Dawson loves Clemson but says not his time

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Nick Dawson at Clemson's camp last week.

Nick Dawson Nick Dawson
6-3, 228
Charlotte, NC

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sees all of the recruits who are committing to Clemson, including best friend Germone Hopper Germone Hopper
6-0, 175
Charlotte, NC

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, and understands that people are wondering when he will announce his college decision.

However, he told TigerNet on Tuesday that while Clemson still sits atop his list, he wants to make sure that he makes the right choice.

“Actually, Germone committed to them and he loves them,” the 6-3, 228-pounder out of Charlotte’s Berry Academy said. “I talked to Zac Brooks Zac Brooks
6-2, 180
Jonesboro, AR

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who just committed, and Travis Blanks Travis Blanks
6-1, 180
Tallahassee, FL

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and Chad Kelly Chad Kelly
6-3, 205
Buffalo, NY

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and they all love Clemson. I have talked to all of them. And I love Clemson.

“But I want to take all five of my officials. I want to see a lot of the schools that are offering me. If a school wants you, then the coaches will deal with you until the end. I just talked to T.J. Burrell T.J. Burrell
6-1, 205
Goose Creek, SC

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, and he committed and told me to come on. I told him I love Clemson myself, but I just don’t want to rush into the commitment process.”

Hopper is an outstanding wide receiver prospect who also happens to be Dawson’s best friend and teammate, and Dawson said he can't let Hopper’s choice affect him.

“He is an outstanding person and athlete,” Dawson said of Hopper. “That is my boy to the end. But I am not going to go just because my friend committed there. I am all in with them and with those guys committing, but it just isn’t my time.”

Dawson was on campus last week for Dabo Swinney’s Camp, and he said he loves the opportunity to receive coaching from college coaches.

“The camp was well-rounded, and everything was organized and smooth,” he said. “Everything was good from the start. I think the performance I put on was pretty good. I think I did well. When I go to camp, and I see all of the commits who don’t work hard, I don’t understand it. I am taking advantage of every opportunity I can to get the best coaching from all of the coaches.”

He said he took a look at all of the good athletes at the camp, and the ones that are already going to Clemson, and he said he believes great things are happening in the program.

“I feel like they have a lot of athletes already,” he said. “There was a great recruiting class last year and this year, and I think they can win a National Championship or at least compete for it.”

And will he be a part of that?

“Clemson is definitely a leader,” he said. “It is between Louisville and Clemson. Recruiting is kind of like selling cars – coaches are gonna lie to you, but I don’t think Clemson and Louisville are. They are working hard to get me. One will do something great, and then the other school will do something better. It is like family at both places, and I am waiting it out to see which school is the best for me.”

Germone Hopper, Nick Dawson at the Clemson camp photo gallery

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Dawson loves Clemson but says not his time
Good for him, its a big decision******
Prolly wants to wait and make sure we dont go 6-7 again***
I would take all 5 officials and enjoy proces if I was one
Why wouldnt you?
HAwaii 1st!.. maybe 3rd, 4th, and 5th too.***
GeeVille Tiger
Hawaii, Tulane, Miami, San Diego St, Clemson
Hawaii, MIami, Texas, USC (hot chicks.. not arm pit),
GeeVille Tiger
Yep, had a friend back in the day who knew
i dont blame him, id be everywhere***
Take your sweet time, son. Your offer will be there.
Re: Take your sweet time, son. Your offer will be there.
If I were in Dawson's shoes, I would . . .
El Tigre'
Have you ever heard of a silent committ?***
Sounds like a smart kid.
Oh Charlie Strong will lie to him, he was a SCU assistant!***
Man yeah. I would take my.....
and the last 2 would definitely be for fun because your
Sorry, but I don't have a good feeling about Dawson.
Re: Sorry, but I don't have a good feeling about Dawson.
I had a gal tell me she really loved me like Dawson is
Can't argue with that. Better to take your time than to
Re: Dawson loves Clemson but says not his time
Re: Dawson loves Clemson but says not his time
"I am waiting it out to see which school is best for me..."
They're just freshman.
OK Nick....take your time and look around...and Clemson will

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