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A drizzly Monday night and some random thoughts to go with it:

- So James Davis guaranteed a win over Maryland. Good for him. Despite the guarantee coming so often these days that it is almost rendered toothless, Davis is doing what a leader should do. Challenge his teammates. Take the pressure off them and on himself. Set the bar high.

Now, if only he can figure a way to score more than 12 points vs. the Terps...

- When some fans can't think of any legitimate criticism of Maryland head coach Ralph Friedgen, they stoop to juvenile measures and break out the fat jokes. Happens all the time. Even to me at the local level. Of course I just laugh because, if you look at it, we're taking over. The Fridge, Mangino out in Kansas, Charlie Wei....um, well, two out of three ain't bad...

- The truth is Friedgen has been a thorn in Clemson's side for years, first as offensive coordinator at Georgia Tech and now as the main Maryland man. And his teams seem to share a common characteristic, almost without fail. As the season wears on, they seem to get better and better. Injuries may slow that progress this year, but anyone taking the Turtles lightly this weekend might want to rethink their position...

- Same goes for anyone getting too giddy after Clemson dropped 70 on Central Michigan last Saturday. Sure, the Tigers did what they were supposed to do vs. and inferior opponent. Maybe even beyond what they were supposed to do. But even TB himself said it's hard to gauge exactly how much the team has improved since the twin Tech losses. Only a better caliber of competition will tell that tale...

- And finally, how about this argument: Carson-Newman should play in the Rose Bowl.

Why? Well, using fan (and sometimes TV talking head) logic:

- Carson-Newman beat Chattanooga

- Chattanooga beat Georgia Southern

- Georgia Southern beat Appalachian State

- Appalachian State beat Michigan

Makes sense, eh? Thanks Hunter...

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