme on Fridays and get back to the defensive stats next week.

If you have any questions you want answered you can e-mail me at mickey.plyler@tigernet.com

Mickey, I enjoy reading your blog. Why did Nick Watkins not play in the spring game? He was not even listed on the roster. Please explain. – Joy

Joy, Clemson has a policy with its student athletes that they cannot cut more than four total classes each semester. Nick Watkins and Roy Walker cut five classes and both were held out of the spring game.

Mick, Man I love the blog. Of all the Clemson sites out there you are the one I trust the most. By the way was it Bowman who fired Coach Davis? – Kevin

Kevin, Thanks for the kind words. No, Linda White was much more involved in the decision than Bowman. Becky Bowman had no say in the matter.

Mickey, For some of us who are new to your blog, tell us about this Willy Korn guy? I take it he's a high school quarterback phenom. Where from? Is he a Clemson commitment? Thanks. Keep up the good work! -- Bob (Florida Tiger fan!)

Bob, Hope all is well in the Sunshine State. Willy Korn is a junior at Byrnes High School in Duncan, SC. He committed to Clemson before his junior season. He has broken or will break every passing record in the state of South Carolina. He is ranked by one major scouting service as the nation’s number-two high school quarterback.

Here are some interesting stats on Korn:

Freshman Year

12 of 17 passing for 90 yards and 2 TDs with 0 Ints.

Sophomore Year

239 of 373 passing for 2,977 yards with 31 TDs and 9 Ints.

Junior year

281 of 421 passing for 4,164 yards with 53 TDs and 6 Ints.

Career Totals

532 of 811 passing for 7,231 yards with 86 TDs and 15 Ints.

Individual records broke at Byrnes:

Most passing yards in a season 4,164

Most passing TD in a season 53

Passing attempts in a season broken So year 373 (Jr year 421)

Most passing yards in a career 7,231 (Senior year left to play)

Most passing TD in a career 86 (Senior year left to play)

Passing attempts in a career 811 (Senior year left to play)

Individual South Carolina State records broke:

Most passing TD in a season 53

Most completed passes in a season 281

Most passing yards in a season 4,164

He will win his third state title this year. Korn is the most competitive kid I have ever seen. In every way to measure a quarterback, Korn is the best I have seen at this stage.

Mickey, I have always enjoyed your insight into football especially that of Clemson football. Your blogs are very interesting as well. But the main purpose of this email is to let you know that I made a purchase from Mr. Knickerbockers because of their ad link on you blog page. I ordered online and there was no way to make them aware that is was because of you page that I had made the purchase. So feel free to use this as documentation that ads are working. Thanks, -- Terry Enoree, SC

Terry, Thanks for doing that. The way to keep our blog free is to support the sponsors. Thanks again.

Mickey: I used to say that Maryland and Georgia fans provided the only atmosphere at away games that made me fear for my life. NC State fans can be just as bad. A couple of times I have been on the sidelines with a media pass and I always wear my Clemson attire. It is brutal walking around with the very limited space we have on those sidelines. Thanks for the blog. I enjoy them! Sincerely: -- Alan

Alan, Thanks for the nice words. I agree Maryland is bad. It is amazing when you start beating teams consistently; the fans seem to get kinder.

Mickey, I couldn’t agree more with what you said about recruiting. It’s gotten to where you have to play up to these kids way too much – it’s ridiculous. Another example I hate is how some recruits say they won’t sign with a school unless they get a certain jersey number. I remember a kid Georgia recruited a couple of years ago – wanted Herschel Walker’s number that’s been in retirement – don’t remember if they said no or if they gave in. It’s crazy that something that “sacred” would even be considered!You’re right about these high-school kids being allowed in meetings and huddles. That should only be allowed for people on the team. Lastly, your example about running down the Hill is correct. That should never be allowed unless/until you’re a Tiger just like you said. Keep up the good work Regards, -- Joe
Lawrenceville, GA

Joe, It seems to be getting worse but you have to do some of it. I am glad you enjoyed our comments on the trend.

Mickey, You addressed the lack of offense but why did our #1 qb have so many interceptions? I live in NJ and could not see the game but was he forcing the ball in trying to make plays or misreads? And how about our second and third string qbs? -- Bob

Bob, Proctor did not play well in the spring game. He put too much air under the ball and threw off of the wrong foot at times. A very good pass rush caused most of this. I would not be overly concerned as his spring scrimmages were very productive. Harper looked more comfortable than Reese. Right now there is a clear difference in Proctor and Harper and a clear difference between Harper and Reese.

Mickey, Just wondering what your take was about the comparison of Will Proctor to Cullen Harper. I went to the spring game and Cullen Harper looked like the better QB. He was a lot bigger and just looked a lot more comfortable back there. I really feel like we might have a QB controversy on the horizon. Plus with Harper just a sophomore next year, why not give him a shot to be a 3 year starter? What is your opinion of this? – John

John, Proctor is the clear number-one. He has performed in the fourth quarter against Texas A&M and Duke. He is the number-one guy right now. Harper has continued to progress but is not close to Proctor. The answer for 2007 and beyond is Willy Korn. Harper can win football games for Clemson in this system but Korn is the answer.

Mick, A quick question on women’s basketball, a few years ago, Jim was winning 20+ games each year along with ACC Championships. Now, we're at the bottom of the pile. Why or how did we go south so quickly? Also, in your opinion, who is our next commitment on football?
Thanks. -- Rick in Spartanburg, SC

Rick, Coach Davis had a couple of misses on the recruiting trail and thus had two bad recruiting classes. His last year, he was forced to play all freshmen and a couple of JUCOs. I went to every home game and by the end of the year they were progressing. The young players were continuing to improve under Davis but I have no idea what happened this year because I don’t go anymore. I will not go anymore. Sorry but they lost me when they made this huge mistake.

I think Stanley Hunter at Byrnes High School may do something in the next month or two.

Mickey, Do you by any chance know when football ticket apps will be mailed out to IPTAY members? Regards – Bill

They were mailed out on Thursday. Members should receive them in the mail beginning Saturday.

Thanks for all the emails. If you have any questions you want answered you can e-mail me at mickey.plyler@tigernet.com

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