Decibel up? Clemson chases sound record versus the 'Noles

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Chiefs fans made it loud last week at Arrowhead

CLEMSON – Clemson fans have a chance to get into the Guinness Book of World Records Saturday night when the No. 3 Tigers host No. 5 Florida St. in a showdown of national powers, but the noise level will have to be higher than it was when Clemson opened the season against Georgia.

The current Guinness World Record of 137.5 decibels was set just last week at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City. Prior to Kansas City claiming the title last weekend, fans at CenturyLink Field in Seattle registered a 136.6 on Sept. 15, 2013.

Mike Money, Clemson’s Assistant Athletic Director for Marketing & Game Management, told TigerNet Wednesday afternoon that officials at the university have wanted to chase the record for a while.

“It’s something that has been discussed for a little while, and when it hit in the NFL with the Seahawks and Kansas City doing it, it was something that was a little more out there,” Money said. “We thought that a couple of NFL teams have achieved it, and it hasn’t been done in the college ranks, so we thought we would give it shot and get it done here at Clemson.”

Clemson fans have differing opinions on the loudest they’ve ever heard Death Valley – I personally think the Miami game in 2005 was the loudest – and Money said he can’t find where there have been any official records kept.

“I am not convinced there has been any kind of decibel level kept on any official level,” he said. “There are of course those games that you hear people talking about, but this is really the first year we have had a decibel reader in the stadium. And it’s not something we log every day – we do it more for the fan experience. We did it a lot during the Georgia game.”

The noise level was loud against the Bulldogs, but not record loud.

“We didn’t break any records in the Georgia game,” Money said. “It got up into the 120’s, and we really didn’t try to get people involved. So it felt close enough at that point that we felt this might be doable.”

Money said that the Clemson officials have made sure this will be an official attempt – the only unknown is whether or not a Guinness official will be in attendance.

“We have actually had a quick turnaround with them,” he said. “There are two different routes you can do with – you can have someone on site, and if they do the measurement on site they can certify it immediately. It is a done deal and certified that we have the new record. If they aren’t on site, it takes a little longer and we have to wait on them to get the paperwork done. But I think we might have someone on site Saturday night, and they should be able to verify for us.”

Money said that Clemson’s first defensive series would be a good time to break the record, but there will obviously be plenty of chances for that to happen.

“This needs to continue all game long,” he said. “It needs to start with the first series and continue all game long. And a lot of people have asked me, ‘What if we don’t break the record?’ Even if we don’t, at the end of the day we have tried to create the best atmosphere we can in the stadium and create a homefield advantage. We are helping creating an amazing atmosphere in Death Valley, and that is a win-win.”

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Front Page Story: Clemson chases sound record versus the 'Noles
TigerNet News
Hope they leave the mics on when Jameis throws a pick six
Decibel level only got into the 120's vs UGA
Miami in 2005 was insane...
I was in the student section for that game
Re: I was in the student section for that game
Easily the loudest game I've ever been a part of. Miami '05***
no doubt! the only time my ears hurt from the noise!
Re: I was in the student section for that game
I don't know that it can get any louder than that***
Loudest I've ever heard Death Valley
100% agree - Miami '05 was nuts
I couldn't hear myself screaming or the drums
Re: Miami in 2005 was insane...
If Miami was mid to upper 120s though, at least whenever it
I agree......
My ears were ringing for days after the Miami game
No, if we get that loud, we are still 10 db under the record***
I don't know how official that is...
I yelled at the top of my lungs
Not to be a pessimist but I don't see how it can get any
Agree. This was not a well thought out idea.***
Miami game was a 3:30 game
saluda tiger
If that Miami game was 10 db below the record, I say no way
Miami 05 was so loud I could see the air shake***
Well, he's certainly put us out there on a limb.***
Ya might wanta think about...
Yes, if we beat 137.5 db then many will have permanent
Neal in NC®
Re: Yes, if we beat 137.5 db then many will have permanent
Just imagine how loud it would be If DV was bowled in..
I can't wait to meet Emanuel Lewis....
Don't forget about Clemson/FSU in 2007 on Labor Day night...
Wasn't at Miami '05
Yep. 05 Miami was it.***
Re: Front Page Story: Clemson chases sound record versus the 'Noles
Make his ears bleed and wipe that smirk off his face....
Ridgeland Booster
Re: Front Page Story: Clemson chases sound record versus the 'Noles
Dr. Nikola Tesla
Hearing Conservation
I think this is accurate...
and i am about legal deaf now.
Several come to mind
Re: Several come to mind
I hope they have a meter set up to show on the big screen
Tickled Orange
Not on t.v. Maybe in the stadium at times or something but
I'm not so sure- Having potential recruits also see that not
Tickled Orange
Not if we don't get it.***
We've done it before...and without feedback as to how close
Tickled Orange
We reached 126 once and set a temporary college
I thought ours was mid 130's. I stand corrected then***
Tickled Orange
If the stinkin' KC Chiefs can do it, why can't we?
The death of a hair cell
this game ain't not place for the chillrens....
Just bought earplugs for the little old lady in front of me,
I've had hearing aids since
CenturyLink Field, Capacity = 67,000 Arrowhead Stadium Capacity = 79,451 Death Valley Capacity = 81,500 Yeah, we got this...!
Re: Front Page Story: Clemson chases sound record versus the 'Noles
Re: Miami Game Noise Level
Re: Front Page Story: Clemson chases sound record versus the 'Noles
Re: Front Page Story: Clemson chases sound record versus the 'Noles

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