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Mickey Plyler is a recruiting analyst and the host of Rush Hour (6-9 AM) on WCCP 104.9FM in upstate South Carolina.

Signing Day Chat Transcript

Question: Great show this morning Mickey. And thanks for the comments on the TNet recruiting page

Answer: Thanks for the kind words. Hope everyone is well. It has been a good day for the Tigers. Thanks for the interest!

Question: Analysis of the linebacker position for the immediate and long term future?

Answer: It is still a weakness. If Parker signs with Clemson then it will help but this will need to be an area of emphasis in 2011. The good news is they will have a good shot at great ones like Townsend, Anthony, Merriman, Vaughters and Johnson

Question: Is Justin Parker the only one we are waiting for or are there other suprises?

Answer: Parker is the final piece. The good news Clemson added one or two and did not lose anyone of its previous commitments

Question: Mickey ... Did the staff put all their eggs in one basket with Justin Parker? Any fall backs at LB if Parker doesn't sign?

Answer: It was not a good year in the state for linebackers. In fact, it was n ot a great year in the South for backers. I was talking to David Blackwell when he was at South Florida and he said it was really a down year for the position in SC, NC, GA and FL. No fallbacks. 2011 is loaded at linebacker though

Question: Are Buice and Howard both likely to end up at RB in the long run?

Answer: I think so. Unless they want to move. Clemson needed to add some depth at the position. You never know but I think both will get a good look at RB

Question: Is this possibly the strongest class top-to-bottom we've had in the last 20 years?

Answer: That is hard to say. I really liked the class from two years ago because of players like Bowers, Ellington, Parker and Allen. This year's class is really strong though with good depth.

Question: Are all 4 OL from this class mostly likely to RS?

Answer: I think so but there may be a need with one of the guard spots. I think Beasley may have a chance to play but almost every offensive lineman in the country couyld use a red-shirt

Question: How did we do?

Answer: Fantastic. It appears to be a top 20 class. Met needs. Quality kids. But next year's class has a chance to be one of those special years

Question: Which recruits have a chance of starting next year?

Answer: It is hard to start as a true freshman. One of the wide receivers could play. I think Nuke will play. The corners may play especially in the nickle package. A lot will play special teams but it is hard to start as a true freshman

Question: Speaking of David Blackwell....what's he doing now?

Answer: I have not talked to him since the day after Gaines Adams passed away. He is a candidate for the linebacker coach at Michigam. He will get a good job

Question: What position will Ricky Chaney end up playing for the Tigers?

Answer: He may start out at safety but I think he can grow into an outside linebacker

Question: How has Tennessee done so well after the Lame Kiffin fiasco?

Answer: Very well. They got Rogers and Stone today. They lost Copeland and Willis but still a very good class considering he has only been there a couple of weeks

Question: Which recruits will be redshirted?

Answer: hard to say at this point. Most of the linemen will need to red-shirt but too early to tell just yet

Question: Did winning the Atlantic Division help us in recruiting or no impact?

Answer: Most of the signees committed before the Tigers won the division but it helped to hang on to guys like Beasley, Crawford and Robinson

Question: So happy to get DeAndre Hopkins. Do you think Nuke will try some basketball at Clemson also?

Answer: It is extremely hard to play those two sports so I doubt it. Basketball practice starts in October. That is hard for anyone to do so I doubt it

Question: Given the depth at TE, does Vic Beasley get playing time right away?

Answer: There is a need there so I think so. He will need to add strength. He will also need to improve his run blocking but he is a terrific athlete and there is little depth there

Question: Any predictions regarding record of next year's team?

Answer: Too early. The schedule is very difficult but I think it is realistic to expect a good year

Question: What's Cortez Davis missing to be 6'5" and listed as a DB, not WR?

Answer: I doubt he is 6-5. You see 6-4 free safeties in the NFL sometimes. If he is 6-5 he may grow into a wide out or linebacker

Question: Will the kid who suffered a stroke ever play football again?


Question: Why did UGA and Auburn fight us so hard for guys who are "only 3 stars" ... :-)

Answer: One moved up to a four star with rivals. They did because those kids can play. They are four-stars in my mind and apparently in UGA and Auburn's too

Question: I'm ready for baseball season now, how about you Mickey?

Answer: I love Clemson baseball and can't wait to get out there but it could warm up a little first. Two weeks from Friday is the big day

Question: What about winning a bowl game. How much did that help to cement the recruits who might have been shaky?

Answer: It really helps because it helps morale around the program. It gives the players and coaches more confidence

Question: Vic Beasley: LB or TE?

Answer: I think TE but he is atheltic enough to play oin either side of the ball

Question: What do you make of the Keenan Allen situation?

Answer: I thought it was a zoo. Whoever was advising them should have been ashamed of themselves. They let is get out of hand. The whole ordeal was absurd.

Question: According to Boise State should have a #83 recuriting class out of 120....How important is recuriting really?

Answer: There is more than one way to win. they develop players well. One thing they do is identify talent well. But it helps when they play the schedule they do

Question: Think we can knock off Auburn next year?

Answer: Sure. It is early and both have a lot of work to do. Auburn is a tough place to play but sure Clemson can win there

Question: Garry Parker played QB in addition to DB. Any signees that might end up at QB if we lose one or more QB on the team now?

Answer: No.

Question: Think Dwayne Allen will be a future star?

Answer: Yeah if he continues to develop. He has a lot of tools but he alos needs to work hard to develop. Allen has a great opportunity ahead of him but he will have to work hard

Question: How is Ryan doing? Still progressing I hope!

Answer: He is wonderful. Thanks for asking. Ryan has come a million miles. He still has a lot of work to do but I think he will make a full recovery. God has blessed us. Thanks for asking

Question: Where will Korn end up?

Answer: Marshall. Might announce tomorrow

Question: Speaking of absurd..... do you think the Lattimore announcement last night was just a BIT over the top?

Answer: Yeah, If I was an Auburn guy I would be really upset with Stephen Davis

Question: Mickey, I know this staff qualifies guys pretty well. Is there anyone that will be close when it comes to making it in next year?

Answer: Yeah. They have two or three that need to make up a little ground but I think all still have a chance

Question: Hey Mickey, do you know anything about Andre Ellington's brother Bruce.... I saw him on a few recruting boards as a 2 or 3 star said he runs a 4.4 and has an offer from clemson?

Answer: Bruce Ellington signed with South Carolina to play basketball

Question: Has the actual 2011 football schedule made public yet?

Answer: I heard it will come out this week. Maybe tomorrow

Question: How good do you think next year's class could be?

Answer: It has a chance to be extremely special. There are a several Clemson legacies and a ton of great players that the staff has a big jump on. Great year in state too

Question: I heard Keenan Allen told the staff last night that he had ruled out Clemson. Did he give any reason?

Answer: I am not sure what reason he gave them but they knew they had no chance

Question: Do you think the 2011 class could be a top 5 Class if it keeps going the way it's going?

Answer: Shell, Peake, Rome, Lane, Davis, Anthiny, Ellerbe, Clowney, Maybank, McNeal, Anthony, Pagen, Truitt, Townsend would be a top 5-8 kind of class

Question: Who in this years redshirt group may help us out next year?

Answer: Too early to tell

Question: Mickey, please list back-up T/E`s behind Allen; in order

Answer: Diehl, Traylor, Beasley, Cooper

Question: Will the Yankees repeat this year?

Answer: I hope so. Worried about left field and DH but I am excited about the chance at number 28

Question: Speaking of good is Stan Rome's son? Is he gonna commit to us early?

Answer: He is a potential 5-star guy. One of the top three or four players in Georgia. One of the top two or three tight ends in America. Top 25-type player. Great prospect. I am not sure of his timeframe

Question: Saints or Colts?

Answer: I think Colts but Freeny's injury is a major concern

Question: Think we can get Clowney away from the Coots bagman in Rock Hill?

Answer: Clowney will give Clemson a long look. Maybe the bagman can be neutralized before then. Still Alabama and Florida will be a factor too

Question: What's your favorite wing flavor at Beef O'Brady's of Clemson? Garlic parmesan I bet.

Answer: Of course. Garlic Parmesan is a great choice

Question: OK, please list F/b`s in order

Answer: Diehl is the only scholsrship fullback.

Question: you going to get allens steet agent on your show? understand otis yelverton is a good interview...

Answer: I can't see it happening. Maybe he can go on a Berkeley station

Question: Suppose theoretically we had gotten the Allen/Maynard packege. WHERE do we put Maynard with the QBs we have and teh 2011 kid we have already?

Answer: He was not going to beat out Parker or Boyd but his experience would have helped

Question: Does the new Chick-fil-a in Clemson have anything to do with our recruiting success?

Answer: It does not hurt. Have you had the milkshakes?

Question: Has Chad Deihl had many snaps at TE in practice? Games?

Answer: Fullback, H-Back, tight end combination

Question: Where do Shatley and Shuey line up next year?

Answer: Shatley=DT Shuey=Mike

Question: What do you think of Shon Carson or Isaiah Crowell? either gona be 5 star?.... CJ has brought so much intrest from RB's everywhere

Answer: If Crowell is not a five star then I have never seen one. I am not sure what else a kid would have to do to get a fifth star. I think Carson may be a four star

Question: ESPNU rates us with the 16 best class in the country. Do you agree with that and do you think Clemson should've done better?

Answer: I am not sure about how Southern Cal, Texas and other national powers did but that sounds about right

Question: Do you think it will be another thunder lightning thing with Andre and Jamie? How much playing time do you see for Mcdowell?

Answer: Andre is off to that kind of start. Jamie has a chance but he needs to pick it up a little with this new opportunity. McDowell will also have a big role

Question: Think McDowell gets significant playing time next year?

Answer: Yes. He is a speed guy that can help in several ways

Question: Any chance we pick up another recruit or 2 other than Parker?

Answer: No

Question: what type of a running back is dj howard speed or power

Answer: More of a power back. His style is similar to James Davis

Question: Someone posted a 2010 schedule. Has it been released?

Answer: I think it will be released tomorrow or Friday

Question: Have you been to Pallmetto Shades to purchase some Costa Del Mar's?

Answer: No. Can't afford them

Question: Do you see DeAndre Mcdaniel contenting for the Thorpe award (I think that's what it called) next season?

Answer: He will have to be one of the top candidates next season.

Question: How many chicken wings can Ryan eat at once?

Answer: He ate 10 pancakes two weeks ago. He ate $32 worth of food and milshakes at the Varisty one day

Question: Who will be playing QB for the Tigers in 2010? Taj?

Answer: It should be a good battle. Parker's experience will be very valuable but Boyd has a ton of ability. It should be a great battle to watch

Question: What are Clemson's chances with Michael Oher?

Answer: I would be blindsided if they signed him

Question: Chances we beat PC next year??

Answer: 99.999999999%

Question: It looks like another weak OL class for the Tigers. This has become a trend. Why?

Answer: I really like Beasley. Gifford has a chance to be a good one. All four had a bunch of offers

Question: Mickey - why did Keenan Allen pick CAL over any team in the Southeast region of the country?

Answer: I am not sure. He had a bunch of people close to him that helped in that decision but I am not sure why he made the final decision

Question: Was Stephon Gilmore really commited to clemson before bowden left?...we really missed out on him

Answer: I am not sure. I did not think he actually committed to them

Question: Never seen a gladiator movie? Not even Gladiator with Russel Crowe?!

Answer: I have never seen it

Question: When was teh last time we were able to steal a recruit from an FSU and an Auburn in the same class??

Answer: Good question. I am not sure on that one

Question: We have a shot at Clowney next year or is he another Rock Hill strikeout??

Answer: Clemson has a legit shot. But so does SC, AL and FL

Question: a name in this recruiting class, flying under the radar, that you feel will make big contributions to this team.

Answer: Mattn Jenkins

Question: Could Ryan eat an entire Chik-fil-a nugget platter?

Answer: Maybe two

Question: What do you think of the kid from Cheraw as a QB???

Answer: I have not seen him

Question: Me being able to talk to you in the car on the blackberry is pretty cool aint it.

Answer: technology is very cool but keep your eye on the road

Question: Someone told about some Kid named Everett Golson QB from Myrtle bch....What's clemson's chances with him?

Answer: He is a terrific player but Clemson is not among the leaders at this point. Danny Pearman saw him a couple of times this winter but UNC might have an early lead

Question: Compare and contrast the Clemson and USuC classes...thanks

Answer: Obviosuly I like Clemson's. CLemson has more depth. The bottom of Clemson's class is much better

Question: Do you think Bryant will redshirt?

Answer: One of his coaches told me he is up to 198 lbs. He would have a chance to play next season

Question: What NFL team would you like to see CJ go to?

Answer: I am not a fan of any team but will pull for the team that drafts him. I would like to see him go mto a team that will utilize him best

Question: Why does Clemson,USC,etc. never get 5 star OL., or not even be in the hunt. They are high school students just like WR or RBs

Answer: There are nit that many 5 star OL each yearl Maybe two or three in the country. This year Rivals had three five star OL in the entire country

Question: Why did Lattimore pick SC?

Answer: He was more comfortable there

Question: What do you think clemson's chances are with LaMichael Fanning or Christian LeMay?

Answer: I doubt Clemson will get either

Question: with this next possible addition at LB how do we look for next year?

Answer: Maybe Willis or Townsend. Clemson will have agreat recruiting class in 2011

Question: Who returns kicks and punts next season?

Answer: Good question. I am not sure. Ellington will get a look. McDowell will get a look

Question: Are we waiting on anyone else other than Parker?

Answer: Nope

Question: Think Justin parker signs with Clemson?

Answer: At last check I thought Clemson led but I am experienced to know that you never know until its faxed

Question: Let's be honest; this is a good class but OT recruiting is still a weakness.

Answer: Lets let Gifford get in school first. Shell, Antony and Maybank are big targets next year

Question: Do we look to have a top 5 recruiting class in 2011?

Answer: If everything goes well a top 10 class is a possible

Question: Where do you see our offense heading into next year Spread, I-formation, mixture??

Answer: Mixture, multiple and balanced

Question: I've heard Damiere Byrd might be the fastest player in the 2011 class....does clemson have a chance for him?

Answer: I have not heard Clemson's name with him

Question: How did UVA do this year with a new coach

Answer: I think London is a good football coach. He some rebuilding to do. Not a highly rated class though

Question: Didn't hear Tariq Rollins name mentioned at all last season. Scout team? How did he look?

Answer: He has had a hard time since his knee injury

Question: Do we lead for Maybank; How many OL in 2011

Answer: Clemson leads for him at this point. I would say four

Question: How does Clemson look for the 2011 offensive line class?

Answer: Shell, Anthony, Maybancks and Norton are four in-state kids with offers and Clemson is in good shape

Question: Do recruits take in consideration of the safety of the surrounding environment of the school they are interested in?

Answer: I think it is a consideration for some. Hey, gotta run. I reallt enjoyed the last 75 minutes. You guys are great. Thanks for the support and kind words about Ryan. Have a great day

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