Highlights From Tommy Bowden's Weekly Press Conference

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Clemson Head Coach Tommy Bowden on....

Pre-Game Thoughts about FSU:

"If we were both ranked in the top 10 nationally, this game might
have more of a father/son issue to it. But now the big interest
nationally is how Florida State will respond after losing to an
unranked team. I think that is why most of the nation will tune in
Thursday night. Not so much to see us, but how they will respond." "It is not as big as it was the first year because in 1999 it was the
first time it had been done at the Division I level (father vs. Son).
I haven't talked with him this week, I know he is upset after losing
to Louisville. We will probably not get together until we see each
other on the field prior to the game. I will see my brother Jeff
during pregame, and I probably won't see mother until after the game. "It is still 6-2 in the family in favor of Florida State. I am sure
my sister Robyn will be on our side (wife of Clemson linebackers
coach Jack Hines).
"My father has always pay when we go on the family vacation. If we
win then I will pay this summer. That is groceries, not lodging!"

On how the loss to Louisville affects Clemson:

"There is no doubt that what little chance we had of them looking
past us is gone. Had they beaten Louisville, they may have looked
ahead a bit to Miami and Notre Dame. I think the loss re-focused
them and got their attention. They will be a little more highly
motivated this week. Our team ought to be highly motivated, though.
We've lost 10 times in a row and they have put a lot of points on us
over the last few years. It will be a matchup of two
highly-motivated teams playing, hopefully both at their peak."

On how Clemson matches up against FSU:

"They are 10th in the nation in total offense and we are ninth in the
nation in total defense. There is a pretty good matchup.
Defensively, we have played well four games in a row. We have not
had a tendency to give up big plays like we have in the past. That
has been a problem in the past with a team like Florida State that
throws and catches well. Over the last two years we have given up a
bunch of big plays against them. If the defense does what it has
done through four games, then we have a chance to keep it close in
the fourth quarter. If you keep it close in the fourth, who knows
what can happen."

Injury Situation Heading into Thursday's game:

"I would say that Bernard (Rambert) and Chad (Jasmin) will play, but
I do not know if they will be 100 percent or not. Nick Eason will
probably have to be hit some in pre-game by a 300-pounder to see if
his knee can withstand that type of pressure. If it does and he
feels good, he will play. If there is any doubt or indecision on his
part, we will hold him because we have seven games left after this

On the use of trick plays against FSU:

"Most of the tricks are used based on the style of the opponent.
They are real aggressive on punt blocks and field goal blocks.
Anytime you are that aggressive, there are some pros and cons. The
pros are that you can block some kicks and make some things happen.
One of the cons is that you leave yourself susceptible to different
kinds of fakes."

On Willie Simmons Playing in front of Family and Friends:

"I would think he will be highly motivated and very excited. I am
sure he's been to a lot of games there; he only lives about 20 miles
down the road. That is all he read in the paper every single day.
He was recruited by Florida State. I think he will be excited to
come home and play in front of his family and friends. His attitude
will be different because he comes into the game with a chance to win
the game from the get-go. But along with all that, he will be
nervous a little bit. It will be his first time down there as
starter, he knows that we are heavy underdogs and will have to
execute pretty good to win."

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