Jeff Scott says each of the QBs
Kelly Bryant hands off to C.J. Fuller Saturday (Photo by David Grooms)

Jeff Scott says each of the QBs "had their moments"

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CLEMSON – At first glance, co-offensive coordinator Jeff Scott had the same spring game impression of Clemson’s quarterbacks as everybody else: They each had their moments.

Scott met with the media after the game, won by the Orange 19-14, and gave his thoughts on what he saw out of Kelly Bryant, Tucker Israel, Hunter Johnson and Zerrick Cooper.

"There were some good moments and times they made nice throws and times where they made some mistakes,” Scott said. But as coaches, we've got to go back and watch the video. Any time you split up the team like you did and draft with a first-team tackle and a third-team guard in there, it’s tough. The biggest thing is some procedure problems we had today that we've got to clean up, but overall I thought it was competitive and I thought all those guys had their moments. We'll do a good job of meeting with those guys to finish the spring going into the summer."

Israel was maybe the surprise of the scrimmage, and Scott said Israel proved it’s still a four-person race.

"Absolutely, Tucker did well today and he's also done well this spring,” Scott said. “Coach Swinney and different coaches have brought him as a guy who has made plays, and I think he has some experience and that's part of it. That's where the young guys are a little bit, taking all the install and carry over to the field and Tucker does have some good experience."

He was asked if any of the quarterbacks had an edge, and he said the coaches will wait to make that determination until after they’ve sat down and watched the film.

"It's kind of hard on the sidelines because our coaches are all split up and we're out coaching, while the other offense is out there or we've got our back turned when you're coaching the white team and the orange quarterbacks are out there,” he said. “I think it's too early to say and we'll go meet with Coach Streeter on all this stuff and get it graded and then go from there."

Did any of the receivers stand out?

"It's good to see a guy like Diondre Overton make a touchdown,” Scott said. “Big play there. He's been a young player who's learning what he's doing. He started off a little slow this spring and for him to come out there and have a nice touchdown catch in a venue like today, I think was a big positive for him.

"Cornell (Powell) has had a very solid spring and been very consistent and he's made plays like he did today really all spring long so I was pleased he got an opportunity and made the most of that today."

He was, however, disappointed that so many different receivers dropped catchable passes.

"I'll have to go back and watch, everything is going fast,” Scott said. “Definitely was a couple of opportunities for guys to make plays and I think we've got time to get that corrected."

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