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Dan Scott answers emails from the previous week:



We haven?t had Special Teams that were prepared since the Boston College game of 2006. Elite athletes are being beaten by lesser athletes whose coaching staffs are doing their jobs-preparing the team for all aspects of the game.

I am not asking that he be fired now. I am asking you as a journalist not to put up with his excuses and blame shifting.

He owes the players an apology...Penn

Hey Penn,

There's no putting up with excuses here. I've said, and written, that the special teams struggles are embarrassing, and that had I been in the stands as a Clemson fan for the Va. Tech debacle I'd have booed too. And loudly.

The trick now, for at least the next six games, is to try and move forward. That goes for the coaches, players and fans. This can still be a very good season with a strong finish. Then, when it's all said and done, the athletic director will do what needs to be done.



I enjoyed your article titled: Shooting Down One Very Large Rumor

There was just one name not mentioned in your list of possible Head Coaches to pull Clemson out of the mire, and put a "fresh new face on" that would IMMEDIATELY attract TOP recruits across the country: BILL COWHER

Don't know why his name has never been brought up... but he is, hands-down, my personal favorite. My understanding is that he recently moved south to North Carolina. Maybe he'd like to move just a little further south where the weather's a little warmer and it's "God's Country." He's been out of coaching just long enough to know whether he misses it or not. Why don't we give it a shot and put the feelers out on him? He'd be AWESOME! What do you think? BTW, Love your show...HMS

Hey HMS,

First, the coaches in the article weren't "my list." They were just names I had heard being bandied about by fans who want a coaching change.

Secondly, if Bill Cowher wants to return to coaching, he'll pretty much be able to name his job. And price.

But again, it bears repeating, there's no job opening at Clemson. And it's going to be that way until late November. Maybe beyond.



As Mark Twain once said: "Rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated." By the same token, speculation re: TB's demise is grossly premature at this point.

Yes, we've now experienced two (2) "Games from Hell" in succession, but there's still time for righting of the ship.

It's all about discovering "TEAM CHARACTER," and whether or not he and his staff can develop it.

Best be sooner than later...Milnor

Hey Milnor,

Six more games. Is that soon enough? We'll have an answer one way or another after the South Carolina game.



Do you see the irony? Everyone believes their sources when it comes to rumors, even you. Funny that you expect us to believe that your "source drawing" contract guy would divulge info to a member of the media.

Let me guess you will soon reveal that it was not actually the "contract guy" but his assistants husband.
Welcome to rumorville Dan. Ain't it fun when you think you have "the real" scoop?

"The guy that drew up the contract..." Now that's funny...GLumpkin

Hey GLumpkin,

It may be funny, but it's true. Whether you want to believe it or not. The source I used, Mitch Vingle, has covered WVU for more than 20 years. And he's connected enough to, yes, pick up the phone and place a direct call to the administrative office and get such an answer.

You just settle back and root for whoever it is you root for, and I'll handle things on my end.


You are nothing more than a West Virginia apologist. So isn't it funny you have such a scoop drop in your lap? If Clemson wants Rich Rodriguez, Clemson will get Rich Rodriguez. And no amount of made up information you spew will change that.

You, sir, suck...J.R.

Hey J.R.,

I never said Clemson couldn't get Rich Rodriguez (if the job here ever opens). What I did was dispel a rumor that he had an escape clause that would allow him to walk out of WVU for free. There is no such clause. So yeah, RichRod can leave if he wants. But either he or his new school would have to pay his buyout to WVU, and if you're Clemson that would be on top of paying Tommy Bowden's buyout (if they made such a move at season's end).

Don't let your emotions cloud the facts, or cause you to make accusations about something you know nothing about.

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