Jeff Scott looks for impressive offense to finish spring the right way
Jeff Scott has been pleased with the progress of the offense this spring

Jeff Scott looks for impressive offense to finish spring the right way

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CLEMSON – Clemson’s 2018 spring practice is almost in the books, and co-offensive coordinator Jeff Scott likes what he’s seen out of the offense in the first 12 practices.

Clemson will practice Monday and Wednesday ahead of next Saturday’s spring game, the final chance for the coaches and fans alike to see the players before the start of fall practice in August. Scott wants to his group finish the spring the right way.

"We actually have one more half-scrimmage on Monday, so we'll have a half-practice, half-scrimmage but really there's been a lot of good this spring,” Scott told TigerNet after Friday’s practice. “We've gotten a lot of really good work just myself, Tony (Elliott), and a few of the other offensive guys this spring. I think me and Tony have been here for about seven springs now and we're just getting a lot of really good work, good on good versus the defense, it's a battle every day so that's really good to see. I think the biggest thing going into the final week is 'Are we going to get over that hump?'

"We've had some really good days and we've had some disappointing days and really just want to see some consistency over the final week of spring practice and finish the right way and it was a good, physical practice today and we got after it today pretty good and the guys laid it on the line and I was pleased with the effort today by our guys and I want to see our guys finish the right way."

Scott said he’s had fun watching the quarterbacks battle it out for a spot on the depth chart.

"It is. We've got four guys that can spin it. I think coach Swinney's made the comment and I second the comment,” Scott said. “We can win with any four of those guys and I've been here going on 10 years and there are some years you've had 1.5 quarterbacks and you're hoping your starter doesn't get hurt and we've been very fortunate we didn't have some injuries at quarterback and this is really the first time that we've had multiple guys, not just depth, but guys who can go out and truly win for you. Just the way they compete with each other, it's a healthy competition.

“One of them goes in there and throws a strike for a touchdown and the next one comes in there and tries to match it. That's really the model of what we want our program to be and for guy's to be focused on being their best and we talk all the time about not being worried about our opponent, we're not measuring ourselves against an opponent, we're measuring ourselves to be the best team we can be and it's the same attitude when they get those guys out there and compete.”

The quarterbacks will be on full display during the spring game.

"I don't want our quarterbacks to be comparing themselves or measuring themselves to the other guy,” Scott said. “We just want them to continue to work and be the very best version of themselves and that's what I'm seeing out here. So that's one of the things I'm most excited about for the spring game next week is to stand on the sidelines and watch those guys compete, it's going to be a lot of fun.”

Other notes

Braden Galloway

“He's doing really well. I noticed him, I guess it was Wednesday, he was out running routes with the quarterbacks looking really athletic and obviously, we were really excited about getting him out for spring ball and really disappointed for him when he got injured but it was great to see him out here and looked really fluid. He's exactly what we kind of thought we signed so that's exciting and I also give him credit for a young guy that's been on the sideline without with an injury for the spring. I like to watch those guys during the plays and he's been watching and learning and it's important to him so at least he's getting something out of being here early and I'll be excited to see him when we get back from the summer."

Will Galloway play in the spring game?

"I don't believe so. He's still been in green and doing routes on air and that would be a question for coach Swinney. If I was guessing, probably not. Probably get to run some routes in the pregame."

The offensive line

"That wasn't really a concern for me, I think we're excited about our guys. I think our guys did a good job last year and we lost two guards. More than concern, it was about who those guys are gonna be and how they're gonna mesh. John Simpson is a guy who's been coming on and has played a lot of ball. Last year we played eight offensive linemen almost every game, that's almost unheard of but I think that helps you whenever you lose a guy. A guy like John who's played a lot of ball and on the right side, we've had several guys who've moved over there.

"Sean Pollard is a guy who's moved over and played a lot of ball for us but our offensive line has done a good job. Obviously, they're like every other position, they've got good plays and bad plays but really it's the cohesiveness of having new guys in there and how do they communicate. We're seeing every front drawn up in the history of college football this spring so I'm not exaggerating. Every single front you could possibly see we've seen this spring. We don't complain about it and we don't make excuses, it's really good for us because when we're getting to go tee it up in the fall, we're not going to see that many in each game but I feel like I've seen growth and progress at that position and I think they'll do a good job in the spring game."

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