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CLEMSON, SC -- As is its policy to do twice a year, Clemson announced its NCAA secondary rules violations on Friday. The names of the sports, coaches and students involved have been redacted by the university. Violations can be classified as either secondary or major. Secondary violations are those that provide only a limited recruiting or competitive advantage.

Violations for period August 1, 2010 through January 31, 2011.

Date - 8/27/10

Level of Violation - I

Bylaw(s) - 13.7.3

Summary of Facts - Coach displayed jersey at an impermissible location for the prospect and their family to view. Additionally, it has been discovered that jerseys were displayed during the unofficial visits for five other prospective student-athletes

Corrective Actions Taken - Provided a review of the legislation to the staff and has declared all involved prospects ineligible and ask that this case be forwarded on to Student-Athlete Reinstatement.

Date - 9/4/10

Level of Violation - II

Bylaw(s) - 16.02.3

Summary of Facts - Current student-athlete received an impermissible meal while accompanying a prospective student-athlete. The student-athlete was not the designated host for the prospect’s visit. Compliance services was notified by an administrative assistant that handles meals.

Corrective Actions Taken - Student-athlete declared ineligible and eligibility reinstated after prospect donated the cost of the impermissible meal to a local charity ($8).

Coaches are now required to submit in writing to the administrative assistant prior to the official and unofficial visit weekend a list of student-athletes that are permitted to eat with the prospect.

Date - 09/18/10

Level of Violation - II

Bylaw(s) - 16.02.3

Summary of Facts - During an official visit, the team went bowling as a team entertainment activity, in which the coach provided an impermissible cost in paying for the team activity. Compliance services was notified by the business office when the official visit was being reconciled.

Corrective Actions Taken - Student-athletes’ donated impermissible cost of team entertainment to local charity ($4 per person).

Provided NCAA bylaw to staff.

Coaches are required to run all team entertainment activities by compliance prior to engaging in any team entertainment activities

Date - 9/28/10

Level of Violation - II

Bylaw(s) - 12.5.4

Summary of Facts - Team wore impermissible gear on the sidelines while warming up during a game that had a logo on them which exceeded the permissible size of 2 ¼ inches. Compliance services was notified by the conference office.

Corrective Actions Taken - Immediately discontinued using the apparel.

Provided NCAA bylaw to both sports staffs and equipment room staff.

Date - 10/19/10

Level of Violation - II

Bylaw(s) -

Summary of Facts - Athletics staff member appeared in a radio advertisement promoting a recruiting service website. The staff member recorded the advertisement prior to employment in the athletics department. Staff member was a former employee of the radio station and appeared in numerous advertisements. The radio station ran the advertisement approximately 11 times since October 1 to fill an open spot. Compliance services heard the ad and notified the staff member of violation.

Corrective Actions Taken - Immediately contacted the radio station to cease running the ad. Radio station has permanently removed it from the inventory.

Provided NCAA bylaw to staff member.

Date - 11/5/10

Level of Violation - I

Bylaw(s) - 11.01.3

Summary of Facts - Compliance services reviewed graduate assistant coach’s transcript and discovered violation of enrolled in 3 hours and not enrolled in at least 50% of a full-time graduate program of studies (at least 5 hours). Upon further review of the last 6 years, compliance services discovered additional bylaw 11.01.3 violations of (a) less than 50% of the minimum full-time regular graduate program of studies and (b) providing a graduate assistantship stipend that exceeded the value of a full grant-in-aid for a full-time student.

Corrective Actions Taken - Provided a letter of admonishment.

Immediately ceased all coaching activities.

Reduced the number of Graduate Assistant Coaches by one for a two year period.

Athletics department revised its policy and procedures in the monitoring of the appointment of all graduate assistants in the department.

Compliance services will continue to provide an orientation rules session to address bylaw 11.01.3 to the newly hired graduate assistant coaches.

Date - 11/15/10

Level of Violation - II

Bylaw(s) - 16.02.3

Summary of Facts - During the fall break, scholarship off-campus student-athletes received impermissible meals due to miscommunication between the sport administrator and an administrative assistant.

Corrective Actions Taken - One student-athlete repaid $24.50 and the other student-athlete repaid $36.75 to a local charity.

Official vacation period meal policy was reviewed with the sport administrator

Date - 11/18/10

Level of Violation - I

Bylaw(s) -

Summary of Facts - During a routine review of off-campus recruiting reimbursements compliance services discovered that two coaches evaluated off-campus two prospective student-athletes during a dead period.

Corrective Actions Taken - Received a letter of admonishment and a review of the legislation. Compliance services will provide dead period reminders to the department to serve as a reminder of the dead periods. During the 2010-11 academic year the staff will be charged for the impermissible evaluation, charged an additional evaluation for each prospect above, and reduced the number of recruiting days by two. Lastly, Clemson has declared PSA’s ineligible and ask that this case be forwarded to Student-Athlete Reinstatement.

Date - 1/18/11

Level of Violation - II

Bylaw(s) -

Summary of Facts - Coach called to set up visit and ask if prospective student-athlete was participating in another sport prior to visiting their high school. High school coach informed institution’s coach that PSA was not playing another sport this year. At the conclusion of meeting with PSA and their mother at the high school, PSA mentioned that they were contemplating on joining another team and playing in the game later that day. After meeting with college coaches, PSA met with their high school coach, joined the team and played in a game later that evening. Coaches self reported the violation and would not have made a contact with PSA if they would have known that PSA was planning to join the team.

Corrective Actions Taken - No additional penalty based on the fact coaches inquired on PSA playing another sport prior to contact, PSA joining team after meeting with college coaches and case precedence (secondary case number 39715).

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