Dear Dan: Time For More Reader Mail

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Time to read more viewer, er, reader mail.

The "Fire The Coaches" commentary brought out a number of responses (ironically, none of them negative. I had hoped for some dissenting viewpoints. Makes discussion more fun). And someone really hates one ACC basketball official.



Congrats on your article about Julio. Every fan wants the Tigers to win every game in all sports. I guess most fans have a "fire 'em all" mentality at times but it sometimes helps to say to ones self "Who is better than Tommy or Jack or Oliver, etc. etc.?

We should remember that the ACC and other conferences in postseason have schools with great athletes, facilities, and tradition just like the Tigers. They want the gold just as much as Clemson.

Thanks Dan for putting things in perspective.




While I believe the athletic department is overall in good shape, I do understand when questions are asked about individual coaches. Sometimes the need to question the direction of the ship is necessary, and I don't have a problem when that happens.

The grief directed at Tommy Bowden, while sometimes over the top, is understandable to a certain extent. Fans have raised legitimate questions about coming up just short year after year, and you can't blame them. While every other aspect of the program is in fantastic shape, eventually the results will matter.

Having said that, sometimes you have to take a step back and look at the big picture. And the big picture says this athletic department is in significantly better shape than it was when Terry Don Phillips took over. No one who knows anything about the circumstances prior to his arrival can dispute that.

And by the way, don't be so quick to play the "who can we get" game. Experience shows that you never know who is interested in a job until a position is actually open.


Hi Dan,

I've never emailed before but this article hit the nail on the head. I am a die hard Clemson fan and someone who attended Clemson but never graduated. It amazes me that some people have the nerve to talk about any of our coaches; maybe they could do a better job. I think in all phases we are doing a very good job. Furthermore, in the two sports that are the major contributors from a financial standpoint it looks like we are well on our way to improving. I for one would like to tell these people to go pull for another team. So Dan, as an IPTAY member and as a long time Clemson supporter I hope people don't think all Clemson fans are this way, I think the majority feel good about our programs. Just had to rant a little on this subject.... Thanks for the good reads and keep up the good work. I enjoy your radio show and your articles. And for those of you so-called Clemson fans who want to bad mouth our programs and or our coaches, stay at home or go pull for another team in the state of S.C. There are other teams you know.

GO TIGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!



Oh believe me, there are fans who think they can do a better job than the coaches. There are people in my profession who believe the same thing. All you have to do is listen and read.

But if everyone who ever questioned a coach went away and rooted for someone else, Death Valley would be a lonely place on Saturdays.



I was driving to Columbia in the fog this morning when I heard you discuss this disgruntled "fan". My first thought was the "fan" was extremely disappointed as he knew that the basketball players should have played a tougher, smoother game against Wake. He over-reacted with "fire every coach" comment. Sometimes we Clemson fans want the players, no matter the sport, to take charge and run ramshod over the competition. My parents and I watched the game from home and thought the players lethargic. THEN THE LAST FIVE MINUTES OF THE GAME STARTED. It was as if a fire was lit under their feet. Every movement, every action was crisp, confident and in command. My father and I see something else - depth. They literally wore the Deacs down in overtime. What I see most of all is that Coach Purnell has them playing as one unit, something sorely lacking for the past several years. Wonder if the disgruntled "fan" felt the same way AFTER the win?

Several months ago there was a report on ESPN about schools that have multi sports ranked in the top 25. It blew my mind that Clemson was one of FIVE to have their football and basketball teams listed in this category. Now we add all the others, especially the women's volleyball team. What an accomplishment! "Fire all the coaches and start over again!" I don't think so...Maybe the next time the "fan" will be more selective in what, when and where he or she says something.



I would imagine many of the fans in Littlejohn that night wondered if the Tigers were ever going to get it going. But to their credit, they hung in and found a way to win.

Look at it from this standpoint:

They played poorly defensively at times. They didn't shoot particularly well. And the free throws were horrible again. And they still won.

Not too long ago, that was the formula for a blowout loss around these parts.



Just finished reading your piece re. "Fire All The Coaches."

For the most part, Tiger athletic programs have reached "clean & stable" status and reflect very favorably on our university. We fans need to appreciate this achievement and stop griping.

End of discussion.

Best regards,



Appreciate? Yes. Stop striving to be better and better? No way.

But sometimes a little perspective is necessary.



Is Karl Hess absolutely the worst official you have ever seen? I watch (in person at Clemson and TV) a great deal of college basketball and he is, hands down, the worst.

Do you know if ACC teams have any choice in the assignment of officials for their games? I believe that they do get to rate them following games but I am not sure how that then relates to game assignments.

If Clemson has any say, they should never ever get Carl Hess!!!



Hess is just one of a handful of officials who give Clemson fans heartburn the minute they walk on the floor.

Mike Wood, Ted Valentine, Duke Edsall, Mike Eades, Larry Rose...those are just a few names that come to mind.

Could be worse. Lenny Wertz could still be around.

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