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Due to the off week in the football schedule there was no formal press conference with Clemson head football coach Tommy Bowden on Tuesday. However, there was a teleconference set up for the media to talk to Tommy Bowden.

Tommy Bowden Telesconference

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Could you talk a bit about the offensive line and the improvement they've made over the course of the season. It seems as though if you're looking for a group that has made steady improvement, it would have to be them looking at them.

They really have, especially after looking the film. The assignments are pretty sharp.If you can just get a hat on the right people and throw on time, then you can at least get the ball off.Right now our assignments are pretty good, plus their techniques are pretty good, so Charlie is really not even getting hit pretty much after he throws it. They've done a really good job of tackle to tackle.

Talk about not being overconfident about going into Maryland.

That's going to be a big key, in how we approach it mentally. I think the fact that we have some seniors that we have not had, that have recent success will help us be more focused.
They need to realize the improtance of missed assignments.If we play our best, we can be in the game in the middle of the fourth quarter and have a chance.We definitely are not thinking that we have arrived.

Is there a particular emphasis that you are going to have this week?

We've already talked about it a little bit, but we'll go back, and take a little more individual time, especially this week on Tuesday in full pads...on Wednesday, Thursday we'll do a little more one on one work with offense and defense, goal line , short yard technique,stopping the run. We'll assign more of the practice time to fundamental work.

I know you don't spend alot of time reading things or listening to things in the media, but is there a different feeling around the office and campus this week, and around town since maybe after the Georgia game?

Number 1, I come to work when it's dark and go home when it's dark. I am 4 1/2 miles from the office, and there's two lights. Our meeting rooms don't have any windows and local people don't come in here. What's said outside the parameter of this office, me and my family don't hear. My staff doesn't hear. You're really not aware of anything changed and my number one concern is going to be mental approach of my team. [Regarding emails and phone calls] My secretary has not had to be as selective as she has in the past. There's a Plan A, B, and C. We had to go to Plan c early. She's back up to Plan A. Mentioning the fans, that's one thing you notice that is special about Clemson.

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