Dan Scott: Clemson-Florida Atlantic Prediction

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CLEMSON - Let's get this out of the way right at the top: Becky is not picking games this year.

At least not yet.

Many of you no doubt remember last season when, in a fit of frustration with the Magic Helmet, I stepped aside and let my then 9-year-old daughter, Rebekah, take over the weekly Clemson prediction. It began with the Florida State game, I do believe.

All the little rat, er, darling did was proceed to finish the season a perfect 4-0.

Now 10 (11 in Nov.), Becky's ego has soared to new heights. She has become, in a word, insufferable. Therefore, as any good parent would do, I'm teaching her a lesson in humility and keeping her away from the limelight. She needs to be reminded that being adored by thousands last year is no excuse for Diva-like behavior.

That simply doesn't fly in my house.

Of course, you can bet your sweet bippy that if ol' dad begins struggling again all that will change. I'll have absolutely no reservations about doing an abrupt about-face, pushing her back into the spotlight and shamelessly basking in her much-deserved glory.

Hopefully it won't come to that. But rest assured, Tiger Nation, I've got your back.

Okay, to the business at hand. Normally you would see different categories, such as "When Clemson Has The Ball," "When Florida Atlantic Has The Ball," "Special Teams" and "Coaching."

When the Tigers hit the road next week to Boston College, those subsections will return. But for Florida Atlantic - and there's no disrespect intended here - it's pretty much a straight forward deal.

Clemson is stronger across the board in every facet of the game. You name it, the Tigers win the battle. So the only thing left to discuss here is intensity.

How focused will Clemson be Saturday afternoon? Picked to win by as many as 34 points, it would be easy for a player or two to mentally chalk up this one and start thinking about BC. Too many of them do it, and you might see a team nursing just a single-digit lead late in the second quarter.

However, I tend to believe the Tigers will operate in a very efficient, business-like manner on Saturday. The habit of playing down to the level of competition, at least this week, won't be a problem.

If the Tigers win by less than the 34-point spread - and I believe they will - it will be because of two reasons:

- After running out to a big lead the first team offense and defense will get much of the second half off;

- Same big lead in hand, Rob Spence will pull back a bit and save some of the playbook for Boston College.

Still, Saturday will be a good day for Clemson fans everywhere.

And for me, too, since it will mean I can keep Becky out of sight for at least another week.


Clemson 40, Florida Atlantic 9

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