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Clemson beat reporter for The Charleston Post and Courier Larry Williams was TigerNet's special guest in TigerActive Chat on Wednesday for over two hours. Stay tuned for future chat guests.

Larry Williams Bio

A native South Carolinian who graduated from Wando High School, Larry Williams became The Post and Courier's Clemson beat reporter in January of 2004. He spent the previous five years at The Augusta Chronicle, where he covered college sports. Williams has won awards from the Associated Press Sports Editors, Georgia Sports Writers Association and South Carolina Press Association. He got his start in the business at the High Point (N.C.) Enterprise, where he covered college sports. Williams, 31, lives in the Clemson area with his wife.

Transcript (166 Questions)

Question: Larry, not a question, but I'd like to thank you for your part in getting Ray Ray's story out there. You did a wonderful thing.

Answer: Thanks, KatWoman. I consider myself lucky to have been able to tell that story.

Question: Are Clemson fans biased or has there really been a dramatic change in the character of the athlete that is recruited by our current coaching staff? It seems like CU has a lot of good guys who play hard for clemson and have great character on the football team. Do you agree that Clemson has different athletes than a lot of schools across the country?

Answer: I can't really speak authoritatively on other schools, but it does seem like Bowden and his staff have recruited quite a few high-quality athletes who also have good character. If you consider what's been going on down the road in Columbia the past few years, recruiting high-character kids goes a long way.

Question: Since ESPN hates us, did they pay Nike to send us defective cleats leading to all these foot injuries?

Answer: According to offensive coordinator Rob Spence, these injuries are more common nowadays because the kids are a lot faster and stronger. I tend to side with that view over defective cleats, but you never know.

Question: How will the Tigers replace Akingbala this year?

Answer: Great question. James Mays is the logical answer, though I'm not sure he'll be as good with his back to the basket. The coaches are also hoping Raymond Sykes has improved enough to make an impact.

Question: If Clemson and USC played this weekend, who wins and what is the score??

Answer: I'd take Clemson by a fairly wide margin, just because I think their offense matches up really well with USC's defense with all the play-action, misdirection, etc.

Question: Has Clemson's relative continuity in coaching along with finally getting facilitie upgrades made their recruiting lead over USC pretty insurmountable?

Answer: Nothing is insurmountable, but it's evident that Clemson's coaching continuity has paid off in a big way with in-state recruiting. They've got connections and relationships that you just can't establish overnight. The facilities improvements have helped a great deal, too.

Question: Ken Burger of Gene Sapakoff??

Answer: Ken Sapakoff

Question: In your opinion ... why did the officials not STOP the game after order was restored at the end of the USC/ CU "brawl" year before last?

Answer: I think the officials could have done a better job controlling tensions in that game long before the brawl began. You could feel things escalating the entire game. Kicking a few guys out of the game after The Hill incident might have sent a strong message.

Question: Larry, enjoy your work. Is there a better gameday atmosphere than Clemson?

Answer: Thanks for the kind words. Clemson offers a great atmosphere that's grown on me since I've been covering Clemson. The tailgating scene is really cool. I also like places like Athens anda Gainesville, though Baton Rouge is my favorite.

Question: How did you first hear about Ray Ray's story?

Answer: I heard rumblings about it during the spring, a few people talking about his hardships. When I saw Fahmarr walking off the field with him during fall camp, I asked around and heard he was trying to raise his brother.

Question: How do you see us do the remainder of the season?

Answer: I think Clemson is the most talented team in the ACC, particularly on offense. The GT game should be tough, because the Yellow Jackets' front seven is the real deal. It's entirely realistic for Clemson to win out, but my gut tells me they'll lose one more game.

Question: Congrats on breaking the McElrathby story

Answer: Thanks, Old Green Tom.

Question: Will Clemson see the same officials that governed over the Clemson vs Boston College game again this year?

Answer: To be honest, I have no idea. But I would assume so. They usually don't disclose that information until right before games.

Question: Larry not a question, but i think you are the best Clemson beat writer in the state, keep up the good work

Answer: Thanks for the extremely kind words, Clemsontyger04.

Question: Who would win in a fight: Lou Holtz or Joe Paterno?

Answer: I'd give Holtz the edge. Never underestimate his ability to blind Paterno with his projectile saliva. Of course, Paterno does wear those awful glasses. So I'd say it'd be a pick-em unless Paterno's having bowel issues the day of the fight.

Question: Does Stuckey's injury hurt Clemson?

Answer: I'd certainly say so given that almost everyone else is a sophomore or freshman. Not sure how well Jacoby Ford has grasped the intricacies of the slot position.

Question: Will Clemson beat Wake?

Answer: That's the way I'd lean because I'm not sure Wake can win with a redshirt freshman QB. The Deacs' defense does look fairly salty, though.

Question: Gut feeling: Will Reggie play Saturday?

Answer: I'd say yes.

Question: How do you like to cook your bratwursts for a tailgate?

Answer: I like 'em a tad crispy.

Question: Post Courier subscriber here. Your work has been excellent and we hope you have this gig for a long time.

Answer: Thanks, milerock. I'm very happy at the P&C.

Question: Is the ACC still gathering evidence in the Miami/LSU fight? And when can we expect suspensions and bowl bans to be issued?

Answer: No idea, and no idea.

Question: Will Dendy play at Clemson next year?

Answer: Good question. As far as I know, that's yet to be determined. But the last I checked, the coaches felt fairly confident he'd be able to. But you never know what the NCAA will come up with next.

Question: How are Bowden and the staff perceived by most members of the media?

Answer: The media get along well with Bowden and his staff. You won't find much better access, which helps build relationships. Bowden and his assistants are almost always available, and I think the media appreciate that.

Question: Larry, Where do you see the Tigers bowling this season?

Answer: No clue. Maybe the Orange, Peach or Gator.

Question: Is the Clemson/GT game going to be on Gameday?

Answer: Not sure. It is about time Gameday made an appearance in Clemson, though. That's going to be a great atmosphere.

Question: Burger or James Beck...or is that going too far back?

Answer: That is going back. I enjoy Beck's tennis coverage in the P&C.

Question: Have you ever picked up any tidbits of info from message boards?

Answer: Every now and then. But if a reporter is relying on message boards as the sole source of info, he or she isn't doing a very thorough job.

Question: Gene Burger, I guess, sounds more like a sandwich.

Answer: Sounds like a great idea for any one of the restauraunts that Gene mentions at the end of his columns.

Question: Who steps up for the team with Stuckey out for a few weeks, in your opinion?

Answer: Aaron Kelly would be my pick. But a guy like Tyler Grisham is a very good possession receiver type who could fill Stuckey's specific void. You could also see James Davis and C.J. Spiller going on more passing routes. I don't want to minimize Stuckey's injury, but Rob Spence is a resourceful guy.

Question: Larry, does Cullen Harper start over Willy Korn next year (at least early on)?

Answer: Great question, one that probably won't be answered until August. Don't write off Harper or Tribble Reese, though. They will enjoy the benefit of having been in the system for two years.

Question: Will the tigers freethrow shooting me improved this year?

Answer: I'd say so, but I certainly wouldn't bet on it. Clemson's problems at the line have been going on for quite some time.

Question: NFL draftees from Clemson next year?

Answer: I'll take a stab: Gaines Adams, Barry Richardson (assuming he goes early), Chansi Stuckey, Roman Fry, Dustin Fry, Anthony Waters and maybe Nathan Bennett.

Question: What do you predict Tremaine Bilie will do about redshirting?

Answer: Not sure. It all depends on when he's ready to play. If he could get in five or six games (including ACC championship and a bowl game), I'd say he'd come back.

Question: predict the score - Clemson vs Wake Forest

Answer: Not ready to offer one yet. Still looking at matchups, etc. Check out Saturday's edition of The Post and Courier.

Question: Is Spurrier going to say heck with it and leave USC at the end of this season?

Answer: It looks like he's in it for the long haul given his public comments. He's got a long way to go up front on both sides of the ball, but I think he can get it done there.

Question: Larry, don't you think the Ard story you "broke" was much ado about nothing? A witchhunt by Kornblut or his ilk to sully Ard's name?

Answer: When Clemson spends six or seven weeks investigating someone and discovers that he's a former booster, I don't think it's much ado about nothing. But you're entitled to your opinion.

Question: Who is the biggest imact player on the clemson women's soccer team?

Answer: Lemme get back to you on that one, OrangeJase.

Question: Larry... kudos to you for doing a great job! really impressed with your wokr

Answer: Thanks, TygerMan.

Question: Larry, Jeff Champion wants me to ask you whether USC will ever lose another game after nearly beating Auburn.

Answer: Jeff eternal Gamecock optimist if there ever was one. Tell him hello for me.

Question: Larry, thanks for coming today...only person bigger from the lowcountry would have been Bobby Hartin...haha...what's your feel on this weeks matchup, Tigers in another laugher or a close game till the end?

Answer: It's hard to get a feel for it, because we really don't know much about Wake Forest. Their win at Ole Miss was pretty impressive, though.

Question: Larry- thanks for coming by today- DO you like Baton Rouge better because of the food?

Answer: Exactly. The smells of all the food there (gumbo, jambalaya, etc). are just so different and so cool.

Question: thank goodness they finally got a guy on here who pronounces his name like it is spelled.

Answer: Say what?

Question: Broken foot epidemic- happenstance or correctable problem?

Answer: I'd say the former.

Question: Your thoughts on how the coaches have handled the injury situation? player preparation?

Answer: These things happen, fgtiger. It's hard to hold the coaches accountable for the injuries. If this were a problem every year, maybe.

Question: Are you covering the Wake Forest game for the Post and Courrier?..IF so take inventory of the number of Clemson folks in the stands at Groves Saturday..

Answer: Yep. I'm sure there will be a lot of orange at Groves, just as there is every year.

Question: Not a question, just a tip. If you want to beat Eric Boynton on the golf course, look into Stoli and OJ.

Answer: Thanks for the tip. I can't recall ever losing to Boynton.

Question: How do you entertain yourself on the scenic drive between Charleston and Clemson?

Answer: I live in the Clemson area, so I don't get down to Charleston much, unfortunately.

Question: Does Wake change it's game plan based on the Stuckey Injury?

Answer: They could change some things up to focus less on the slot receiver. Not sure, though. Their defense is pretty sound.

Question: Larry, have you ever been put onto/broken a story on the basis of an information you first saw/heard of on Tigernet or another Clemson oriented website? If so, what story? Thanks, and keep up the good work.

Answer: I can't recall one. But there might be some tidbits here or there that are useful and could lead to a story.

Question: Is there any connection between all the foot injuries and the Wake game possibly getting moved to ESPN Classic?

Answer: I'll have to check on that one.

Question: Is the media finally figuring our Tommy Bowden's sense of humor or do they generally still think he's arrogant?

Answer: The whole arrogance thing might have been felt more by the fans than media. Since I've been covering him, Bowden has almost always been pleasant and engaging.

Question: What are your feelings on the ACC "being down" this year?

Answer: There's a lot to it. FSU and Miami are down. And you've got six teams (Duke, Maryland, WF, Virginia, UNC, N.C. State) that could all end up being bad. That's half the conference. But it's a long season, though.

Question: Who has the best pressbox food? Can you send me a Clemson brownie?

Answer: Those brownies put Clemson's up there.

Question: Do you think Georgia Tech is for real? Or is their whole game based on the play of

Answer: I didn't get the end of your question, but I do think the Yellow Jackets are very good. Nix has done a good job with Reggie Ball, and Jon Tenuta is the master. Now watch them lose to Maryland this week.

Question: How does Coach Bowden feel about Jad Dean?

Answer: Bowden has made it pretty evident that he's not happy with Jad.

Question: How would you rate this coaching staff? We have to have one of the best complete staffs in the country.

Answer: I'd put Clemson's right up there. From top to bottom, it's pretty darn good. They've got a good mix of young and old, and they can all recruit.

Question: How would you compare the realationships the staffs at Clemson and sc have with the high schools in SC?

Answer: I'm not informed enough to comment on USC's relationships. But I do believe Clemson benefits from having guys who have been recruiting here for a long time.

Question: Do you thikn Korn comes in and starts next year?

Answer: Check back with me next summer. A little too early to start speculating on that.

Question: How funny do you think Phil Kornblut's "impartiality" is?

Answer: I've been around Phil in a professional capacity for about seven years, and I haven't seen much evidence that he's partial to one school or another.

Question: What is the future outlook in the ACC for Clemson basketball?

Answer: It's always going to be an uphill climb. But I think Purnell is the right guy for this program.

Question: Should the ACC suspend officials who blow calls consistently?

Answer: There have been some really bad calls this season. I wouldn't be against it.

Question: What do you think of Clemson's defense?

Answer: I thought the situation was untenable witih all the injuries. But Vic Koenning has done a remarkable job. I'd say he knows what he's doing.

Question: Orange or White?

Answer: Purple! Just kidding.

Question: How did you like Friday night lights?

Answer: Great book. Haven't seen the movie.

Question: Do you think Barry Richardson goes pro after this year?

Answer: I really don't know. It probably depends on how high he's forecast.

Question: What's your opinion of West End Zone project?

Answer: A really nice facility. Seems like Death Valley is louder because the noise gets trapped a lot more.

Question: Larry, just because there have already been some folks on here kissing up to you, and I am from NJ, you stink. ;-)Gotta keep things on an even plane.

Answer: Thanks for keeping me humble, jerseypaws.

Question: How is the concrete canoe team looking this year?

Answer: I hear they have 10 starters returning, but they do have a strange rash of broken feet.

Question: Wake Defense as good as advertised or hyped up because of lesser opponents?

Answer: Great question. I guess we won't know until Saturday. I think they're pretty good, though, because they have a lot of veterans.

Question: Speaking of basketball and free throws, why is it that our free throw shooting ability is ALWAYS awful? It seems to spread all over the team. It spans coaches. It seems like a curse. I would think SOMEBODY, ANYBODY could come in there and teach our kids how to make free throws...and I thought Purnell would be that man. I don't believe in curses, but what's up with the YEARS of abysmal free throw shooting??

Answer: My only explanation is poor fundamentals. Clemson traditionally isn't able to sign kids who are well-rounded fundamentally.

Question: what would qualify as "getting it done" in Columbia?

Answer: A bowl game and 7-8 wins a year, while occasionally challenging for an SEC East title. If Spurrier does that, he should be considered the savior. Because it's never been done before.

Question: Larry does it surprise you that a coot was arrested on assault charges this weekend? I thought Spurrier didnt recruit that type player anymore?

Answer: There's a thug element on that team that Spurrier is having a hard time cleansing. It's pretty clear Holtz recruited some questionable kids later in his tenure.

Question: Will Chuck Amato wear his sunglasses and ruby slippers tomorrow night in Raleigh?

Answer: Is he still selling those autographed shoes? What a guy.

Question: When will Jame Davis be an All American,this year or next?

Answer: Probably next because there are some great tailbacks out there. But make no mistake, JD is the real deal.

Question: Larry, one of the things I noticed about your preseason converage of our team was that you seemed to single out a different player to do a profile on every day or two. I enjoyed the format and was wondering if that was a conscious strategy for pre-season material.

Answer: Yes, it was conscious. Glad you enjoyed it.

Question: Hey Larry Miller...Word is that you can beat Boyton at golf, but a reliable source (okay, it was Jensen) said he took down 60 Red Dragon hot wings in an hour at Wild Wing the other night. Any truth to that one?

Answer: I never believe a word that comes out of Jensen's mouth.

Question: How overrated is UGA?

Answer: Their offense is having big problems. Poor OL, and no receivers. It's amazing to me that Richt hasn't been able to attract better wideouts. I do think they've got a future star in QB Matt Stafford.

Question: Is there a general feeling amongst the media re Phil Kornblutt - is he considered biased? what about his comments regaridng Bowden not being very Christian over the questions about Spiller having a child?

Answer: I don't think there's a general feeling among the media that Kornblut is biased one way or the other.

Question: Is VTdown?

Answer: Their OL was abused by GT, and their secondary had a lot of miscommunication. Glennon looked pretty good, but his lack of mobility is going to hurt. Branden Ore might be the second-best tailback in the ACC behind James Davis.

Question: What are your thoughts on the quality of officiating in the ACC - football and basketball?

Answer: I'm not that enamored of it. But I guess everyone makes mistakes. I just think it'd be better if their mistakes were acknowledged more.

Question: What do you like best about your job?

Answer: The fact that I never dread going to work. It's not easy, but it can be very fulfilling.

Question: Then why does the Clemson staff hate Kornblut?

Answer: I'm not sure. I'm just giving you my observations. Heck, he might be a huge Gamecock fan. I'm just telling you I haven't seen evidence of it.

Question: Larry, your take on the Hamlin INT reversal call?

Answer: Highly questionable.

Question: Do you know the difference between Tribble Reese and Jeff Ogren? Apparently some reporters in this state do not, just wondering. :^)

Answer: I do, but I'm not going to take satisfaction in someone else's mistake. I've made plenty of them myself.

Question: Can ACC football coaches ask for certain officials or crews to not officiate their games?

Answer: Not that I know of.

Question: Is the ACC "down" this year or is it that teams are more equal across the board?

Answer: I think the ACC is down based on what I said earlier. If you look at some of the non-conference results, it appears the ACC has regressed. I guess that can be expected when you have 51 players drafted.

Question: Who do you see taking over at UNC, Duke, Miami, and Texas A & M?

Answer: Don't want to speculate on that, because I'm not at all qualified or informed to venture a guess.

Question: Think we see Thomas Hunter making more catches now that Stuckey is out for a few weeks?

Answer: That's certainly a possibility.

Question: Larry, Ginger or Maryanne? Or Katwoman?

Answer: That's a tough one. They all seem like great gals.

Question: Do you think Tommy will run up the score on Steve given Spurrier reputation for doing that to anyone he can?

Answer: Not sure. I do think Tommy respects Spurrier and his influence in college football.

Question: have you ever listened to Kornblutt's show? It's pretty obvious he's a gamecock homer....

Answer: I don't listen a lot. But it's not obvious to me. I could be wrong.

Question: How do I get a job where I am paid to go to football games?

Answer: The customary route is journalism school, internships, then ideally a full-time job at a newspaper, web site, radio station or TV station.

Question: How long do you think Spurrier stays at USC?

Answer: I think he'll be there a while. I'm just not sure how much he can take losing to UGA, Tennessee and Florida more than he beats them.

Question: do you think spurrier would run up the score on bowden, given the chance /

Answer: It might be a while before he has that opportunity.

Question: Larry, Do you see us being able to slow Wake down on Saturday?

Answer: This game could present new challenges for Clemson's defense. The linebackers, particularly Maurice Nelson, need to play disciplined football. But yes, I think the Tigers are capable of slowing them down.

Question: Who wins Clemson or GA Tech? What will we do to stop Calvin Johnson without Tye Hill?

Answer: Not sure who will win that game, although it should be close. Calvin Johnson will present some interesting matchup challenges for the secondary.

Question: With how the teams have looked so far and 7 more games to go, what 2 teams do you expect to make it to Jacksonville?

Answer: I picked Clemson and VT to win their divisions before the season. I guess I'll stick with that.

Question: Will we make the ACC Champ Game?

Answer: Again, I'll stick with my preseason pick.

Question: What is the worst venue in college football for the visiting fans? Best one?

Answer: I don't know if I've been to enough places to offer an educated answer. I do recall Texas A&M fans being very kind and gracious in 2004. I've heard the best is Nebraska, but I've never been to a game there. Miami's fans can get nasty, but you've got bad fans everywhere.

Question: Do you think this Tiger team can overcome all the injuries they have had?

Answer: They have so far with the exception of the BC game. So I'll say yes. Again, Koenning has done a really good job on defense. He's got two senior starters, and half the two-deep is composed of freshmen or sophomores.

Question: How does it feel to have broken the Fahmarr Story?

Answer: It's gratifying to know I've had a positive effect in someone's life. I also feel lucky to have become acquainted with two remarkable young men.

Question: where do you think clemson should really be ranked? are we better than our current ranking?

Answer: I'd say they're better than teams like Oklahoma, Tennessee, ND and Georgia, all of which are ranked higher.

Question: What do you think of Spiller so far? How would you compare him to JD?

Answer: Spiller is an incredible talent who has great moves. He's still having trouble adjusting to the nuances of the zone-blocking scheme. But he's only a true freshman and will get better at that aspect.

Question: What is your gut feeling on this team. Are we as good as advertised or has the schedule been weak in your opinion?

Answer: The offense is very, very good. And the overall talent is equal or better than anyone else in the ACC. The defense has some holes that could be exploited, but Clemson won't face any great offenses the rest of the way.

Question: Do you think Jacoby Ford could play receiver in the NFL one day?

Answer: Good question. His height (5-9) could be a drawback, but there will probably always be a place for someone who can run a 4.2 in the 40. Or is it 3.2?

Question: Larry - Your prediction against Wake ??

Answer: Not sure on that one yet. But initially I'd say Clemson by 10 or so.

Question: What are the hot seat coaches in the ACC according to the media?

Answer: Coker is at the top off the list, from what I've read. Then there's Bunting, and maybe Amato if his team falls apart. Roof didn't inspire much confidence with last week's pathetic display against Virginia.

Question: So give us your prediction on who wins the ACC in football.......and Basketball

Answer: Too early to tell. Don't discount FSU, which has an easy schedule and can capitalize if Clemson slips. Basketball? I don't even want to think about basketball right now. But I'd take UNC.

Question: who replaces stuckey until he gets back?

Answer: Ford moves into his position as the slot receiver, according to assistant Dabo Swinney.

Question: What would be a bigger loss, Chansi or James Davis???

Answer: Tough one because Stuckey is the only proven veteran in that group. I'd take James Davis, though.

Question: So did the ACC and NCAA just bow to the media pressure with regards to ray Ray?? Seems like Swofford and the NCAA were gonna thumbs down the idea until the media ran with it.

Answer: Based on the evidence, it seems like the ACC bowed more than the NCAA.

Question: blond or bruenette

Answer: My wife is a blond, so that's an easy one.

Question: Your prediction regarding Clemson's final record? Will we win the ACC?

Answer: I picked 10-2 before the season and a division title. I'll stick with it, though I'm not sure about the whole thing.

Question: Larry, your take on the Hamlin INT reversal call?

Answer: Highly questionable.

Question: Any rumblings of Lou Holtz type recruiting tactics at USC now??

Answer: None that I know of.

Question: Recruiting news? Updates?

Answer: Not from me, man. Too busy covering the day-to-day stuff.

Question: Next career move that you'd like to make?

Answer: Not sure. I'm really happy where I am.

Question: Where did you graduate from, Larry?

Answer: Went to journalism school at USC, believe it or not. But I'm not a fan, trust me. My Gamecock friends think I'm a Clemson fan. But I'm not that, either. You don't last long in this business if you cheer for or against the teams you cover.

Question: Are Clemson's injury problems worse than most teams or are others similarly going through non-contact injuries?

Answer: Clemson just seems to be on a run of extraordinarily bad luck.

Question: Larry - I know you cover the CU beat... but don't you think your USC beat writer should have some kind of story regarding the Chris Smelley redshirt which IMO is cheating by USC

Answer: I don't know enough to answer that one. It's just out of my realm. But if something were newsworthy, I'm sure Charlie Bennett would report it.

Question: Who on the P&C staff plays the "bad cop" to your "good cop" - Mr. Bulldog Burger?

Answer: My boss Malcolm Dewitt. But he's the best cop I've ever worked for (I hope he's reading).

Question: Now that Danny Ford is in the ring of honor and Tommy Bowden is on a roll, do you think Clemson can finally move on?

Answer: One would hope so.

Question: Although our football season is off to a great start, could the sucesses be a prelude to a truly great season next year, especially due to a more favorable home schedule?

Answer: Next year could be tough with a new OL and inexperienced QB. But the talent level at Clemson is a lot better than it used to be, so they might not have a huge dropoff.

Question: What do you think our final record will be this year and what bowl do you see us going to?

Answer: I'll say a 10-2 regular season. Orange, Peach or Gator.

Question: How good is James Davis...good enough to be a pro?

Answer: Very good. Oh, yes. Very much so.

Question: How long do you think Rob Spence will stick around?

Answer: Tough question. I don't know what his plans are, but he's said he doesn't think he'd want to be a coordinator in the NFL. I would assume he has some aspirations of running his own college program. Most good assistants do.


Answer: Support? I'm not sure what you're getting at. As far as my paper is concerned, we devote as much coverage to Clemson as we do USC.

Question: Is Ron Cherry one of the top 5 worst officials in college football?

Answer: Hard to say. I'm not informed enough about all of them to venture a guess.

Question: Larry, do you think David Blackwell or Dabo will be snatched up by somebody soon?

Answer: Not sure. Blackwell has probably had opportunities to leave, and Dabo can close the deal with recruits.

Question: Will TB ever try to sign a 330lb nosetackle or is speed too important to him

Answer: I'm sure he'd take one if he were good enough, but 330 is pretty big. Koenning likes the guys who are big but who can move to defend against screens and drop into coverage on zone blitzes.

Question: What did you think of Coach Ford finally getting his name on the stadium facade?

Answer: Long overdue.

Question: How good is James Davis...good enough to be a pro?

Answer: Very good, and definitely good enough to be a pro.

Question: larry, any chance we see C.J. slip over to Chansi's spot some during the game this week?

Answer: I wouldn't be surprised.

Question: What is your most memorable Clemson game that you have covered?

Answer: The 2004 USC game was memorable, but for the wrong reasons. Georgia Tech in 2004 was insane. The 2000 finish against USC was incredible.

Question: When you have to write a negative piece on a school, does your paper search for something negative to write about for their rival to appear impartial like a certain other paper in the state does. Example: mismanagement of athletic department budget in one school and Hunley money problems in the other.

Answer: No, we don't search for negative things to write about. Although we do try to find news, which can be positive or negative.

Question: what's your feeling on Barry Richardson leaving after next year?

Answer: I think it'll depend on how high he's forecast by the NFL Draft Advisory Committee.

Question: Who has the best stadium in the ACC? Prettiest coeds? Best food?

Answer: Clemson best stadium, though VT and FSU are very close behind. Prettiest coeds would be Clemson, followed by UNC. Best tailgate food would probably be Clemson, although I do like the chowdah at BC.

Question: Larry do you know why William Perry does not associate with Clemson anymore?

Answer: The Fridge is an interesting individual who's hard to read even by people close to him.

Question: Being a USC grad, are u telling us when CU plays USC u r neutral? and don't care who wins?

Answer: That's exactly what I'm saying. I have absolutely no attachment or loyalty to USC.

Question: How did you like Boston? Chowder?

Answer: Boston is the best road trip in the ACC by far. The North End is superb.

Question: What did you think of the million dollar contribution from the National title team??

Answer: Good stuff. That could make a big difference in inspiring people to donate money and finish off the rest of the project.

Question: How serious is the injury to Stuckey and will he be back for the VaTech game?

Answer: Va Tech is best, best, best. case. Maryland is probably more realistic.

Question: Erin Andrews or Bonnie Bernstein?

Answer: Erin.

Question: Larry, what are the terms of the trust for Fahmar? Most banks charge 10% each year to manage the trust. Is that the case here?

Answer: Not sure. I'd be interested to know, though.

Question: Why did the first McElrathbey story where the ACC person said 'it was not unique' get pulled from the website?

Answer: I didn't know it did. From our web site? It shouldn't have.

Question: Is football your favorite sport to cover? if not what is?

Answer: Football first, then college basketball. I've always loved the passion and pageantry of college fb.

Question: The media have seemed to not be so negative on Clemson/Bowden over the past couple of years. What do you think is the reason for that?

Answer: It's probably a reflection of better results. When you're not getting hammered by teams regularly, perceptions tend to improve.

Question: Do you cover any pro sports?

Answer: Nope.

Question: What's the worst thing about being a writer?

Answer: Long hours during football and basketball season. And very few weekends off.

Question: Larry - really enjoy your coverage and greatly appreciate what you did for Ray Ray. How does the ACC think it can change its tune like they did and pretend like we won't remember your story that started something like "Would like to help but can't due to the ACC saying it wasn't a 'unique' enough situation ?

Answer: Very good questions that only the folks at the ACC can answer.

Question: Larry do you think Bobby Bowden retires this year and who will replace him when he does go?

Answer: I don't have much insight into that situation. I've heard Rich Rodriguez's name speculated.

Question: how far do you see this team going?

Answer: This team is capable of winning out. It's also capable of losing two more games. I see them finishing 10-2 in the regular season.

Question: Larry u like Crump? Is he a nice guy?

Answer: Just met him last week. Very nice guy.

Question: Where do you see the Tigers finishing this year - Miami, Arizona, Atlanta, or Charlotte or (gasp) Boise ?

Answer: If it's Boise, something's wrong.

Question: Larry, which miami team has been the most dissapointing, dolphins or canes?

Answer: Canes.

Question: Any chance Clemson ever leaves the ACC and takes some of the better teams with them??

Answer: Good one. I don't see it happening.

Question: which game left will be Clemson's hardest?

Answer: Georgia Tech. Philip Wheeler and KaMichael Hall are really good.

Question: What do you think about white helmets for the Tigers ? Purple ?

Answer: Couldn't care less. I do like the orange helmets, though.

Question: Larry, love the work you do, but could you please clarify "impressive" with Wake's Ole Miss win.

Answer: Impressive in that they beat an SEC team on the road by 24 points. I know Ole Miss is pretty bad, but they gave UGA a lot of trouble. I'm just saying I think Grobe has done a heck of a job after losing three very key players on offense.

Question: Is ACC your favorite conference? What team do you dislike - come on you can say it - ND?

Answer: I really like the SEC because that conference is -- and has always been -- so serious about football. There are big-game atmospheres almost everywhere you go.

Question: Larry,do you know Alec McGriff?

Answer: I don't think so.

Question: Is Clemson's defense working with smoke and mirrors or they that good and that young?

Answer: Koenning has been adept at discouraging offenses from doing things that could hurt the defense. But the young talent is very good.

Question: What's the biggest difference between us and USC from your perspective - in a football sense.

Answer: On paper, there is no comparison between the two programs right now in terms of talent and depth. Clemson is miles ahead. That's not to say Spurrier couldn't make things interesting against the Tigers with his coaching acumen (see Auburn game), but right now Clemson is in much better shape.

Question: Larry is Al Groh still playing chess or tidly winks?

Answer: Good one.

Question: Seriously, your story where an someone from the ACC said the situation was "not unique" got pulled from your website shortly after the ACC/NCAA changed their tune. And they kept saying it was unique. Was the paper pressured to take it down?

Answer: No way. We stand by everything we've written on that. And it's news to me if that story has been pulled from the web site. If so, it's a glitch.

Question: Do you see another ACC school stealing Grobe?

Answer: Could happen, but I don't know if Grobe would bolt to another in-conference school. OK guys, I'm running late for practice. I've really enjoyed the discourse. Maybe we can do it again sometime. Take care.

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