Clemson vs Boston College: Postgame Quotes

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Head Coach Dabo Swinney


"It was just a great, great win. I’m so proud of those guys and they believed. I’ve been
hitting that tree in the same spot for two weeks, over and over and over about a mentality,
about oneness, about playing 60 minutes and believing, expecting to win, expecting to
make the play, and understanding that you can win in any phase. These guys learned a
great lesson today, that individuals play the game, but football teams win. They were a
football team. We weren’t perfect. We made mistakes, obviously, in the second half but
for these guys to hang in there and win like we won, I wouldn’t have it any other way. To
come up here and do something that’s never been done in Chestnut Hill. It hasn’t been
done since 1958. Heck, I wasn’t even born then. That’s a great, great accomplishment for
these guys.

"They lost three games in a row. They could have tanked it. I’m so proud of the seniors.
Everybody’s bought in. It was a very emotional night."

On CJ Spiller:

"CJ Spiller, he’s pretty good. He is what he is. He can take over a ball game any time.
Without him, sometimes you’ve got to hit a single and bunt him over to second, but with
CJ you can hit a home run at any time. He just made play after play."

RB CJ Spiller

On the significance of the win:

"To come out here and get a win, we knew they were going to battle back, because they
did that every time we played them. Our defense held up and Aaron Kelly made a big
play at the end. It goes to show a lot about the character of this team. We faced adversity
at the end and we overcame it and walked away with a win."

On his performance:

"It was a good game for us to get our space and use our speed."

On significance for Coach Swinney:

"It was very special. It was against a team we hadn’t beaten in three years. He deserves it.
He put a whole lot of time there getting us prepared to play this type of game, and play in
this type of tough environment. It was very special. To get his first win as a head coach,
he would have loved to do it at home, but a win is a win, and I’m very proud of it."

WR Aaron Kelly

On fourth quarter touchdown reception:

"I knew I caught it the whole time. I was telling coach as he was over there drawing up
plays that he was wasting his time, because I had caught the ball. They isolated the field
to myself. I was kind of surprised they left me one-on-one, and Cullen [Harper] threw it
up and made a play."

BC Head Coach Jeff Jagodzinski


"Give credit to Clemson. I’m proud of my guys. They fought for a full 60 minutes and we
came up short tonight. But they fought with everything they had and we came up short."

On the play of Clemson player C.J. Spiller:

"He’s a good player. It’s obvious. He’s a good football player. He had the ball in his
hands there at the end and he made a play."

On the play of BC Quarterback Chris Crane:

"Statistically we had no interceptions today. We played okay. We had a little bit more
underneath. We took a few downfield, but for the most part it was underneath stuff."

On the BC Defense allowing BC to come back from being down 17 points:

"We gave up some points. I told the guys just keep fighting. We’re going to win this
thing 21-17. We got there and then we came up short. We gave up a big kick return and
we gave up the two big plays on wheel routes up the boundary."

On whether BC did anything special to block the Clemson punt:

"No. I just tried to change momentum a bit. We had it so I took it."

On the fourth down touchdown pass versus going for a field goal:

"We had missed two field goals and I just thought, let’s go for it. I said if we got into
four-down territory I was going to stay and go for it on fourth down."

BC Senior QB Chris Crane

On today’s game plan:

"It was similar to last year’s. They have fast secondary guys and we just didn’t want to
make any turnovers that would put us behind the eight ball. It played out a lot like last
year. We were down and we came back and we just didn’t have that final push. We just
didn’t score on the last drive. It’s tough to have a game end that way."

On his feelings going into the last series:

"They must have been watching some game film on what we were doing before. I had a
conversation with the coach right before I went out and he said ‘Don’t end the game
previous to fourth down.’ I wanted to get the ball rolling but we just didn’t get that catch
that we needed. He was just a little bit out of bounds."

BC Senior WR Brandon Robinson

On beating Virginia Tech and now losing two in a row:

"It’s always disappointing to lose a game, but we need to keep our heads up. We still
have games to win. I’m not even thinking about it anymore. This one is over. We didn’t
win and now I’m focusing on Notre Dame."

BC Junior LB Mike McLaughlin

General comments:

"The team did a great job of rallying at half time. (Frank) Spaziani has said before: ‘17
points is a scary lead.’ For some reason it has happened to us before and it happened
again. The team did a great job. Unfortunately, we fell a little short."

BC Junior LB Mark Herzlich

On this week’s loss compared to the UNC loss:

"I think last week was frustrating because I didn’t feel like we played the way we were
capable of playing. I think this week the ball went their way when it counted and I’m
proud of the guys for coming back and hanging in there. We have something to hang our
hat on the way we showed effort this week and there is room for improvement."

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